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2PM Wild Bunny Ep4

Video: Time2sub2 @ Youtube

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I didn’t have time to watch this ep. till now, so it’s kinda late :( But hey, it’s better than nothing, right :D

Alright, so cool teeth guy Taecyeon are hated on by the other 2pm boys because he didn’t buy them mangoes from the US (the PD’s words, not mine XD) so they decide to get their revenge by doing a hidden camera on him xD.

The boys have nine hours and three minutes left to do 79 secret cameras. In the car, Taec reveals that…HE HAS MANGOES FOR THE BOYS IN HIS BAG :O! So everyone’s all “OMG WE LOVE YOU, YOU’RE AWESOME” (and tbh, I would be too :P). Wooyoung tells Taec that the reason he was chosen to MC is because he’s really popular, and Jay confirms this by saying that when he MC-ed last week, the rating was 0% XD FAIL LEADER. Someone (I couldn’t hear who) said that even the national anthem gets more than 0% ratings, so the wonderful Fail Leader attempts to sing the Korean National Anthem…and fails ROFL.

They arrive at their event (the anti music downloading thing) and Taec gets THE MANGOES out of his bag. They all share the mangoes like good little boys and make me hungry for mangoes too ;__; Taec~~bring PAS some mangoes too, k :D???

While they’re having their photos taken at the event, the boys all try to annoy Taec by poking him, pushing him around, stealing his cue-cards, etc. but Taec didn’t do anything cos he’s nice :3 or he noticed the 50 something reporters that were watching them XD

One of the reporters asked Jay what he thought they could do to stop illegal downloading, and Jay answered “In America, the FBI go looking for you if you download…does Korea have an FBI??” XDDDD I can just imagine that reporter person’s face LMAO.

The 2PM boys sit down with the 2AM boys (ONEDAY LOVE) and there’s music playing in the background; Wooyoung went “they’re saying you can’t even download this kind of music :O?!” LOOOOOOL WHO HERE THINKS 2PM ILLEGALLY DOWNLOADS MUSIC XD.

After the event, they went back to their van to go to their next schedule at a place which was four hours away (poor boys :( ) and of course, they kept annoying poor Taec XD. The boys got asked whether they felt sorry when they annoyed him, and they were all like “…NAH” XD. Khun said “I don’t feel sorry…I’m just sad I wasn’t there that day” and Junho followed with “I didn’t even know if Khun was there or not” LOL, MEMBER LOVE, 2PM HAS IT <3

Taec and Junsu lost the game they played in the van, so they had to get out of their car, stand in front of a big crowd of middle aged women and say “Taec and Junsu, love forever” while spinning around and holding hands, then do a cartwheel. LMAO. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS XDDDD After their *fabulous* performance, they try to get back into the van, but the other boys have locked the doors LOOOL so they stand outside and get mauled by ahjummas XDDD. NOW I KNOW WHY THEY NEED BODYGUARDS, OMG, JUNSU ALMOST HAD HIS ARM YANKED OFF XDDDDDD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


The boys kept tormenting him till the 100th secret camera move, and in the end they give him a “gift” (LOLOLOL IT’S SO RANDOM)

It then cuts to the next segment of the show with Chansung, Taec and Wooyoung standing on the roof of JYP complaining about how four of their members have gone on holiday and they’re the only ones left (cos they’re “busy”). So what can they do with only three people? FORM A NEW GROUP WITH 2AM. YUUUUUUUUUUUUUS.


They gather at some random food court and decide that they’d cover Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra” LOL. Someone asked if JYP would be ok with it, and Kwon went “Yea, he said on Twitter that he was happy” LMAO HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA. Kwon then threw around a few ideas like “why don’t we wear g-strings over fishnets” and “SeulOng will reveal his lower half, I’ll reveal my upper half, and you (Wooyoung) can just show everything” which prompted Wooyoung to say “Now I know why you’re Jay’s friend” HAHAHAHAHA. The meeting is as far as they got for this week, but omg, next week they start practicing EEEEEEEEEEE I AM SO TUNING IN FOR THAT :DDDD


  1. yay another recap! I didn’t watch this ep until late too, but yeah better then never! In my mind Jay has become more of a random crazy nut, but he managed to steal my heart yet again, wth was with him shooing away a fly by hitting Taec with a fan, I know it was a “hidden camera” but the look on his face was sdfsfdaj. And then the music played when he’s outside the convenience store about to pick up the moth, his face was priceless again. For someone who fails so much he has so much win. Woo was so cute with the pink dolphin, and Junho was cute pretending to be a frog and when he said “Ok Taecyeon babo” I died so much cuteness in one face!

    p.s. If Kwon wasn’t in 2AM he can totally pawn and be BEG’s new leader, though I really really prefer him in 2AM

    • IDEK what Jay was doing in this ep., he was like a five year old kid on a sugar high XD.

      Awww, Junho’s “babo” at the end was SO PRECIOUS :3333 I liked JaySung’s “cobra dance” too XD

      Kwon could easily pwn all the kpop girl groups. HE’S THAT FABULOUS

  2. EEEEK!

    I was a bit sad that Khun wasn’t there, just because Khunyoung is my OTP forever. :[


    LMAOOO I'm still FDAFJDLFJLAD over Wooyoung's "Jang Jandi" so I can't wait to see how he dresses next week. XD

    The thing that surprised me the most was that Youngie didn't do very many hidden camera pranks at all… And he's like the mischievous one, so I was just kind of ehh about it. But then I've realized that he seems really… conservative a lot of the time. :-/ Ehh, I don't know. His little mannerisms make me sad. :[ /bias XD

    • Hmmm, I don’t have an OTP…I LOVE THEM ALL TOGETHER :D

      Omg, Wooyoung’s “Jang Jandi” and Jay’s grandma outfit DDD; I CAN STILL SEE IT XD.

      Aww Idk, wooyoung was pretty into the “let’s put down Taec’s chair” game ;) And remember his photos from last week? THAT BOY IS CRAZY XD

  3. LOL i love 2pm and recaps :D
    This episode was hilarious because of Jay…
    he was completely like an ADD kid on a sugar
    high! And Taec was so nice about it all, which
    prompted me to wonder if 2pm behaves like this
    all the time XD Wooyoung and Junho
    were so cute :3 Chansung, on the other hand,
    was so playful…I’m starting to think he’s
    the most playful in the group.

    Next week is going to be EPIC!! Have you seen
    the preview??? Cracktastic. :D



      And I think they do normally act like that, cos didn’t Jay say something like “he (taec) didn’t notice anything cos I hit him all the time normally” XD

      Yea, when they first debuted, Chansung was all “mature” and serious, but now he’s starting to act more his age :D


  4. Hahahah this sounds so hilarious + fun as always :) i havent watch it yet but going to later ^ ^ hehe, this totally made my day + awesome recap btw. i love it :D

  5. I guess I’m a bit late commeting this, but anyways… For me, this was the funniest episode so far :D I laughed soo much watching the boys teasing Taec, they seemed to enjoy that too hahaha! I didn’t even feel bad for Taec (and he’s my favourite member….) except for the part where he took those mangoes out of his bag :D Since the others thought that he didn’t bring them and started torturing him for that (and a bunch of other stuff LOL) BUT he brought them after all, awww :( <3

    HAHAHAHA Taec and Chansung sitting at the conference and getting a bit intimate LOL!
    Those ahjummas watching Taec and Junsu's awesome perf were scary~ :DD! Junho's butt attack on stage made me laugh a lot too. And that "Ok Taecyeon ba~~bo" was soooo adorable<3 :D Oh and I almost forgot; Chansung licking Taecyeon's shoulder LOLOLOL!!

    The next episode looks hilarious as well, YAYY JOKWON! :DDD

    • You know, after this ep. I had a massive craving for mangoes LOL XDD. Taec is so awesome, he didn’t lose his temper at all :3

      HAHA omg, Magnae is finally starting to act his age XD And Jay with the fan, OMG. He does NOT act like the leader of 2pm ^^;;;

      THE AHJUMMAS WERE AWESOME XDDD THEY WERE SO CRAZY, OMG. I wonder if they have kids who are 2pm fangirls….can you imagine? That would be so embarrassing XD

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