Posted by: beckery | August 17, 2009

090816 0ppa Band – Sungmin & Eunhyuk cut

Credit: randomRinnie @ youtube


This can pretty much be considered as spam lol but um…HAVE YOU SEEN HYUK’S GUNS LATELY ♥____♥ AKLJLKFJSDF WHERE’D HE STEAL THOSE FROM?!?!?! XDDDDD I realised that he’s probably been working out lately hence the “Imma wear tank tops everywhere now to show off my toned arms” but PHOTOS JUST DON’T DO THESE JUSTICE!!! Or maybe I’m being dramatic lol.

HyukMin are so precious together :3 Sungmin is always so adorable!! I love how he hits Hyuk’s head in a loving way <3 Then his face at at 0.58 and how he fixes Hyuk’s fail at singing XDDD


  1. mmmm little monkey’s growing some guns XD he’s sooo hawt!!

    • I know right. He’s such a manwhore now .___.

  2. his late night gym trips with siwon did pay off.
    those guns sure wasn’t there in 2007.
    (remembers his not so hotness side on SJ fullhouse. :P)

    1:15 pwns. love love love min’s laugh.
    it’s so girly? ahehehehe

    • ROFL he was king of dorks in Fullhouse. But man he’s so hot now. Showing off his arms whenever he has the chance. What a manwhore haha .__. I love SUngmin’s laugh, it’s so cute <33

  3. Eunhyuk has been looking so hot these day! I can’t wait for SJ’s next album because more of them are starting to work out. And I want 2PM style matching tank tops instead of completely covering (though very sexy) suits.

    • I know right! But then I don’t want them to work out too much. Hyuk looks so thin compared to his arms .__. He needs to eat more!!!

  4. Minnie + Hyukie look so good :D they’re adorable > < -huggles- Is it possible to look so cute + hot @ the same time :0 ?? Wait, yes … (bc Khun pulled it off X])

    • Lol apparently so. THough, I gotta say Hyuk is leaning more towards hotness these days and Sungmin is forever adorable in my eyes XD

  5. Hahaha…
    hyukjae oppa is very skinny!!!
    even if he eats more, he won’t get fatter…
    poor oppa… TT ^ TT

    but look at his arms!!!

  6. EUNHYUK & SUNGMIN!!!!!!! :D :D :D

    Hahaha my 2nd & 3rd favourites in Suju. =)

    They’re both SO CUTE and SO HOT WHEEEEEE :)
    Wow has Eunhyuk grown! He looks really manly now teehee :)

    And I LOVE the fact that they’re all so close and brotherly-like to each other. Really sweet awww. :D

    Love Suju to bits. My favourite band yay :D

    슈퍼주니어 사랑해!!! :D :D :D

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