Posted by: beckery | August 16, 2009

090815 Star Golden Bell – Idol Special Cuts

So much stuff was aired last night, which is a good thing cuz I feel like procastinating :DD I even attempted to watch some parts of this episode without subs haha. It was the word game cuts so you don’t even really need subs anyways. It was so funny watching Jonghyun fail so bad and at how Minho went to talk to the PD cuz he wasn’t sure why they got one of the answers wrong (well that was what I read from some comments anyways) NERD XDDD

Onew Cuts Subbed – Onew did an imitation of Jonghyun singing and IT WAS SUPER HILARIOUS ROFLMAO!!! He sounds like he’s munching on a carrot. IDEK XDDDDDDD And Jonghyun’s face in the background was like “whatttt I don’t do that”. Lolol at his face when he’s fixing Jae Dong’s pronounciation of “SHINee”. And when asked compared to 2PM, what SHINee is better at, he says “we’re younger” but “we’re 2PM’s sunbaes haha.

Jessica & Onew – One Year Later – Super short performance, only 30 seconds. It’s also in the Onew cuts clip. I hear Candychu’s heart breaking already XDDD They both sorta turn to face each other and it’s quite an impressive live without music. I don’t know why Jessica suddenly cuts Onew off?? Haha.

Jessica vs Kara Subbed – LOOOl. How slightly awkard. The MCs ask if there’s anything about Kara that Jessica is jealous of and she replies that they have a small number of group members. As SNSD takes longer to prepare etc. The MC then asks if there’s anything else such as looks etc and she just pauses with the whole “…..” thing XDDDD She gets quite flustered afterwards haha. But it’s all good cuz Gyuri comes back with “just (jealous) of their number of group members” cuz “you just live with how you look”.

MCs Imitation dances – HAHAHAHA THIS IS THE CRACK!!! JaeDong looks like a little rabbit trying to do “Again and Again”. And his breakdancing in the end wth wth loool. I have no idea who the girl doing “Genie” is (fail) but she does a pretty good job. Hahahahahahah at the “Juliette” performance. The body rolls and wiggles are sooo funny. The SHINee boys are dying in the background. Then the MC does “Pretty Girl” and he’s totally enoying it!! “yeah yeah yeah yeah” XDDD

Sooyoung teaching SHINee boys the “Genie” dance – I thought they’d have the dance choreo memorised by now :P Sooyoung looks really cute and small compared to the boys but then she asks Jonghyun how many centremetres did he add in lol. Did Hyuk give you some shoe lifts, Jonghyun? XD They looked pretty awkard here, considering that some of them were part of the Boys Generation thing.

Speaking of Sooyoung, did anyone see this clip of Junho apparently asking Sooyoung for her phone number? So direct, I love his style hahaha.


  1. You know I was so clever, in one of the games, I was like “ONEW, SOMEONE SAY ONEW” because the two characters given were “o” and “n” and guess what?

    JONGHYUN SAID ONEW. Then they rejected his answer ROFLMAO. So Jonghyun here, is on the same level of Korean as me. What does that say about him? XD.

    • HAHA YEA. Was that the part where Minho went up to talk to the PD cuz he wasn’t sure why they got it wrong. I was thinking “LOOOl this boy is a nerd XD”. And um, no comment about Jonghyun’s Korean. He looked like he was in a lot of pain playing the game :/

    • heyy the 1st link didnt work. can you somehow email it to me?
      its [:

      • oops i didn’t know it would embed it! you can delete my comment!

        • Thank you for giving the link. WordPress was playing up on me before but I’ve edited the link. Thanks <333

      • I’ve edited the first link :D

  2. direct Junho, love him!!! I bet he has like 103429520 girls phone number in there

    • I know!! So direct, so awesome. Lol, I totally didn’t expect that from him XD

  3. Can you please tell me if this episode ever gets subbed fully?

    Thank you. ^_^

    • Since there’s so many idols on it, I bet it’ll get subbed eventually. And we’ll post it up asap once it gets done to share :DD

  4. lol XDD The first link did not work. D: As for everything else. XDDD HILARIOUS!Total fail for Juliette. Like what the? XDD And Pretty Girl was also XD. SHINee looked so cute doing Genie. XD

    • Yea WordPress failed on me ;__; BUt I’ve edited the first link. YOU MUST WATCH. It is hilariouS XDD

      • Thank you for fixing it. XDD Onew and his Jonghyun imitation. Too cute!

  5. Ah I was really looking forward to this! The cuts are a little awkward at points but all the more hilarious because of it. Pshh since when can Key not do the Genie dance properly? He should be like Jo Kwon and release the diva whenever possible.;P

    Onew’s Jong imitation never gets old, especially with a straight face and approval from Minho. Speaking of Onew, prepare to never stop laughing. Remember when EunTeuk had to sing “oppa” in a sexy voice on Sukira…?

    You’ve been warned.^^

    • I KNOW. I thought since 2 of them were part of the Boys Generation performance, they would have the dance moves down packed. Why so shy? XP

      Lol I didn’t realise that he’s imitated Jonghyun before until Candychu told me. HAHA. That is gold I tell you. I love Jonghyun’s unbelievable face :D

      And yes I do remember that clip. I nearly died HAHAHA

  6. The clips are SOOO HILARIOUS!!!
    I want to watch the whole thing subbed if it comes out XD

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