Posted by: lovediaries | August 13, 2009

SHINee & Kim Soeun CLRIDE.n BTS Pictures

I will be replying to comments right after this post!

Ihni what happened to Jonghyun’s hair so I can’t say whether I like it or not :S. Everyone else, however, ♥♥♥♥♥.

I had the biggest spazz when I saw the photo of Onew and Kim Soeun. I was dying from the cute and of jealousy. Lucky it’s Kim Soeun and that I love her lmao, or I’d become murderous XD. SRSLY, WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO PRESS HEADS TOGETHER WITH ONEW? AND HAVE HIM WEAR BIG BEAR PAWS WHILE PRESSING YOUR HEADS TOGETHER ;_____;.

I’m also dying of jealousy from the pic of Onew and Minho (those two have been taking really good photos together lmao – coincidentally, probably. There was a Reebok one where Minho kicked off his show and Onew was just standing there LOOOOL) because who wouldn’t want to have Minho all tied up!? Mmmmmm *___*.

Taemin on a wooden horse holding a gun makes me ridiculously happy, ngl. This definitely needs more of Jonghyun and Key though D:

GAH, I want the real things NOW. CLRIDE.n always have really pretty shoots. I mean, we can’t forget that epic calf-showing shoot, right?


  1. Yayy~ MORE SHINee!~ Anyways, what’s wrong with Jonghyun’s hair? I can’t see anything. The picture with Kim Seoun was so cute!!!! Ahhh~ And Onew pulling Minho was so adorable. <3 Taemin on the horse was just precious, he looked like a little kid. XD Though, I question the last picture with Taemin and the red stick. AND WHERE THE EFF IS JONGHYUN AND KEY? D:<

    • Haha I’m missing those boys already and clinging onto anything I can find. COME BACK WITH A NEW SONG ALREADY XD (Scar doesn’t count, unless they film an MV which I doubt D:)

  2. I really like the pictures =D

    • I do too, I want the actual ones now :D

  3. I only see Key’s hair D:

    • I know, I need some of his face >:(

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