Posted by: lovediaries | August 14, 2009

090813 Outsider & Narsha @ M! Countdown

Outsider is an amazing rapper :D. In case you haven’t heard of him, I once posted a video HERE. Is it just me or does he look different!? Maybe it’s the outfit and the hair cut and lack of eyeliner haha, but he looks so cute here while the last time I watched him perform, I was sorta scared XDD.

{credit: elavipp @ youtube}

Anyway, they perform Big Bang’s “Lies” in the Heroes segment.  I have a thing for female vocalists & male rappers – I just really like that combination :) – so I really liked it. Outsider rewrites some of the rap lyrics too. There’s a download link in the video description too.



  1. wow, he’s super fast in the beginning 0_________0 BRAVO :D he has such a cute non-rapper face XD <3

    • I know, he looks different from the other video, right? Here he looks harmless but in the other, I would not want to walk into him or anythign HAHA.

      • lolz true, in the other vid, his face is so intense :0 gives off an intimidating-feeling X]

        • Intimidating *nods* that’s the word :o

  2. I thought he was pretty dang hot in the first vid. XD He looks like a flower boy here. I’d heard of Outsider before and kind of expected him to be some ajhussi, but then he came on Star King and adhj;faj’ksj eye smile! He’s actually in his mid 20s and yes, cute as a button. If you want to see scary, check out his other MVs.

    Never heard of this narsha. She’s got a good voice and her hair reminds me of Gummy.^^

    • NARSHA’S FROM BROWN EYED GIRLS. Does this mean you don’t listen to them? YOU MUST!

      Album Review here. Only 3 ballads on that album, so even if you don’t listen, try out the other music ;~~~;


    I have this huge thing for rap, so Outsider’s bit was… :Q____ Let’s say I liked it more than Narsha’s bit (mostly because some of her English was “I’m so soh-ii” which was a bit annoying and her voice seemed very techno. o___o)

    (OUTSIDER IS SO CUTE. <3 WTF. I REMEMBER HOW HE LOOKED BEFORE AND I WAS ALL ;____; -minimises window and just listens-)

    But homg. <3
    -runs off to d/l-

    (Funny how 2NE1 covered Big Bang's Strong Baby and now they did this. :D)

    • LMAO ME TOO, last time I just listened to the video but this time I was *___*ing at him HAHA!

      Yeah her voice did sound techno so I wondered whether it was live or not. Such a pity, her voice is gorgeous :(((

      • His rap is gorgeous though. <3

        I guess it wasn't live then. :/ Idk, I'll take your word on her voice, since you know I don't like BEG much. D:

        I totally freaked our when I watched the beginning of the vid and went O___O G-DRAGON ONCE HAD NORMAL HAIR? And then when I got over that I went: G-DRAGON CAN BE THAT HOT/CUTE/GENERALLY LOVEABLE? ;___; I loved how he looked in TaeYang's Look Only At Me and his solo of This Love. :) It's a pity you don't get to see him looking like that anymore. :/

        • Omg as I was reading G-DRAGON CAN BE THAT HOT/CUTE/GENERALLY LOVEABLE? my first thought was ‘GO WATCH TAEYANG’S LOOK ONLY AT ME MV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ but yeah, seems as if you already have 8D. Everyone looked really good in that MV omg. TOP in a suit *O*.

          • I didn’t recognise them when I watched it, and only when I watched it with a friend did she point out everyone. ;___;
            BUT HOMG. <3 TOP LOOKED SO GOOD. I'm looking forward to Iris, just so I can see him in a suit. Daesung and Seungri were so cute in the MV. :D I wanted to slap the bitch girl for dumping G-Dragon like that. ;___; He looked so heartbroken and cute in his frames.

            • Omg you fail TT. And that girl didn’t dump GD…she just walked out. IN THE END, it was all a dream anyway 8D.

              • THERE WAS THE POTENTIAL THAT SHE DUMPED HIM. Did you see his face? ;___; Did that not scream heartbreak?
                (To be fair, that was back in Feb when I wasn’t too deep into fandom.)

                • So are you admitting you’re deep into fandom now? :P

                  • …I am. ;____;
                    Just SuJu and SHINee though. Not really Big Bang & DBSK, though I am following their perfs & releases, I’m not really looking up old stuff getting into fanfiction, FML. :/

                    • Haha I remember when I read fanfiction, and there was once drama with the authors and yeah…that seemed so long ago :/.

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