Posted by: beckery | August 16, 2009

090815 2PM Fanmeeting

I think there were a million variety shows aired last night with the members as guests.  Star Golden Bell (the epic Idol special), Infinity Challenge, I Got An Uncle, Chocolate (well Taec anyways), Star King AND they held their fanmeeting too. I’m trying to catch up with everything (even if it’s not subbed cuz I’m awesome like that) lol. But fanmeeting gets first priority because it looked like  SO MUCH WIN. *jealous* ;_____;

They all got to do solo/duo performances, which is always good cuz you can see them work their individual charm.The clips are from some news channel, I think. Visual is better than fancams but sound quality is just so so hahaha. Be satisfied with whatever we get, right? :D

2PM – I Hate You LOOL why is Junsu’s chin mask covering his mouth?!?! XDDDD The audience sounds fantastic, I bet the boys feel loved. They’ve gone so far *wipes tear*

2PM – Still (Brian McKnight) With Jay, Wooyoung, Chansung, Khun and Junho. I love this song, but I can’t hear them properly ;____; They’re so adorable waving their arms around. “I still think about you, I still dream about you, I still want you and need you by my side. I’m still mad about you, all I ever wanted was you.”

What time is it?! I love seeing them do the cheer. Mainly cuz of Jay’s english HAHA. But it’s sweet seeing them together y/y? And their different coloured “2PM” caps are so cute :3

Leadja Jay Park – “Nice and Slow” & “Rainism” He is such a show off. Let’s start off with unbuttoning my shirt, shall we? XPP And um, Jay performing Rainism (jayism? haha). In a suit. And sunnies. Need I say more? Yes! HE IS SO SEXY ♥♥ And I don’t know why, but I find it endearing how he gets so into it that his shirt (which was tucked in his pants) ended up not tucked in ^__^

Junsu – Hot His self composed solo. I am proud!! And truly impressed :D. For a first composition, this is pretty good. I hope they end up putting it on the album. But is anyone else still kinda distracted by his ex chin mask which is now a mouth mask? LOL. Is there a hole or gap for him to sing or is he singing through the mask :/

Khun & Junho – 나 돌아가 Khun is playing the piano *______________* I’ve probably said this a million times and I’ll say it again and again. I honestly think their singing has improved so much!! There’s room for improvement, no doubt, but they’re working hard and I’m seeing the results. Lovely performance. A few hitches here and there (Lol at Khun’s embarrassed face when he cracked, aww bb), but still <33333

Chansung & Wooyoung – BBoy dance AJLKJSLJFSD THIS IS SO FLIPPIN’ CUTE HAHAHA. OMG what big kids XDDDDD I couldn’t stop laughing, even when they were dancing seriously hahaha. But then they started rapping and I went *__*

Taec’s solo And guess what? The boy sings a ballad!! I was actually expecting hip hop or RnB, so it sorta got me off guard lol. I couldn’t really hear it properly though. I wish the sound quality was a bit better D;. Taec’s voice has always made me swoon cuz it’s so deep and manly. Um..the light and smoke effect was a tad weird lol. But it seems the fangirls loved it XDDD

Baek Ji Young ft Taec – My Ear’s Candy LOL are there gonna be jealous fangirls in the house or what?!?! XP Their performances are always so hot and I’m loving the song more and more!


  1. OMG!! This fanmeeting was full of HOT……SEXY……MEN!!!!! Plus i never knew Khun could play the piano. <3 o <3
    Ohh…. how i wish i could be there!! As for Junsu, he's been sick which is why he has that mask on his face.

    • Oh he’s played the piano a few times in some performances. Try youtubing “Nichkhun Dont wanna try” XDD

      And ohh is that why his chin mask is covering his mouth. Poor boy, hope he gets better soon <3

  2. x_x

    • I hope that means your speechless XP

  3. yeh junsu been ill bt it’s amusing seeing his mask transform from show 2 show^^ when he wasn’t ill it was on his chin then it went up bc he was ill bt there wasn’t a hole yet & u couldn’t hear him sing then it had a oval hole & now??? def 2 distracting, he sounded damn good tho

    p.s jay killed me…

    • Poor boy. Yea, the mask really distracts me. That’s why I keep asking about it haha. Jay kills everyone, seriously XP

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