Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 15, 2009

More Yunho Evisu Pictures + 2PM Khun endorsing “Green Bike”

Credit: kishikiari + _ochre @ Lj

There are three pictures from each thing, so I thought I’d just put them all into one post :D (Candychu will probably yell at me, but hey :D)

It’s amazing how different these pictures look XD. I mean, I know they’re for completely different products, but LOL such a massive contrast XDDDD. You’ve got Khun looking all abduct-able innocent on his little bike and then Yunho’s all “RAR LOOK AT WHAT I CAN DO WITH MY BODY” in his pictures XDDD

When I first saw Khun’s picures, I thought he was endorsing Nike LOL XD;; It’s not my fault the shoes stand out more than the bike :( And Yunho’s pictures are hot, yes, but I find them more funny than hot XDD IT’S THE POSES, I TELL YOU.

Two more pictures from each person after the cut, so keep clicking if you want more “Paper Boy Khun” or “Flexible Boy Yunho” >=D


  1. no, I’ll just sit over there in my corner and cry.

  2. I think one of Yunho’s picture has way too much photoshop, the man is gorgeous he don’t need it! Khun can deliver papers to my house anytime, so cute.

    • I want to deliver papers with Khun *_*

  3. lmao his smile is so freaky here

    (but still adorable)

  4. if only the clothes came with yunho. or the bike came with khun. or both. it’s all good.

    • I’d like Khun’s bike

      it looks like it was made for a girl anyway HAHA

  5. Khun :3
    Yunho *__*
    now we’re just have to wait until Khun be the next endorser of Evisu, oh i would so love that
    is this the bike dbsk endorsed recently too?

    • Yup, DBSK endorsed the bike earlier this year ^^

      Omg I would love it if 2PM endorsed Evisu next….IMAGINE ALL THE SKIN XD.

  6. yunho looks great & all bt ever since he talked about his moobs i never saw him in the same light again. clothes on is good, top open & i go straight 2 his chest!

    those poses look like 2pm poses?! taec holds his top like that right, and the jumping in the air? does yunho want 2 join 2pm???


      But the chances of that happening are very slim :(

      Lmao Yunho’s moobs XD

  7. i honestly think my computer might blow up from the combined hottness/cuteness of these two…

    why oh why do they have to be all the way in Korea?! that makes it so hard for me to kidnap them T_T

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