Posted by: beckery | August 16, 2009

090815 Star King Cuts

Last essay post from me haha. I think I should start some studying T_T

Teuk tongue twisters – This is hilarious. The tongue twisters are in English so Teuk was deemed to fail from the start. But hey, at least he fails with attitude. “We wish you a Merry Christmas” lol, random much? XDD And did he dye his hair or something, cuz it looks nice here.

Boom, Shindong & Eunhyuk – Cap Dance Let me show my biasedness. HYUK IS RED HOT FROM HEAD TO TOE OMG (I’m actually not sure if I like the red skinnies or not but man he is smokin’). AND HKSDJFKLSJFSLKJSF 0.29 *dies* Oh and that Boom-kick-cap-Hyuk-catch-cap move was pretty cool….

Ssanti dancing Teuk & Boom I honestly think Ssanti dancing is now a requirement for every Star King episode lol. And it’s always the same people. If not Boom, it’s Teuk, if not Teuk, it’s Wooyoung XD AND it’s always the same music. But whatev’s, at least, it’s funny. I think Wooyoung did some Ssanti dancing in this episode too…somewhere lol.

Jo Kwon the violinist Probably my favourite part from this episode. The violinist is Sue Son and she’s so good! More of her performance on the show. I love Jo Kwon’s English gibberish. He always looks like he actually knows what he’s talking about LOLOLOL. Kang Ho Dong is dying on the side at Jo Kwon’s dramatic violin playing. And the boy even pulls up his shirt *___* He is so freakin’ diva, I love it!

Suju Cuts 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 – Part 1 is the bboys dancing with caps. Check out their moves, especially that jacket one, it’s awesome. And the dance battle between the bboy group and Suju+2AM is hilarious, their attempt at the jacket move is just ridiculously embarrassing hahaha. Part 2 and half of 3 features some rappers. OMG, that kid is so flippin’ awesome. He manages to rap Outsider’s “Alone”. Do you know how crazy the rap for that is?!?! MC Mong is impressed (and failed to rap as fast LOL) XD Part 3 and 4 is some Ssanti dancing with these 2 kids.


  1. LMAO I LOVE THE SSANTI SONG, idk i need it as my ringtone or something

    • LOL. I laugh everytime I hear it cuz the song is like related to something crazy in my mind now XD

  2. you guys never fail to make me laugh!

    • LOL as in us? Or the boyband guys? haha XP But I’ll still say my pleasure anyways XD

      • you for always always uploading crackastic stuff n those boys!!

  3. in all seriousness Jo Kwon literally made me drool, he was hot and funny

    • He is awesome. I love him!

  4. LMAO JOKWON IS THE MOST HILARIOUS PERSON EVER! Yeah the funniest thing about him speaking English/gibberish is that he really looks like everything he’s saying is perfectly understandable XD

    Teuk’s “We wish you a merry Christmas” was funny too, especially when everyone else started singing with him hahaha! Aaaand Hyuk’s looking hot *__*

    • IKR. Like he turns his head, smiles and just looks perfectly normal and like he knows what kind of gibberish he’s on about and I LOVE IT. HAHA.

      Everyone was being nice and trying to make the fail not too bad for him haha. Hyuk has gotten hotter and hotter *_*

  5. …LOL JO KWON. I swear, he’s the biggest diva of them all.

    For the Ssanti dance…did Teuk take out his shoe lifts and dance with them? Because it sure as hell looked like he did. XDDDD

    • Definitely. He is definitely up there with Heechul somewhere. LOL. I think it was or was it just part of his shoes? Omg that guy is so crazy sometimes XD

  6. what is the name of the song that star king always plays when they ssanti dance?

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