Posted by: beckery | August 13, 2009

Baek Ji Young ft Taecyeon – My Ear’s Candy MV

Credit: sanakujira @ youtube

What happened to Taec the King-Kong-Barbie who performed “Genie” the other day?! Cuz man, this one is hawwttt ♥♥♥ Sorry, I’m totally Taec biased here LOL XDDD Not digging the silver lipstick on him, but DO YOU SEE THAT JAWLINE!!?!?! *_____________* That is yummyyy~~

The song is pretty catchy, especially the “la la laa laa laa la la” part hahaha. And for some reason I’ve got the “Sarang hae, I Love you…..Wo Ai Ni blah blah” part stuck in my head XD


  1. Not digging the lipstick or the hair actually but whatever, HERE I COME BIAS, I really like this song after like three listens.

    Ditto on the saranghae, I love you, wo ai ni part though.

    • Yea..the hair hahaha. In some parts, it looks major flat that he sorta looks dorky. And in some parts it looks like they used too much gel haha. But he is so hot seriously <3

  2. umm did you see the major cocoa-y that is his sexy tan, he’s sexy skin! Taec is the definition of a man, you just have to forget about the “genie” thing which was awkwardly cute! but can’t wait to see this live with Baek Jiyoung, I won’t say she’s lucky he’s lucky since Taec should now that girl is a babe and a half, ok she is lucky too!

    • Definitely looking forward to lives, especially if Taec is always this sexy omg *__*

  3. I like the title.

    Of all the computers I could’ve chosen at the computer lab, I had to go for the one without Flash installed. TT___TT

    • Lol. I’m glad you like the title?

  4. I’m not a fan of Taec’s lipstick or some of the clothes but he’s still hot <333 Oh and what's that weird curtain-thingy he has in front of his eyes at 1:47? it weiiiiird! :DD

    Yeah, the song is kind of kind of catchy, especially the "sarang hae, i love you…" parts and Taec sounds reallyyy hot! :D

    • YEA I SAW THAT. I was laughing so hard. I think that’s the new “in” sunglasses hahahahahah? XDDDD

    • Yeah I know the thing at 1:47 is so wierd…
      It’s like the thing belly dancers wear XD

  5. this is catchy + Taec is .. wow :0 Im liking thsi ^ ^

    • I know right. That man is so good looking *_*

      • seriously, he’s suchh .. an ideal guy ^ ^ Too bad all the good guys are taken/gay/or in a boyband :l

  6. After watching this, I’ve put Taec on my Top 3 next to Jaebeom and Junsu.

    I would like Taec to be close to me and let me whine on me. ^_^

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