Posted by: beckery | August 17, 2009

090816 Inkigayo

2Pm – Special Stage – Seo Taiji & Boys – You, in the fantasy: Jay, Junsu and Wooyoung. I thought the way they rapped was sorta funny and cute, IDEK haha. But it was pretty cool too. The song reminds me of the World Cup HAHA. Omg I’m going crazy O___O

JYP – Kiss: Chansung, Taec, Khun and Junho.Khun’s arms *___* They are looking so fierce and sexay~ in black and guyliner. Chansung’s facial expressions throughout the performance is tempting Noonas to do bad things. Very bad things XP

Fin.K.L – Forever Love: Khun, Wooyoung, Jay and Junho. I Love this song and thought it was pretty random for them to be performing it haha. But they looked super adorable and dare I say, even slightly angel-ish in white XD. And all those smiles omg aljdklfjslk. I loved it!

Rain – Bad Guy: Everyone except Junsu. This song is actually one of my favourites from Rain. Of course Junho starts off the performance. They’re all wearing black again and I’ll say it again, THEY LOOK SO FIERCE AND HOT! ♥__♥

KARA, BEG, 4 Minute, 2NE1 – Dance Special Stage – I’m sorry but the first thing I thought was, why couldn’t they do this when SNSD were still promoting so I could see Hyoyeon dance it off >< But wow, this was still really hot. Each girl has their own charm and does their own thing very well. But the choreo was too short to judge. Minji’s was probably my favourite though XD

KARA – Again and Again My new favourite word: FIERCE. Lol or it could just be because everyone is being so fierce in their performances these days. The girls’ clothes actually resembles 2PM’s coloured trackies  haha. And it’s got leather, studded belts and gloves and they pulled the look off pretty well! But having said that, I don’t think the song really fits with girl vocals. It needs more manliness and attitude to it. But props for the girls for giving their best shot


  1. fudge the time I’m gone for a day and a half there is so much I need to catch up on, special stages, star golden bell, :( 2PM’s stage was so hot and cute

    • I KNOW. I spent the whole day backtracking and doing up posts. I even wrote essays for everything lol XD

  2. Minzy beat them all.

    They were all whining their bodies which I didn’t like but at least Minzy was doing a different hip-hop style. In the first few seconds, I could tell hers was going to be different.

    KARA did well on Again & Again, it’s hard for girls to try that dance, trust me, I have.

    2PM’s performance…^_^
    Did you see when they changed to Chansung’s face at the beginning of the dance and when Taecyeon s tarted dancing. WOOOOOHEEEE! Everyone in Kiss was SEXY to the bone. It’s good to see them again.

    KARA and Brown Eyed Girls, I loved their performance and I am glad BEG won. ^_^

    • Yea..they were sorta doing body rolls more than dancing. Haha. But Minji was really good. I love how much attitude she has and that girl has a damn lot for someone her age XDD

      Chansung doesn’t look or act his age during performances at all. But then you watch Wild Bunny and he’s such a dork face :3

  3. Minji’s dance was my favourite! Something about Hyuna’s face annoyed me, maybe the way she kept her mouth open all the time (i have nothing against her though) hahaha :D

    I don’t know if 2PM’s You in the fantasy perf was supposed to be cool but I also thought that it was more cute than cool :DD the dance was funny hahahaha! what’s up with Junsu’s facemask? :(

    Kiss was hoooot!! In my opinion, Taec and Chansung are like the ultimate hottest two of 2PM (LOL), and having both of them in that perf….*__* Khun and Junho were looking amazing too, Khun’s arms always surprise me, they don’t match his face hahahaha!

    Forever Love was adorable, they’re all so smiley, awwww <3 the dance was cute~~ :D

    I reaaally liked how Junho started off the Bad Guy perf, he was coooool :D the boys look so FIERCE (:DD) in black <3

    • Minji was definitely good. I was totally mesmerised by Nicole’s butt shaking aswell hahaha. I didn’t really notice Hyuna’s face that much XD

      I thought Khun looked really good, perhaps cuz of the dark guyliner? But Taec and Chansung and well everyone else was really hot too. All black never does wrong, me thinks haha.

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