Posted by: lovediaries | August 16, 2009

LAEC ♥s Show and Tell #1

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, LAEC presents to you *drum roll* … our whole new segment:

~*Show & Tell*~

Okay, so you all should be familiar with the Music Posts that we’ve been having, and we figured it was time to be innovative and modify that segment a tad. Now, not only can you talk music with us, but you can also share your other loves – videos, amusing pictures, random websites (no pr0n, please), books/movies you’ve recently read and/or seen – with both us and other readers.

If you have something exciting and fun for us (it may or may not be fandom-related) that we haven’t yet posted, then feel free to link us! Or, if you’ve just been bottling up all your spazzing for the past week or two, here’s the place to let it out! You can be as random and crazy as you want, and we won’t judge! How awesome is that?

Basically, this is now an open thread! *applauds* :Db.

Now some of you may be confused as to what you should share with us so just as a little ~warm up~, we’ll provide a few questions this week (and if you want, in future posts) and you can simply give us your views in response :).

1. Out of the four Summer SM Town ’09 tracks, which is your favourite and why? Being biased is a legit reason!

2. What do you think of GD blonde?

3. Do you guys miss our “Name the Song” game?

Of course, us authors each have a little something to share as well :).


Davichi 8282 MV, 사고쳤어요 MV – Okay, so I only recently watched these MVs (they’re Part 1 and Part 2 – watch in that order!) and ever since then, I haven’t been able to listen to the songs in the same way. For those who haven’t seen the MVs before, they are both sad and creepy at the same time. Mostly sad :(.

Heechul THJ NG’s – AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, HEECHUL ♥. I haven’t watched the episode he was on yet but omg, I don’t think it can be any funnier than the NGs XD. He is such a crazy man, omg. And Taemin not being able to hold his laugh is the cutest :3.

Super Junior & SHINee’s “Sorramigo” – This is the work of the FABULOUS SHAWOLS*~*~ Roflmao, they’ve mixed together “Sorry Sorry” and “Amigo”. The result is interesting and pleasing, to me at least :P. If you like what you hear, there’s a download link under the player, keke.


♥ I haven’t done anything awesome and exciting this past week unless you want to count me getting Twitter? YAY. COME FOLLOW ME. Apart from reading up on the evils of the political economy, I’ve always been reading…dun dun dunnnn..Vampire Diaries :D! Though I haven’t gotten really far yet…only on page 95 and about to give up LOL. I started reading it hoping it’d be better than Twilight (which it is) but I’ve just read the spoilers for it, and um, certain things sound a bit…farfetched XD. Can someone recommend me a book? I love Meg Cabot, if that helps :3

♥ The next thing I’d like to draw your attention to is…LSM’s album cover XD. I was talking to people on Twitter about it and remembered that I did a post on it last year (scroll down; HIS EXPRESSIONS ARE PRICELESS). Anyway, the picture got me thinking about who I’d want as a boss if I had to choose between SM, YG and JYP. See, SM has all the power, but YG has his BOARD OF ABS (he takes pictures of his artists’ abs and sticks the photos onto a board) and JYP has Oneday a cool sombrero :)


♫ The first thing that came to mind when I was thinking of something to share was the drama teaser for “My Fair Lady”. I love Eun Hye and I love Jung IlWoo even more, so I was pretty excited about the drama. The trailer has definitely peaked my interest more (if that’s possible)!! XDD

♫ Raymond Lam’s concert DVD was released a few days ago and I spied with my eyes that someone is uploading them on youtube haha. I couldn’t resist it, so I watched a few performances and I think I’m definitely grabbing a copy *__* The performance of “Remember to forget” (the sub themesong of Eternal Happiness) is absolutely beautiful ♥♥

And now, for just a bit of fun, here are some interesting stats for the past week:

Top Video Click : Everyone loves Donghae being narcissistic <3

Top Picture Click : Daw, Onew and Soeun make such a cute couple ^^.

Random Search Term : “who’s the skinniest in shinee key” LOLOL

And that’s all for our first “Show and Tell” post :)♥. If there is anything you guys want to say about our site – what you love, what you hate and wish we would stop doing, what we need to improve on, suggestions in general etc. etc. – feel free to leave us a comment and do so! We love hearing from you all :).

So sit back, relax, and please participate! We hope you guys enjoy our posts :).

Much Love,

Imop Clan ♥


  1. yey open thread brb, thinking of things to say :/

    • how about your love for jenga?


        • HI-5, my sister’s buying me a set tomorrow and I feel excited like a kid again

          • You are a kid with kiddy hands :3

  2. Ahh this looks like fun :DD


    oh and Jaejoong Mirotic solo fffff ♥

    • HIIII.

      Oh, I just clicked on the picture. /sobbing.

      • They are so prection. ♥


      • OMFG, YOU FAIL. Did you mean audio or video? D:

  3. Anyway I’m watching this right now

    • You’ve watched that 50 000 times now. Even I’ve watched it cause you had it on lj once XD.

      Then there’s the singing in the rain thing?

      • idek but yes I have watched it 50000 times now



      • I HAVE NO IDEA (not that that’s a problem, it’s not like this video needs a purpose), I think it’s an MV parody but that doesn’t really explain much.

        • You know, I’d love to have been friends with old Dork!Taec…we could’ve done cool things like play Wii together XD

          • lol I bet he would have been aggressive while playing Wii Sports, omg idk I want to play Cooking Mama with Taec

  4. I FOUND THIS TO BE QUITE HILARIOUS. I want this dude saying “Juliette HNNNN” as my ringtone omg

    • This is my face right now –> DDD:

      Um, wth was that, did that noise really come out of him? Also, it is quite amazing that you can upload videos onto pb. Wow :D.

      • lololol why the D: face, bb? :(

        IDEK LOL. I think that’s what Jonghyun (our poor little hot dummy) was trying to figure out aslkdjf

        • All of SHINee were pretty freaked out. Srsly, if I was seated that close to him, I would’ve peed my pants.


          • yeah but jonghyun is the only one who doesn’t pretend to smile and is just like, WTF. his mouth is hanging open and everything asldkjfg

            (WELL, HE IS. LOL)

            • (He’s too dumb to pretend to be entertained?)

              • (yes, I think that’s it. at first I though maybe he was too blown away to pretend to smile, then I realized I was giving him too much credit and the thought hadn’t even occurred to him)

                • (After his performance on SGB, it’s safe to go with my theory :))

                  • (says the girl who was yelling at him to “SAY ONEW SAY ONEW” ;D)

                    • (Oh, I didn’t think anyone saw that. What? I just thought “What would a dummy think of in this situation?” and tadaa, Jonghyun did not disappoint.)

  5. I’ve been waiting for this~ (even if, you know, I knew what was happening. ;|)

    1. Out of the four Summer SM Town ‘09 tracks, which is your favourite and why? Being biased is a legit reason!
    DBSK’s. D: I didn’t listen to SuJu’s (I tried to, sort of) Carnival, SHINee’s Scar was a bit o___o to me and Seaside was just bad. DBSK’s was beautiful, even if it didn’t sound very summery. :)

    2. What do you think of GD blonde?
    HE WENT BLONDE? WHAT? Excuse me while I google ‘Blonde G-dragon’.

    My thoughts: ..o___o wtf? -> …Ewww. :/ -> guyliner makes him look like he needs more sleep. D:
    It’s… okay. Reminds me of a discussion my friend and I was having this morning about blonde, and how everytime someone goes blonde (LIKE HEECHUL AND HANKYUNG, DAMN THEY DO IT GOOD) she always thinks, ‘Jaejoong pulls it off better’. LOL
    Um, so; …dnw blonde GD.

    3. Do you guys miss our “Name the Song” game?
    I don’t think I was around for that. xD I don’t think I’d really miss it because a) I completely suck at any games that involves another language except English and b) Different music tastes. ;|

    YAY TO EXCITING STUFF. I’m just sticking to music atm (even if I LOLLED SO HARD IRL AT HEECHUL”S NGs and I hated Sorramigo. ;|)

    1. SuJu’s Love Disease.
    I only started seriously listening to their album a while ago and I sat up and went O___O This is a damn good song when I heard this. Kind of addicted to it atm. :/

    2. DNT’s In my dreams—%EA%BF%88%EC%86%8D%EC%97%90%EC%84%9C-%28DNT%29
    Um, yeah, DNT is like my dream come true. ;___; Rapping and slow singing.

    Okay, I really have to go now so. ;___;
    I might find osmething else to be excited about. Night!


      Also, I actually found GD really hot blonde, but I might be in the minority.

      Annnnnnnnnd our games involved us uploading the instrumental parts of the song – they were harder than you thought! But yes, different music tastes would be a problem. WE DO MANAGE TO CATER FOR ALL, THOUGH <3

      • I’M SNEAKING. Wow that was a massive post.

        …nahhh, I didn’t like his blonde, but that might be because guyliner looks really, really bad on him. ANd you know, it kind of overrode this hotness that is his hair.
        (KYUHYUN’S BLONDE WAS NOT GOOD. Sungmin’s was. :D)

        …Welll, as long as none of those instrumentals are ballads (WITHOUT THE SINGING< THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME) then it should be okay. :D

        I could spazz about what PAS linked me to today but eh. That requires too much digging up of links. BUT HOMG, MY FRIEND LINKED ME TO THIS GODLY MACRO SPAM. Don't eat or drink while reading pls. :)

        • GO TO SLEEP.

          And omg, you said Kyuhyun’s blonde was bad; CANDYCHU IS GOING TO CUT YOU :OOOOO :P

          And I will go look at that picspam now ;D

          (p.s. I liked Sungmin with pink hair .__. )


            She’s going to kill me but ehhh, it was bad. T___T

            (Sungmin with pink hair = win. Probably my favourite hair of his so far. :/)

        • DAMN YOUUUU HOW CAN YOU SAY KYU LOOKS BAD WITH GUYLINER!? You’ve seen all the Sorry Sorry/It’s You performances (or at least most of them). HE WAS UNF UNF UNF *O*

          • OH LMAO. Nooo, GD is the only one who looks bad with guyliner (HAVE YOU SEEN TOP WITH GUYLINER? OH GOD, HE SHOULD DO AN ENDORSEMENT FOR IT).

            Kyu looks bad with bleached hair. :D Only a few people can pull it off though~

          • Read, SHAWOL. Little Katsu said he looked bad with blonde hair T__T


      And hi5, I hate Sorramigo too :D!

      • “Hater of everything”.


        • Not when he’s singing “Incomplete”.


          • I’m sorry that your brain can’t register his superior english skills. :(((

            I PLEAD THE 5TH.

            • …okay fine,

              JAE OR JJONG?

              • ……

                JAEHYUN. ;D

                • Does that even exist O.o

                  • It does now.

                  • btw

                    “Does that even exist O.o”

                    SAYS THE ONKEY FAN LOLOL

                    • She’s gone to bed. Btw, I’ve always wondered, how do you pronounce “OnKey”? Is it like “donkey” without a “D”

                    • STOP WITH YOUR CALLS.

      • answering your question here because of the wordpress comment limit. >:|

        I would think it’s pronounced with an “o” sound that’s between “oh” and “uh”, since that’s how you pronounce the beginning of his name? but idk. D:

        • So like, oNNkey? Oinkey :D

          • hmmm, it’s really hard for me to type the pronunciation kjsdf – it’s like how you pronounce “온” if you were reading that syllable..but idek how much you know about korean pronunciation. D: listen to this: – that’s pretty much the right sound :D and then the rest sounds like “nkey”, like in “donkey”. ^^

            omg lol this is the longest I’ve talked about something having to do with onkey XDD

            • LOL one of the mysteries of life is solved ;P

              K, I’m going to sleep. GOODNIGHT :D

              • yup~ XD ♥

                goodnight! :3

            • I LIKE YOU TALKING ABOUT ONKEY ♥/snuggles

              Yeah it should be between “oh” and “uh” …. something like “or” “ornew” so “ornkey” :S Buttt I choose to pronounce it as “Onkey” (donkey without the D) cause then it’s “on key” BUAHAHAH ;)

          • Excuse me, I’ve already answered this question before, why do you not believe me 7__7

      • i thought sorramigo was cool. D: (oops, butted in. Dx)

  6. i just came back from the post event party (mtv world stage)..2AM was amazing! they sang 5 songs (i cant remember the 1st song cuz i was too in awe..i think it was ‘confession’ followed by ‘with you’ by chris brown, ‘this song’,’so sick’ by neyo and ‘what do i do’. they are really good. changmin greet and talk in english too. some people around me was wondering why are they flown in all the way since they are only performing in the party instead of the concert ..haha. i left after they left tho, dragging my brother with me. the party are still going on with the western artists (hoobastank,kasabian etc etc) and the invites clubbing the night away. they left after performing! ..>.< ..they dont even mingle T_T

    • oh shiet! my friend just text me that they are dancing now! i better run to the club now!! (thank god for nearby house and car!!)

    • Daww that sounds like a mini-concert! Lmao I don’t even know any of the western artists .__.

      Lucky you, you sounded like you had a lot of fun :D!

      • i spotted them dancing! so cute. no changmin tho. i took fancam but the damn club is too dark >.<..i manage to spot them cuz seulong is so tall.they were at VIP floor or smtg? and came down to dance but some fans was like asking for signs (they sign) and pics (they refuse pics) but i think it irritate them cuz after that they didnt come down anymore. the fancam i took while they were singing is kinda blurry too but in case you wanna watch then i can send to you? dont feel like uploading it on youtube haha.

        • Oh if you don’t feel like uploading onto youtube, then that’s okay :)

  7. Whee fun!

    1. “Seaside” always “Seaside.” I don’t know how anyone can question this. It’s 3x the boyage plus where else are you gonna hear Changmin scream “Ahhhhmeeeego dis is SMTown from Koreeeeeeeaah!!?” Basically “Seaside” > the world.

    2. He actually looks like quite the gqmf, and blond works a lot better on him than homeless hippie. Btw, GD’s usually not my thing, but I’m pretty excited for his album^^

    3. I’m so bad I’m always to embarrassed to play so….

    What else…. I’ve been watching Wild Bunny which I swear owns my soul now. Oh boys <3 Also, not Kpop related, but this cracked me up:

    I hope my wedding ends up being as cool as theirs XD

    • “Seaside” > the world, omg you did not just say that XDDDD!

      I think a lot of people were DD: at him going blonde but I saw it and went Oooh lala~ Hehe I think it suits him, the whole concept is so GD. It’s different without being too extreme/ugly XD HAHA!

      And omfg that video is awesome XDD. I’d love to have friends like that HAHA, and the “oldish” people in the crowd were first like “eh? What the O.o” but they got into it. Funny people xP.

  8. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL OMGEE I LOVE ONEW. i figured candychu might have an EXTREME spazz attack from this so i decided to send away XD

    • ILUSM, I hope you know <3

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