Posted by: beckery | August 11, 2009

Preview G-Dragon’s “Butterfly”

Credit: elavipp @ youtube

This guy loves teasing us, doesn’t he? Preview for “About a Boy’s Feelings” then a preview for this and then the title song will be released on the 12th. Can’t wait!!

This is really~ different to his usual style and what we normally hear from Big Bang. It’s soothing and very pretty. Love the guitar. 39 seconds is seriously not enough. You just start getting into it and the song gets cut off :(


  1. i love it! i love it! i love it!

  2. a post from beckery, I was starting feel withdrawal! G-Dragon is so cute, doesn’t this preview remind you of the Beatles and Corinne Bailey Rae, makes me want to frolic in the tall grass.

    • Aww you missed me? XDDDDDDD I haven’t posted in a week cuz I went over my net usage and got capped. Nothing would load for me so I couldn’t even get on this site T_T lol

      This song sounds so peaceful that yes it does make me want to frolic in the grass and then lie down with a guy and talk about everything and nothing lol.

  3. I prefer Boy.

    • Oh but this is so pretty *___*

  4. This song just made me realize how much I miss GD! :(

    I love this song to infinity and beyond. I can’t wait to get my hands on this album. :D And kudos to him for deviating from his usual techno pop songs.

    • LOL you love this song that much already? XPP A bit GD biased aren’t we lool. But I dont blame you. I tend to like most the stuff he does aswell. And yea, I’m so glad he’s playing with a variety of genres, not just his usual stuff :D

  5. YES I AM GD BIASED LOL. I used to call him ‘my hubby’…..then he turned into a dragster-clown. That’s when I decided to call it quits. XD!!!

    • DDD; You dumped GD?! How could you!? Looool. The boy has questionable fashion sense, I can not deny. But I guess genius’s all have a weird side to them hahah XD

  6. And I’m in love with it already! (definitely different from his usual style)

    OT: this song reminds me of the Soumate OST

    • OMG OMG OMG YOU READ MY MIND FOR REALS!!! That’s what I was thinking too! Soulmate OST *hi5*

      • KDHSJKAS I LOVE ALL THE MUSIC IN SOULMATE SO DAMN MUCH and this fits in perfectly especially the singing in the beginning ;__;

        • ROFL. I don’t love ALL of them. But my favourite favourite favourite is definitely Lasse Lindh – C’mon Through. The song, the lyrics, his voice omg. It’s so beautiful. Maybe it’s cuz I’ve seen the drama and just listening to the song reminds me of it so much. I just love that song <3

          • Minae’s song of seduction lol This Is Not A Love Song (?), I like that song and the other one – In A Manner of Speaking. I don’t know why but I like most of the songs even if I wouldn’t listen to them outside of the drama because everything works.

            • Ooooh I like This is Not a Love song too. I love how they play it in the drama hahaha. Yea, most of these songs aren’t really my type of song if you like recommended it to me. But because I watched the drama, I “feel” the song? Lol

              • LOL, I love when This Is Not A Love Song was played when Mi Jin used Minae’s gym tricks on the other guy… that happened right? (oh wow it’s been like a year since I’ve watched Soulmate I don’t remember anything)

                EXACTLY, lol I “feel” the songs, I mean the song when Ryohei kisses Minae… Play Our Love’s Theme Again or something, I feel giddy when I hear that song.

                • LOL. I watched it a few months ago and I hardly remember much haha. I just remember bits and pieces of Dong Wook and Soo Kyungs parts here and there. I am biased haha and yes, I have a goldfish memory XDD

  7. Hahah, it feel like he went from one extreme (Rap/Rock) to the other (soft ballands :D)

    Idk… I’m not a fan of ballads, but I’m glad bby isn’t just sticking to rap. ;| Song definitely isn’t a favourite, but I’dlike to give it a shot. :D Hopefully tehre’s another nice ~in between~ song that isn’t too RAP or too SLOW. :D

    • I’m sure it’ll end up quite nice. I’m a ballad lover. And an RNB lover. And like everyone else, I’m a sucker for crazy catchy songs too. So really, I like mainly everything :DDD lol

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