Posted by: beckery | August 13, 2009

090811 FBG – Donghae & Sungmin Cuts

I’m sure the whole episode will be subbed sooner or later, but I saw these subbed cuts and couldn’t resist. XD

It is kinda dog – I’m just using the title that the uploader used haha. The cut is actually quite touching. Donghae talks about how all 12 members would sometimes chip in to gather money for the member with the smallest income ♥♥ But the heartwarming atmosphere then vanishes thanks to Onew HAHAHAHA. It’s so funny, I love everyone’s expression here. Watch to see what he said XDDD

Donghae – the ultimate narcissist – PMS asks what Donghae and Sungmin think about their appearances and gets them to rank themselves. Sungmin is all “I think I’m one of the Top 5” and even goes on to say that he thinks he > Siwon ROFLMAO. Oh, he is so precious :3 But hey, that’s nothing compared to Donghae, who declares that he’s No.1 from SM LOLOLOL. His expression at 0.54 is so flippin’ ADORABLE omg *_________*


  1. lol park myung soo, the rich get richer and the poor get richer, if only we lived in a world the that huh. lol key mimicking onew was funny too, you weren’t kidding when you said the atmosphere left cause of him. lol it’s okay to be confident in your looks, right?

    • Lol it’s alright for them since they actually do have the looks to pull it off. But to say “I’m no.1 from SM” is a bit too much loooool. Gosh I love Fishy <3333

  2. LOL.

    Awww, it was so touching… Thanks Onew, for lightening the atmosphere. xD

    …Okay, imo, Sungmin > Siwon. ;___; My bias says so. (well, not in the body, but yes in other factors. :D Siwon’s too… perfect, idek. ;___; He’s like classic beauty that everyone appreciates, while Sungmin is so cute, and you LEARN to appreciate him. :) )
    BUT LOL. DONGHAE. ♥ Omg, I do think he > Jonghyun but STILL, LOOOOOL. Number one in SM? xD Maybe, maybe not. :D

    • Everyone has different tastes really so I really can’t say Sungmin > Siwon or Siwon > Sungmin. I’ll just say Siwon = Sungmin haha. Siwon is definitely handsome, but Sungmin is also very very attractive and cute in his own way. As for Hae, hahahhaa. That boy is so awesome. I love him XDD

  3. LOL Onew <3 Them gathering money sounds so nice, awww, there are 13 of them and still they take care of each other everyone in SUJU) <3 :DDD

    • Oh nooo what happened to my comment T___T I wrote this “long” comment and submitted it, and then it was cut weirdly, only the beginning and the ending’s there… Well i have to write it again then :D

      ^About SUJU members taking care of each other, I meant it like, there are so many of them and still they ALL gather the money, it’s not like only a couple of best friends of the “poor member” give him a bit of their salary. You know? :D

      HAHAHA Donghae, he’s hot and I would undestand if he said that he’s no. 1 in SUJU, but in whole SM? LOL he’s so awesome everyone in SUJU :DD

      • Yeaa sometimes WordPress plays up. Sorry DD;

        But yea, that is indeed very sweet of the members. I felt quite glad to know they have eachother’s back XD

  4. HAHAHAHH these 2 clips made me happy smiley + giddy X] (not to mention laugh until i roll off my bed lol) Minnie + Hae are adorable + overly confident. HAHAh i wouldnt blame them though <3

    • HAHA Did you hit your head when you rolled off?? XPPP

      Yea, they have the looks to be confident about lol :D

      • nahhh , just my butt XD ouch :0 i blame them !!!

        yupps, :D agree !

  5. Sungmin is all “I think I’m one of the Top 5″ and even goes on to say that he thinks he > Siwon ROFLMA….
    sungmin thinks that he is siwon??
    ^^ cute sungmin ^^

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