Posted by: lovediaries | August 15, 2009

Super Junior M Semir Fall ’09 Pictures

YAAAY, more SJM stuff :D!

{credit: Semir;}

Just…just give me a moment to cry over the gorgeousness that is Henry. AND HIS HANDS, LOOK AT HIS HANDS *O*. Hankyung looks really tired and awkward. I think they might have brushed up his face too much, or something O_o. And I love that Kyuhyun basically has the same face in both pictures haha. Will edit when the other four’s photos are up :D!


  1. GAHHH~ Henry! gorgeous, gorgeous, adorable, cute, -insert other nice descriptive words here- :) He’s so > < hehe, i admit i didnt paid attention to Henry much either b/c i dont really follow suju sub-groups but im ready to take him in as a fav. now :D lolz baby face always get me X]

    -sigh- why is my hankyungie not cheerful :0

    • DD: You must love Henry more, he’s such a lovable boy :)

  2. Kyu’s copy-and-paste face, LOL. :D
    Henry doesn’t look complete without a violin is looking pretty good. :D So cheerful it hurts though. *___* (Still good. :D)

    Hangengggg. ;___; His second shot looks HORRIBLE so photoshopped. ): His first one was okay, even if he looked a bit tired, but his second one. :/

    Idk, I hope the other four look good. ♥

    • C/P face lmao XD. I can’t wait to see Donghae’s keke /bias.

  3. awdaskf aww Henry, I miss Henry, so cute! lol the pencil is so random or is this some back to school thing.

    • ME TOO ;__;.

      Haha ihni why the pencil is there. Maybe the others have similar props? XD

  4. sorry for missing news, what’s semir fall ? ** TT

    • Semir is the brand and Fall = Autumn :)

  5. Henry is flippin’ hot O_O *drool*

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