Posted by: beckery | August 16, 2009

090815 Kim Jung Eung’s Chocolate ft SNSD, Baek Ji Young & Taec

I’m only gonna do up some of the performances I watched lol. But SNSD also performed Gee (Jazz and Rock version) and Genie.

Womanizer (Britney Spear) with Tiffany, Taeyeon, Seohyun and Sooyoung. I love Sooyoung’s blazer *_* I think they did sing, though the music is just really loud so you couldn’t really hear them. The performance is more about the dancing anyways. And it was pretty sexy!

Hollaback Girl (Gwen Stefani) with Yoona, Jessica, Sunny and Yuri. You could hear them singing in this performance (mainly cuz they sounded out of breathe at the end haha but hey, they were dancing pretty hardcore). The cameraman is so Yoona biased though LOL. I don’t really blame him, the hip hop look suits her pretty well. Did I mention that I think  Yuri is a great dancer? Well, she is! XDD

Hyoyeon’s dance solo – My Love (JT) and 4 My People (Missy Elliot). I think everyone’s thinking the same thing here, ABOUT TIME the girl gets to show her stuff!!! SM artists sure love JT’s stuff haha. But omg, Hyoyeon is so damn fierce *__* “My Love” was awesome, no doubt. “4 My People” was ok. I felt the choreo didn’t do her skills enough justice. The last part with Sooyoung and Yuri was pretty sexy though!

Baek Ji Young ft Taec – My Ear’s Candy I watched the come back performance on Music Core and was thinking “omg they are so hot” the whole time!! And this is definitely as hot as the other one. Their clothes here is so much better as well lol. I read comments on the other one and everyone was saying how she must have let Taec dressed her XDDDD LOOOL. The denim pants were pretty :/

I knew I liked the “Saranghae, I love you..Wo Ai Ni” part for some reason! THEY WERE FLIPPIN’ GRINDING EACHOTHER at that part and I do not deny that it SO HOT OMFG *____* Seriously Taec is such a tease, just rip your vest apart at 2.34 already!! And the ending akdlfjskajfdlkajs I refuse to be jealous!! ;___; DW, I still love this pairing <3333

Baek Ji Young ft Taec – Give your lips First time listening to it and I LIKE IT! It’s pretty groovy and gets you wiggling your buttocks. I probably like “My Ear’s Candy” more. I think I might give her mini album a try now. The song is pretty catchy and the girl can sing! She’s also very pretty XD


  1. Hyoyeon needs to do a dance solo at like end of yr music awards. 1.16 is not enough.

    • IKR. They need to give her a more pawnage choreo like her dance with Jaewon. THAT WAS SO DAMN GOOD.

  2. lol they censored Hollaback! The girls look really
    pretty but it seemed weird them singing all
    these suggestive songs when they’ve got such sweet
    voices. I think they danced well though!

    And. Taec is *.*

    • Yea to some degree, I found it a bit awkward since they’ve always been promoting a sweet image. But change is always nice :D

      Taec is awesome full stop lol.

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