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090810 SHINee Fanmeeting in Japan

Fans weren’t allowed to bring cameras into the event, hence the lack of fancams :(.

Jonghyun Performance – Jonghyun sings “Hitomi Wo Tojite” which is one of the non-THSK songs I am actually in love with, omg ♥♥♥. I actually really love the Mando version (by someone called 游鴻明, I have no idea who he is lmao) as well which was on the “Mars” (taiwan drama) Soundtrack. But argh, Jonghyun sang it so well, it gave me goosebumps. Very nice ~~

Onew Performance – Onew’s song is “I Believe”. This sounds so familiar to me, but omg, I can’t remember where I’ve heard it from. WTF, THAT’S ANNOYING. I think I know it in a different language. English? I think. HELP, ANYONE? O.o. Also, I NEED AN MP3 CUT OF THIS D:

Minho Performance – Minho sings “Milk Tea”. I don’t know this song but lmao what an amusing title. This is nice~ It even sounds like Minho is strumming a guitar there and then lmao. It’s a mid-tempo ballad, very soft and soothing. Okay, Korea, when will you let Minho have a solo like this instead of singing one line on a radio show?

{translation credit: _idyllic @ soompi }

SM Entertainment’s new boy band SHINee has traveled out side of their home land of South Korea ( which has a population of 48,379,392 as of July 2008 ) . They went to japan to answered questions from their fans about love, life, girls, food, teenage heartbreak, and their careers. Meanwhile, they also had a meeting with the aformentioned fans.

Q1. Their response when they knew that they were coming to Japan?
Jonghyun said that he was very surprised at first, he never thought it would be so quick before they would come to Japan

Q2. Any members been to Japan before?
The members say that only Minho has been in Japan before. (MC said something about coming after 5th Grade (I think referring to Minho), asking if he had any impressions about then) then apparently Minho paused or took a while to answer and in anticipation, the crowd went ‘crazy’.

Q3. After coming to Japan what is their feelings?
Onew: Seeing so many people support us now makes me very touched
Taemin: (Something) very tasty/yummy (to eat)
Jonghyun: Japanese like to say “so desu ‘ne’”. that “ne” sounds a lot like in Korea, when we reply “ne” meaning yes, yes. (LOLLL)
Minho: Really very happy.
Key: To see so many fans here, I am very surprised/delighted; I have all along liked some Japanese dramas and artistes

Q4: Who among the members is most likely to get married first?
All members point to Key. Key said it’s because he really wants a Key, like a mini Key. The MC said to everyone that he’s still not yet at the marriage age, so to calm down/not to worry.

Q5: Who cries the most
Everyone simultaneously pointed at Jonghyun. the time when most recently cried? Key said that when Juliette was first released/comeback stage. Mc asked Jonghyun something about the crying, and Jonghyun said that he will remember that day for life, the gratefulness he felt /felt touched.

Q6. Who can eat well/eat most?
Apparently it is Minho. Jonghyun and Key resent/complain that Minho eat a lot and eat very fast, but yet his built is tall and will not grow heavy/fat. (LOL ) Onew also explained that it’s also because Minho likes to exercise. MC reminded Minho that after you hit 25 years, to be careful of how he eats, and following that Jonghyun and Minho start jostling each other’s side XDD (So cute, Jongho)

Q7: The person who is the most clean/neat
Minho. Minho said that its he likes to make things neat/clean, but he likes the feeling of neatness. Key said that Minho loves to organize/make neat (and something which I couldn’t understand)

Q8: Most fashionable member?
Everyone chose Key, but Key chose Minho. Jonghyun said that Key is very interested in current fashion and will make/arrange himself his accessories, like today’s rings and etc.

Q9. The member best at studies?
Onew. He was 2nd in his whole school. MC asked him whats his secret and he said “Eat more eat, read books well, sleep well”. Jonghyun immediately that that he also did that, but why not effective? (LOL) MC asked if he had any favourite subject. Onew said he more or less enjoyed almost everyone. MC also asked what subject he is best at then. Onew said it was riding a bicycle. (ROFL)

Q10: The member who wakes up earliest
Minho. Minho said that he only wakes up earlier than the other members by half an hour. Onew said that its because Minho and Taemin need to go school, so not everyone can wake up at the same time and go out at the same time. (apparently Onew did some cute movement here /sangtae and the fans cheered like crazy)

I just skimmed through it (not that the interview is pages and pages long XD), but what got my attention was Key wanting a mini-Key and therefore being the member most likely to get married first alkjfslkjflsdkjflkjdsfkl. I’m sorry but I FIND THAT VERY SURPRISING. I would’ve thought Onew or Minho but KEY!? Isn’t he afraid of the female race? Okay, Key should totally come to me, I want lots of kids LMAO.


  1. jonghyun was singing one of my favourite japanese songs ;__;
    (I haven’t watched the others)

    • Mine too, I love that song so much and Jonghyun sang it so well.

      Bitch, why not watch the others?

      • LOL I watched Onew’s just then and the song is I Believe from My Sassy Girl by sung si kyung

        • Is that all? I’m sure there’s a non-Korean version !!!! ;~~;

          • There’s a Chinese ver. I’m pretty sure

            • …help me find?

              LMAO so no English version for sure? :S

              p.s I edited mando version in~

              • The Chinese version of “I Believe” is by a Taiwanese singer name 范逸臣, very nice! You have got to listen to it.

                O yeah, 游鴻明 is a singer from Taiwan.

                • Yep I’ve just been linked to it, thank you for letting me know <3!

      • no it’s Shin Seung Hun. T____T


    Jinki, I need your brains. I can’t handle school anymore T___T

    MINHO SANG? I wanna hear~~~ But I can’t because of crappy internet D:

    • I just listened to Jonghyun’s, I’m gonna leave Minho’s til last cause I bet it’ll be full of surprises 8D

  3. arg, arg, arg, one thing I wish Jap fans did was get fancams as quick as korean fans! Yay Minho sang, but someone should’ve warned me about the extremely high pitched screams (I was listening by headphones on full volume)

    “and following that Jonghyun and Minho start jostling each other’s side” omg dead!

    “MC also asked what subject he is best at then. Onew said it was riding a bicycle” lmao Onew, maybe he was confused, but if only that was a school subject, I’d get a scholarship and 100%

    • natnat just informed me that cameras weren’t allowed and so we probably shouldn’t expect fancams :((

      And YEAH! I’m not sure if Onew was being funny or just misinterpreted the question XDD.

  4. Those outfits still D:

    Thanks for the pictures and linkies! :)


      Onew actually got a new top – his is now backless too T___T.

  5. minho sung a full song! WOW. can’t wait to hear! (youtube’s blocked by the uni wifi server, lol.)

    and onew, i must agree with jonghyun, i do your tips too, how come its not effective? ;________;

    • HAHA guess Onew’s just extra ~*Special*~ :)

  6. onew, key and jonghyun sang and taemin did his shirt ripping dance…and key danced to chocolate disco … i think that’s what the song was called. and the members joined him for the last part of the song

    and it was difficult to take fancams cos cameras weren’t allowed and there were security guards everywhere!

    • Oh is that the case? I was wondering why they had audio clips instead of videos.

      Thanks for letting me know <33!

  7. i meant minho not key ^-^

    • Haha yep I got you ^^

  8. hello! I hope you are looking for this? a chinese version of I believe. ^^

    the one who sang this is Van Fan, who’s from taiwan ^^

    onew sang it so nicely ^0^


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