Posted by: beckery | August 13, 2009

Preview Super Junior SM Town ‘09 – Carnival

Credit: XxtenerifexX @ youtube

Is this really the best SM can do?! DDD:

I’ve listened to this song 5 times and I don’t even remember what the song sounds like hahaha. There is nothing catchy to this song what so ever. No insanely addictive phase, no catchy chorus. It’s just so….flat? IDEK

Though, I’ll say this is probably a tad (just a tiny bit) better than the other 2 songs as it’s not OVERLY HAPPY as “Seaside” or as messy as “Scar”. And I like the rap parts :DD


  1. I think among the 3songs released, this is the first one which I felt okay about.
    scar is too messy, and seaside… i jus feel like laughing when i hear it lol.
    sighhhhh i want the other girls from SM..
    CSJH, SNSD and BoA.. where are you all???

    • Ok I’ve changed mind. I think DBSK’s song is probably my favourite haha. And I think the girls are releasing the Winter SM Town album next time or something?

  2. is this song different from the one kangin composed for the sushow 2? or am have i mistaken? DDD:

    • It’s the same song that Kangin wrote the lyrics for which they performed dressed as animals~ ^^

      lol I rather like the oh-eh-oh parts~ there’s another bit I like too, but I need to look for translations first :D

      • Ohhh so this is the song Kangin wrote. I was wondering about this too cuz I remember reading about them performing this at their concert. D’aww maybe lives of this with them and their adorable animal costumes would make the song better :D

  3. Okay the rap was cool but tbh this is one of those songs you play in the background of a drama b/c it doesn’t do so well on its own. BOF could have used this in Macau once or twice to give us a break from “almost paaaaradiiiise!”

    • I honestly think “almost paradddissee” is better than this. I know, I think so highly of this song XP lool

  4. Wow, every song i see one here from SM town, people dun like em. PSH, I lUFF Carnival and Seaside, best song EVAR from them

    • We do love our boys, and just because we don’t like the song doesn’t mean we’re being hating. Our song preferences are just different :D

      • Yea, i wasnt trying to be rude. But I LUFF THIS SONG, i just dont see how others dont, but w.e, tis my thoughts,

  5. I actually like it. In a, “Aww~ So cute!” way. Listened to it only once and I still know how the tune goes. Not exactly the best thing ever made, of course, but it does give off a feeling of being in… a kid’s show. XD

    It’s the song Kangin wrote? XD That’s interesting. :D

    • Yes, its Kangins, and he should write more songs for Suju

    • Lol. I have completely forgotten how the song goes XD I know, I’m awesome haha.

  6. hi ! the preview for db’s song – 12:34 is out ! sx7P7BDCjCs&feature=channel_page
    AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH. its not exactly fit for summer but their voices seriously are to die for.
    they are so soothing to hear :D
    ENJOY! the album drops today right! waiting~

    • sorry the link appeared wierd.


      • Thanks bb <33333 I am loving the song XD

  7. this is not bad :) takes a while to get into though :X

    • At least you eventually got into it. I still need…more time haha

  8. ahhh why is SM Town this year so… suckish?
    the songs are cute but thats about it T_T
    hehe the little bunny logo thing is too cute tho ^^

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