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090728 SHINee & SNSD @ FBG

As promised, I’ll be summarising and briefly translating the SNSD eps (since I still haven’t seen any eng subbed videos). I should remind those who are interested in reading that the subs are in simplified which I’m not very good at and so there will be inaccuracies and possible “what?? O__O” haha but I will try my best!

{credit: vul3a04680905 @ youtube}

This is basically just done up like any other recap I would usually do :).

Okay so I guess SNSD don’t appear til later on in the episode because it’s still the guests from the previous week. I’m sorta lost as to what they’re on about haha but I think these two guests are singers? That guy actually looks familiar, hmm. Anyway they’re asked to sing a song and the guy sings one they’ve prepared for 5 years? Or practiced for 5 yrs? Lmao, the caption when Jonghyun’s face appears is “Since they’re sunbaes, we cannot laugh out loud” AHAHA. He then sings some nonsense trot, lol wtf? Jonghyun offers to do the same and does a far better job ♥♥ hehe. Then he does trot version of “Juliette” and is it just me or does it just sound more sexual? HAHAHA. The other singer shows Jonghyun how it’s really done and he laughs so hard he fans himself with the script LMAO. The PDs felt the need to point that out with the caption :P.

They talk about a lot of things here … I got bored half way haha but at around 6.20 SHINee talk about how they rarely fight because when there’s a problem, they just find a way to solve it. They then have another segment which Key introduces but NG’s :3. He tries again and lolol how cute, Minho and Jonghyun are so focused on him.

I have no idea what this segment is about but lmao everyone’s laughing at Key again, and he’s all “What are you guys laughing at?” I think their task is to use what’s there and produce some accessories suitable for summer? Idk, maybe dress up their guests? O.o Okay no wait, the female guest is the judge, Jonghyun, Hyungdon and the male guest are the Kingka Team while Key, Minho and PMS are (as Jonghyun suggested) the Father & Son Team LOLOLOL?!?!

So the rules are that one team member has to be the model while the other two dress him up. Jonghyun and Minho are the models for their respective teams :). No surprise there haha.

Part 2 – Key’s concept for Minho is “Sexy Rainy Season”. TRUST. Key looks so pro spray painting those gum boots :D. I want. Meanwhile Jonghyun is talking about how since it’s Summer, they should include a fan XD. Watch him put it behind his neck lmao!!! FRILLED NECK LIZARD AHAHAHAHH. Wow, watching Key work like that is making me fall in love with him more HAHA, I love a man hard at work ♥_____♥. AND THEN LMAO, PMS gives Minho this green meshy sheet thingy and Minho is all “OH HEY :D” and so PMS is “disappointed” because he thought it’d be funny but it ended up looking good on Minho XDDD. Fail on his part lmao. SO THEN he sticks flowers right in front of Minho’s chest like BOOBS LMAO AHAHHAHA HE’S SO IMMATURE, and Minho is all “keke, no *shies away*”. HOW CUTE.

Back to Jonghyun’s team, he’s shuffling through cards and … I find that hot too *O*. AND LOL, the female guest asks why Hyungdon is putting a picture of PMS on their umbrella and he says “People will get shivers when they see it” LOOLOLOL. In the end, Minho has himself a pair of boobs, but while the director is changing tape, he walks off. He tries getting the noonas (I WANT THAT JOB) to help him take off all the unnecessary stuff haha but gets called back .__.

Time to show off their hard work, PMS makes Key talk about their concept and the female guest comments that it was PMS who “abused” Minho, yet Key has to do the talking for it XD. WAAAAH CHECK OUT THE BOOTS KEY MADE!!!!!!!!!!!! He comments that he felt he needed something with colour, something pretty, and that the pair of the boots are the only thing normal about Minho’s outfit XD. The female guest titles their work as “Father ruins beautiful son” HAHA.

PMS talks about the umbrella that he made and I think he covered all the sharp points of it so that it wouldn’t hurt anyone if it was to hit them. Minho then spins it around and into PMS ahahahaa. THERE IS A GLOVE HANGING OFF OF IT LMAO XDDD.

For the Kingka team, their concept is “Metallica”. Jonghyun looks so cute omg ;~~;. He looks like some geeky science boy who has no idea what he’s doing, if that…makes sense. Their umbrella is for protecting the holder HAHA as Hyungdon kindly demonstrates “Ah, Jonghyun oppa, I love you *BOOOF*” LMAO!!! They then show off Jonghyun’s glasses and the female guest says he looks like Harry Potter LOL. (Key is thinking “My boots are better” XD) They take off Jonghyun’s raincoat and LMAO everyone’s just like O__O staring at it in awe (see Minho’s face). The “Ace” on Jonghyun’s chest is to symbolise that they are Ace and Minho is like “hey, me too .__.” Dawwww, I think it’s pretty clear who the winning team is XD. IF ONLY KEY MADE THE ENTIRE OUTFIT >:(. I can’t see, but I think Jonghyun has some warning label on his chest as well cause he’s just so hot? LMAO.

When it’s time to announce the results AHAH omg I can’t stop laughing, PMS is all “Mmm, water *pretends to drink out of glove*” and Minho SPINS THE UMBRELLA AND WHACKS THE FEMALE GUEST IN THE HEAD LOOOOOOOOOLINGGGGGGGGGG. HIS FACE AHAHA!!! Anyway, Kingka team win as expected and as punishment, PMS has to apologise to Minho :P. Apparently they filmed for 10 hrs, omfg O_______O. The female guest comments that she’s really happy because she doesn’t get many opportunities to work with hoobaes.

Then they ask SHINee what they felt about MCing and what the hardest bit about it was and Minho’s response, “PMS’s fashion sense” LOOOL XD♥♥. Hyungdon asks Minho if Taemin says “Hyung, I want to be an MC for FBG” what conditions would he ask for in return? And Minho says “Oh, nothing, I’d just let him”. Awww ;__;.

9 minutes into this video is where the real fun begins. ONKEY ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Thirty minutes before filming…and this is Onew’s first time to be on the show. Lmao, just seeing Onew makes me happy ^____^. This was the really cute part where Key asks Onew what MC is and he says Mike and Crocodile LOLOLOL. It never gets old XD. Key says something like the high from MCing last week is now gone? Or something and he makes that KKKK noise and hand action and Onew “pretends to understand” HEEHEE. So Key’s trying to think what the problem is, and Onew is like “Eh? Problem?”AND OH KEY THAT BITCH, he goes “What would hyung know, only people who have MCed before would understand”. POOR ONEW ;~~~~;.

Part 3 – Onew says “This feels like reflection time” and Key giggles “Now you know”. They then talk about “first time” and Key says “When you say something awkward, you have to apologise and learn from PMS and Hyungdon sunbaes”. Onew keeps apologising lmao and says because yes, he’s done the most wrongs? Idk, he’s just so precious.

Reflection time is over and now it’s time to start but Key gets cut off cause he talked with the wrong pitch? Haha, I’m as confused as Onew (but remember last time with Minho? LMAO that was sooo funny). PMS says that Minho “got out of the car” halfway and Hyungdon adds that Jonghyun said he could no longer work with PMS. Then they’re like, I bet next week Onew and Key won’t be here … leave your contact details before leaving XD. They ask how MCing was last week and Key said since the news about them being the MCs for FBG, friends who they didn’t know before started contacting them…and he gets cut off because “If you didn’t know them, they weren’t your friends” LMAO. CHECK OUT THIS AMAZING CAP. Key quickly rewords and meant friends he knew from a long time (and hadn’t kept in contact with?). They compliment Key saying he’s picked up on quite a bit since last week :).

Onew’s turn to talk and he mentions how he saw Hyungdon wearing his name tag and was a little “surprised” LMAO XD. Funny, they showed footage from their first ep and said Taemin came late while Onew had “other things to do” :(((. Onew says in a reeeeeally fake tone “It was a good feel (seeing Hyungdon with the tag)” and Hyungdon immediately goes “Oh I hate that tone”. Everyone then mocks Onew, poor boy.

PMS warns Onew that just because they are idols, it doesn’t mean they get special treatment. They ask Key if he prepared well for today’s episode and he says they received the script extra early but he has to change his pitch again lmao so Onew is all ????? SOMEONE FILL HIM IN ;__;. Key talks more about MCing from last week and wonders why the MCs have to ask guests such harsh questions, but keeps his expression cute :3. And the MCs are all *STAB IN THE CHEST* lmao.

PMS turns to ask Onew a question (who has picked up on their weird ways very quickly) and answers in a high pitched “Yes?”. Hehe. While Onew keeps talking like he’s running out of breath, Key keeps doing this weird HAHA thing and later Hyungdon goes “Oh, is that a hint for our guests today?” Then PMS and Hyungdon talk about their “wishes”, lol they are so obvious.

Finally Hyoyeon, Sunny and Jessica come on and PMS says they really wanted all 9 girls but their funds were limited XD. Hyoyeon says that the busiest members came along today ^^. Each member does their introduction and they talk about PMS’s song featuring Jessica, how it was #1 on some chart or something.

Part 4 – Hyungdon says that Jessica and PMS actually look good together and she goes “who says” haha :S. Dawww, at 0.37 the caption is “Smiling Angel Onew has his lost smile” :((. Jessica thanks PMS and Hyungdon is all “I’m so awkward sitting in the middle”. Then, you see Onew and Key sitting there totally neglected.

Jessica then says “Before singing with PMS Uncle (LMAO, she said ahjusshi XD) I actually had a duet with Onew”. They’re asked to sing it and it’s just awkward because they’ve never performed it before. THIS WAS SO AWKWARD. Sunny starts Jessica off and then later Onew wants to sing but doesn’t know when to cut in XDD. He then gets his own time and lmao the captions are like “*melts*” and apparently the PDs are really happy too. *__________* Onew~ And look at Hyoyeon all :DDDD (she has a secret crush on Onew keke).

Then they talk about how recently Hyoyeon has become prettier :). I agree, she’s so gorgeous <33. Hyoyeon then goes “Isn’t this FBG? SHINee are over there but what are you two doing here?” LOOOOOL CUT!!!! The two MCs says theyre there to make the flower boys shine even more XD.

PMS asks if SNSD know SHINee LOL WTF and Hyungdon goes “They’re in the same company”. Hyoyeon is so sweet, she says they’re good looking and that they love and protects them and that as sunbaes, they have a lot to learn from them (SHINee). Watch Onew fall off his seat to bow LMAOOO. Sunny says she’s really happy to be on variety with them because they’re like little brothers. They ask Sunny who she’s closest with in SHINee and she’s like “ahh, about the same with all of them” but when they make her pick one, she says “well it could get better” HAHA so I guess she’s not that close with any of them XD. Good. They then look back to last week where Jonghyun picked Yoona as his favourite and Key said Jessica :/. Key gets all flustered and lost for words (*is feeling the jealousy in me rise*) and Jessica goes “Kibum, be quiet”.

They ask Onew who he likes and adds that Jonghyun’s favourite is Yoona and Key’s is Jessica which gets him flailing again and saying it was a misunderstanding and he doesn’t like her. Key then adds that his relationship with those three (present) was always pretty good and he just keeps blabbing lmao so Jessica tells him to be quiet again ;__;. I’m sorry but I thought ONEW WAS GIVEN THE QUESTION T___________T. Key has to go sit next to Jessica and everyone’s all “Gold haired couple” and “You look good together” blah blah blah. “When was your first kiss?” WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFF ;________________; . Then they’re like “You guys are so suss” and Onew’s speech bubble reads “Did something really go on?” ONEW WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE? He’s like eating up his lip.

Oh, gosh, this is so awkward I can’t watch anymore T__T. I think you guys all know this cut already anyway. But Key does go to say that Sunny changed after debuting and would initate greeting him, and that Hyoyeon was always nice and would encourage him and compliment that his dancing has improved. I love that girl so much :))).

Onew’s speech bubble at 7.20 is asking “when is it my turn?” .__. Oh, Onew <33. At 7.54 Jessica diverges the attention back to Onew (about time T__T). Onew and Key swap seats and LOL HYUNGDON, HANDLE WITH CARE, SRSLY. Onew talks in his high tone and lmao Key is all “*goosebumps*” XD. Onew says that even without make up, SNSD are still really pretty .__. Then when it’s SNSD’s turn to talk about Onew, Jessica starts laughing T__T. And….that is all for this ep~

This took me forever ;___;, em, so I might take a while before doing the next part up (and I’ll see how many of you actually read this because, it’s very time consuming … and exhausting XD)


  1. OMG YOU FINISHED IT. AKLDJFADJFKLADFKJLADFSKJLSDFALKASFASFKLJASK;LFJAFJDFS It’s kind of almost bedtime though, so I’ll be watching this later 8D *faves and bookmarks*


    • Hope you’ll have fun reading + watching

      Aigoo, 我也好愛你:3♥

  2. Omg how long did it take you to write this up

  3. kekeke..

    i really enjoyed this..thanks for the recap! >:D<

    • No problem, thanks for commenting <3

  4. Lol perhaps next time you should try to write essays for your assignments rather than posts XPP

    Though, after reading bits and pieces of it, I think I’m actually going to go watch it haha XD

  5. omg, thanks so much for taking out the time to type these up ~~

    oh, I’d love it if you could post your reactions to the coming eps (: dayum, love smtown love ^^

    • No problem, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it !

  6. thanks for having it summarized.. i’ve watched it without subs and i only understood SOME of what happened… hehe.. thank you so much! :) *watch it again*

    • You’re welcome, I’m glad it was of help :)

  7. the first guest is Koyote, if you ever heard. The woman is ShinJi who is rly cute and funny and I adore her a lot <3 she's going solo too :) and the man is Bbaek Ga. They have one more member that currently in the army, Jong Min. They're pretty famous in Kpop scene imo, with their new released song "Non Sense".

    to be cont'd..

    • KIM JONG MIN? YES? I LOVE HIM OMFG, I MISS HIM SO MUCH! THAT’S WHERE I’VE SEEN THEM FROM omg thank you so much, you put me out of my misery ;__;

    he was also in a sitcom with sooyoung, yuri, jaejin and a Minho-lookalike lmao.

    • HAHA I watched a few cuts of Heroine 6. Only ever the full episode with DBSK though. And oooh, I had no idea he was on that sitcom!

  9. lol I think they laughed because Key butted in right after Minho and continued to talk comfortably until he had tongue-slip again with caption “it’s Key’s 1st” XD

    poor Minho being harrassed by PMS’ fashion sense, then ShinJi saved him and Minho’s “thank you” made her :DDDD but PMS wasn’t giving up he wanted to make it funny still XP

    agree, Jonghyun with the bling-bling glasses is like a geek, a sexy geek of course, haha. And the fan-necklace! Lol PMS got jealous and decided to make one as Minho’s tail rofl.

    • Ohh okay XD. LMAO I KNOW HAHA PMS is so fail. He’s…strange lmao, idk, I laugh more at him than what he does XD.

  10. Yay~ Thank you so much for this! ♥

    The two guests in the first part are from a group called Koyote. They were a huge thing a few years ago and now they made their comeback. The woman is called Shinji (she is really awesome btw :D) and the man with long hair is Baek Ga (not very sure how to romanize his name), he is the rapper of the group so that kind of explains his “singing talents”. There’s also a third member Kim Jongmin, but he’s in the army right now, so there’s just the two of them. Not sure if you know Jongmin, but he took part in lots of TV shows (Heroine 6, Love Letter), usually portraying a really stupid image :D He was also one of the early members of 1N2D, but he had to leave because of his military service (MC Mong replaced him). Okay, I’ll stop the lecture now :D;;

    Poor Minho, being abused by PMS xD;;
    And don’t get jealous of the girls. Hyoyeon and Jessica are one of the most awesome members of SNSD ^^; Whenever you start to feel jealous and angry, just think of SHINeeMinute and you should feel relieved instead xD (no hatred intended towards 4minute, just that them pairing up with SHINee was an utter chaos >__>;)

    The ‘Mike Crocodile’ thing will never get old ;P

    Thank you again for taking your time to help us others who are less educated. ♥♥
    It must have been really tiring ;__; If I could, I would buy you a huge bar of chocolate.
    But as I can’t, just have an imaginary one instead :D *showers with chocolate*

    (This is one of the longest comments I’ve ever written in my life o__o;)

    • Awww you are so sweet and your comment really put a smile on my face <333. I'm glad you appreciated my hard work. I'm sorry, I don't mean to whinge about it haha but I just sorta need to make sure that the stuff I do is handy for people, otherwise I really wouldn't bother XD.

      Thanks for explaining the guests to me, but yeah, kandie also told me and I remembered Jongmin. He is so awesome, I love him omg. I remember him on Love Letter, he's so adorable haha!

      /accepts imaginary chocolate ♥♥

  11. This was the part I love the most ONKEY <333 you see how different they sat lmao Onew was all tense and clueless while Key being cocky as he is AND THE MIKE CROCODILE WILL NEVER GETS OLD IT WILL FOREVER PLANTED INTO MY HEAD XD

    Key scolded him again with only two weeks experience, tsk tsk that boy. Doesn't Onew know he was scolded all the time lol oh and they're so cute with bowties :3

    so they had to talk with "la" tone/pitch haha that's a woman range XD AND KEY'S ALMOST FALL OFF THE CHAIR IF ONEW DIDN'T HOLD ONTO HIM LMAO

    snsd came and Sunny is grown on me she's so cute and cheerful :DD Hyo is really pretty too she needs more exposure ._. Have you seen a video where she danced with SM's choreographer Jae Won? *___*

    • YAAAY we OnKey fans gotta stick together!! Haha :).

      I KNOW, matching outfits omg :3. And Key is a total bitch lmao, only Onew can put up with his attitude!!

      I think I know what video you’re talking about, is it really old and there’s a heck lot of hair swishing? If so, then yes I’ve seen it :). If not, please to be linking~

      • yup that’s it :)
        i want to see her dance with a guy again ._.

        • A sexy dance, please!!

  12. Jessica kept talking with that kind of tone made HD went “cant you be more bright in talking?” LOLOL
    and saying she didnt know Key existed was a lil bit harsh imo but Key calmly said that it was a little too much for her too said that with his lips curled up and crunched eyebrows really cut her off in the spot lol
    Onew finally had the chance tn talk in the end and was adorably cuuuuteee :3

    for the next episode, I watched the Genie dance and Noraebang cuts already but cant wait for the rest of it :)
    thanks for the recap and I never thought I’d comment THAT much *palmface* XD;;;

    • *scrunched eyebrows

    • I know omg, I was srsly like EVERYONE PLZ TO BE STFU and let Onew have a say~

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