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090811 SHINee & Super Junior @ FBG

{credit: mellogreenleaf @ youtube}

YUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS this is in the process of being subbed so only part 1 is up :D. Um, I’m not sure how fast the subber will be, so if anyone else subs quicker, I’ll edit in their videos :).

(I really need to watch the SNSD eps, I know! I promise I’ll try do first ep tonight!)

Hyungdon and Park Myung Soo have been pushed to sit at the end and they’re not very happy about that lmao. Anyway, they start filming and poor Jonghyun NG’s XDD. FAIL. He looks so embarrassed fanning himself lmao while Key just cracks up. They start again and GOD CAN SOMEONE JUST GIVE KEY HIS OWN SHOW ALREADY? Jonghyun is so nervous, he NG’s again because he mixed up his line with Onew’s LMAO I SHOULDN’T BE LAUGHING but he’s just so precious :3. And then Onew’s :DDDDDDDD face, omg ;~;. Anyone else surprised that so far Onew’s the only one of the three who hasn’t failed? :P.

The two MC’s tease Jonghyun saying he probably wasn’t on last week due to Yoona not being there. Poor boy is all alsksldjfdskjfljsd lmao. But he’s so good looking even with his O_O faces, I can’t stop staring *O*. They talk about how with SHINee MC-ing, their guest board is over 10 pgs long (at last) but before SHINee came on, they barely made it to 2 pages even though it’d been a couple of months already. LMAO I’d never even heard of the show before SHINee went on XD (I’m so glad they were invited to MC <3).

Comments SHINee have received from the guest board include “be funnier” (but aw, their fail is the most endearing ;~~;) and “choose harsher questions” (they can’t really control the script though :/). Key talks about how he was unable to ask harsh questions last week since SNSD are their sunbae’s …. um, Key, Super Junior are even more senior LOOL, so I guess he didn’t know about Sungmin and Donghae? XD.

The MCs joke around for a bit and Onew says something really “funny” (I didn’t get it .__.) so he gets to sit next to Park Myungsoo lmao. NO BOY, GET BACK NEXT TO KEY >:(. Hyungdon then mentions how right now, he and PMS look like the guests more than MC’s because SHINee have become center of attention. Again, Onew says something real clever, lmao HE IS SO AWKWARD, SRSLY and everyone’s all *APPLAUDS* :Db.

THEN LMAO, Onew says he should move back to his seat and Key gets all angry saying Onew is conceited for moving away from a seat everyone desires. (Sorry Key, but I much rather sit next to you than PMS XD). LOOK AT ONEW’S FACE OMG, HE IS SO HURT AND HEARTBROKEN while PMS & HD won’t let him go. PMS then requests SHINee get into a fist fight if their NPG (=FBG) becomes popular. CAN YOU IMAGINE ONEW IN A FIST FIGHT?

You know, Onew is so clever lmao, he always says the most random stuff but the stuff he says is smart stuff. Like in that clip we posted earlier where he comments on … God, I don’t even remember the term he used, but here he … lol idk how to explain, just that Onew is intelligent 8D. And that I love the boy :).

Onew is finally sent back to his seat and Jonghyun comments on how the members of SHINee have changed so much (I REALLY NEED TO WATCH THE EARLIER EPS ;_________;) and PMS says after recording they’ll be wearing chains. Ihni what he meant but um, that’s quite a nice mental image *O*. THANK YOU PD’S FOR EDITING CHAINS ONTO ONEW /loling forever omg.

The next part made me LOL IRL and now I have drink on my laptop screen T__T. FML. Basically, the MC’s hint who their guests are and Onew IS SO CUTE. He stutters “s-s-s-u-ju?” XD. “This kid seems slightly like an idiot” AHAHAHAHAA OMFGGG. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ONEW, SRSLY? XDDD. “I choked on my spit” WTF, ONEW? AHAHAHHA.

Finally, “Perfect Man Donghae” and “Gentle Man Sungmin” come on :D. The two are asked to comment about their looks, and this is the clip we all saw earlier :). Sungmin is all cocky but in a joking way and narcissistic Donghae says he’s #1 of SM in terms of looks :P. I love how when Donghae and Jonghyun are compared, Donghae gets sparkles, but even then, Jonghyun is still so good looking *____________*. But tbh, I do agree that Donghae & Sungmin are the two prettiest boys. Okay, there’s Heechul but he’s pretty in a pretty girl way while these two are pretty in a pretty boy way, so it is very appropriate that these two are on :).

Jonghyun then comments on how Sungmin entered the best-looks contest and came first (in 2001) and I remember Donghae did the same. Actually, I can’t remember if the one Donghae entered was for looks or not but he definitely got #1 for looks in the one he did enter. Confused? Yeah, me too XD. SORRY, my brain power is lacking atm.

The MCs then focus their attention on how Key kept LOLing and Sungmin is just like 7___7 this kid. LOOOL. They then ask Jonghyun what he thinks and where he ranks in terms of looks and he picks #3 out of the people present. Mmm, I’d have to agree :). Or maybe even #2? Or…#1? LOL IDK, TOO MANY PRETTY FACES ;____;. Sungmin then adds “He’s saying that he’s 1st in SHINee” LOL SUNGMIN!

Key’s turn to comment and he immediately turns serious. I love his expressions omg XD. “Thinking about it, wouldn’t I be around 2nd?” I LOVE THAT BOY SO MUCH AHAHAHAHHAHA. HE IS SO COCKY, LOOK AT HIM. Then they ask Key who he thinks is 1st and his response – “I just said that to be courteous” AHAHAHA ♥♥♥.

When it’s Onew’s turn – God he is one big ball of cute & fluff – he goes to Jonghyun “Should we be third together?” and OMFG THE ONHYUN WAS ADORABLE. JUST LOOK/LISTEN TO THEM. Jonghyun’s “Shall We?” I need to record that or something, I could listen to it forever *O*.


  1. it would be mr wonderful if they had invited nt just sungmin n hae but if they had invited the whole sj, im sure the 2 MCs wouldn’t fit hahaha~

    Onew’s real smart in here!! =DD
    ouhh n the NGs is hilariously entertaining!!

    • Yeah lmao, Jonghyun is such a cute fail :3.

      Omg if all SJ members went on, it would’ve been chaotic D:

      • hahaha i know!! that’s the BEST PARTT!!! lolololol!


    • SFI yt new channel! :D

    • I KNOW, WTF, I’M SO SORRY T__________T

      • lol what are you sorry for?
        I love essay! that’s the best a blogger can do :D

        • Are you sure it’s okay? I really worry I get too wordy T___T

          • maybe you should make a post for each part?
            either way I’m okay with it :)

            • I could write post-length for each part but I don’t want to spam D:

  3. then think another way. idk any other option.

    found shinee’s random videos

    question: how to make the link to not appeared as a video?

    • Maybe with each part, I’ll just do a

      ————————-Part 2———————————-

      so people don’t get lost or whatever?

      And thank you for the videos! Will watch them when I can :) (And you can’t, WP auto embeds them, don’t worry it’s fine ^^)

      • yup good idea :)
        reading your post makes me want to watch it rn, which I cant :(

        • :Db

          Oh why can’t you? And lmao, dw, everything you’ve read is what happens XD.

          • yt lags :/
            lol okay I’m gonna read your recap first ^^

            • D: Really? So when can you watch it?

              • idk, I usually dl the video first instead of streaming.
                will be back to spazz :)

                • Ah okay, lemme know if you find subbed dl for this!

  4. IHU. ;___;


    Idk, I’ll watch this later. :/ I am so looking forward to the pool. <3 (I have this total image of Donghae smacking Minho's ass while playing pool. ;___; -that's by desktop image atm-)

    • Omg, please tell me you imagining Donghae smacking Minho’s ass has nothing to do with my influence.

      Also, FB/LJ ban means nothing if you’re still on WP :P

      • At least I didn’t play this video. ;___;
        And yes, it means nothing because I’m STILL on WP and Twitter, which are the next two biggest distractions. x___x

        And no, it has nothing to do with your influence. Oh no wait, you LINKED ME MY DESKTOP IMAGE, LOL. IN ONE OF YOUR TWEETS. Take all the credit. :)

        • HAHA okay I’ll take credit for the pic but you turning perverted has nothing to do with my tweets or that epic thread I started on lj.

          • I need to revisit that epic thread
            I blame my friends. ;___; I was eating rocky road and gave some (hard) marshmellow to a friend and one of my other friend’s was like: IT’S ROCK HARD. -and everyone started laughing- and then I said: have a peanut.
            ;________; THEY HAVE WRONG MINDS. LAKNFSLANFS.

            • LOL IRL OMG. “I have a peanut”. That couldn’t have been more inappropriate XD.

              • LOL, YOUR MINDDD.
                You should hang out with my friends. You’d fit right in. ;___;

                • I should hang with 2PM. They’re all so filthy I’d fit with them too lmao.

                  • LOL. Oh yeah, good reminder I should go watch Wild Bunny. :D
                    -runs off-
                    I’m annoyed I can’t find it downloaded with subs. :/ And I hate ripping from YT. D;

                    • No! >:( Study before watching Wild Bunny.

  5. if you mean the hq sub, then i dont know where XD;

    but I use Internet Download manager, so the download button appears on top of the video.
    one click and tada!

    • …mm okay O_O HAHA, dw, I think the subber will upload links when she finishes subbing :) *hopes its soon*

  6. lol I love SHINee MCing this! Yay~ Super funny. XDD “Want to be third together?” High five “What does that make me?” XDD lol Precious SHINee.

    • They make for entertaining MCs in their own way :)

  7. sung min is cute indeed^^
    siwon is macho **
    and i love siwon (^^)v

    • It’s hard to compare Siwon and Sungmin haha.

  8. haha..i really enjoyed reading the exchange of comments..oww i mean the recap..haha! thanks for everything.. :)

    • Haha no problem, glad you enjoyed reading :)


  10. the first thing I noticed: KEY’S LAUGH IS SO SO SO OBVIOUS XDD from the first ep they were in, it’s always him that laugh the loudest and got the closeups and even his own KEKEKE caption XD

    lol fail!jonghyun is not something we could see everyday though ;) and when fail!Key came next, his “aaaah haha~” reaction to PMS was just could not get cuter :3

    I knew 2PM was in FBG before but I only watched Jay’s cut and.. that’s all.

  11. honestly, i too dont get PMS’ jokes most of the time. he’s err, weird. and Onew matches him well ;~;

    LMAOOO AN IDIOT CHOKED ON HIS SPIT XDD oh Onew why so adorable :DDD

    Donghae backs to his SuJu’M hair days and Sungmin got more manlier. yeah i’m agree sungmin is pretty as in pretty boys, and Donghae has that aura that makes him good-looking, no?

    Jonghyun and Onew were being smart to not making a fuss with their sunbaes while then Key, LMAO THIS. THIS IS WHY I LOVE HIM. NO NEED TO SAY ANYTHING. JUST, AHHH~ <3333

    • Wow did you watch the eps without subs or something? I’m waiting for subbed dl ;__;. SFI are subbing again but their first ep of FBG was such a large file.

      And bb, thanks for linking again!

      • lol what do you mean? I watched the same vid as you 0_o

        yup ur welcome :)

        • wth, I’m so sorry lol, I was so confused I didn’t even realise what post you commented on T___T. I’M SORRY!

  12. lol it’s okay ^^
    haha, the SNSD one? yeah I watched them without subs but there is subbed cut also.

    • I don’t have time to watch their second episode yet, but look out for it when I eventually get round to it :)!

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