Posted by: beckery | August 11, 2009

Preview G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker”

Credits: DORKy0010 @ youtube

Another teaser :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I think I like “Butterfly” most so far. Though this one sounds like another very catchy track. It reminds me alot of Flo Rida actually. And although, I can’t stand some of Flo Rida’s songs, most of them are indeed crazily catchy.


  1. it does sound like right round by flo rida! can’t wait for the 18th 8Dv

    • Lol yea the beat sounds like Flo Rida XD But I’m exciteeeeddd


    And it was loud.

    I also can’t wait for the 18th ;D


      Can’t wait for GD’s album, or another reason XP

      P.S Woman, music post :/

  3. He’d better stop with the previews or we will be spamming this place with Preview G-Dragon’s “______”

    And argh, music post is a bit late. I think we should make it Friday night because fml I’m so busy through the week. I won’t be able to sleep til 2am tonight/tmr morning and the same will happen until Friday cause I have 17 hw pgs to do tmr and then another online assessment due for Friday. ARGHHHHHHHH /rant.

    • LOL Is that your subtle way of telling me to stop spamming with GD’s teasers? XP But hey at least we have stuff to post about :D

      OMG WHY DO YOU HAVE SO MUCH WORK TO DO!!? :/// I swear I’m the third year here AND I am the one doing 6 courses lol. Bb you need to relax. By the time you graduate, you’ll snap like an elastic, for reals. And get some sleep!! It’s not healthy for growing teenagers to have less than 7 hours sleep a day. <3

      Oh and yea we can most music posts to Friday nights then. I don't really care lol.

      • LMAO I’m not choosing to do all this work T__T. I have a Krn AND Jap vocab test tomorrow, I also had Jap homework and macro tut and accounting tut homework due for tmr (I hate having everything on the one day T____T). ACCOUNTING TOOK 5 HRS OMG. And then on Thursday, I have my 17 pgs of Krn homework due and the online assessment is due midday of Friday.

        Everything is assessable, I’M SORRY BUT WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO SKIP AND NOT DO?

        • LOL I knew you would have an outburst. Which is fine cuz I wanted you too. It helps relieve some stress. Aren’t I sweet? XDDD

          Ok, so you have a million things due. I’m sure you wont get mars taken away if you dont do homework. Seriously wtf, it’s uni, do teachers even mark homework anymore?….Or do they? :/

          Well fine. Just remember you need to get adequate sleep in able to do your tests tomorrow xx

          • It’s so lame omg. For macro 5% is tutorial participation, for accounting 5% is for homework.

            I’m sleepy. I think I’ll sleep (soon) and skip my macro lecture tmr and study for Korean XD.

            • Oh that’s like ours too but our pre-tuts which count as tutorial participation is really easy and the tutors dont even read it properly. So I just rewrite a chunk from the text book and they see writing and assume I did my pretut :DDD

              I’m going to finish this ep of 1N2D and head off too. PAS has gone zzz cuz she has to wake up early tmr lol. Night Canface <3 And yes, I approve of you skipping LOL XD

  4. whao sounds scarily close to right round, but it’s gd he’s a genius so I’m sure the rest of the song will be ok, and lmao when he said “ey yo finally” he sounded angry

    • It’s only 30 seconds. I’ve learnt that we shouldn’t judge merely by those 30 seconds. Have some faith in the boy right? :DDD GD’s rapping is always fierce loool.

  5. I love it. This and Boy are my favourites already.

    I don’t care what netizens say, I love the songs G-Dragon produces. They are amazing and so is he. I’m not into Butterfly, I like the other two more. Hope he releases more.

    • Hmm I prefer Butterfly more because it sounds different? Techno/electro stuff are indeed catchy, but they sound all the same after awhile lol. Maybe that’s just me. But I’m still looking forward to his other songs. I just think Butterfly sounds breathtakingly pretty *__*

  6. The Flo Rida – ness is bothering me. ;|

    But right after the beginning, I’m loving it. :D Probably my favourite so far. <3~

    • I think it’s bothering a lot of people too, but it’s only 30 seconds preview. Let’s not judge till the full song comes out. And plus, it sounds damn catchy already. :D

  7. wow this is soo catchy!! :D you’re right! this reminds me of Flo Rida’s Right Round :0 hehe im deff looking forward to his album ^ ^

    • Me too. I saw the tracklist and it looks awesome. All those collaborations *__*

  8. The beat is wickeddddddddd–
    I think his album’s gonna be amazing <3 <3

    • Hii stranger XP How’s life going for you? You always sound like you’re crazy busy but all those rounds you’re doing sounds so interesting. *is jealous*. I’m starting at hospitals soon too. I’m worried I can’t catch up but still anticipating it cuz it sounds interesting :DD

      I know right. I saw the tracklist for his album and all those collaborations sounds so epic. I can’t wait *__*

  9. I know this is video is totally off the subject of our wonderful G-Dragon – amazing btw – Oh and I agree with you, maybe its the beat that sounds Flo Rida-ish, hehe

    Well I just wanted to share this video of
    T.O.P. Drama/movie XD

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