Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 18, 2009

G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker MV

Video: the7REAL @ Youtube

Broken link fixed :D


COOLEST.MV.EVER. I don’t understand it at all but it’s so awesome and interesting and shiny XD

I think I like blonde GD, except in some scenes he looked like Lady Gaga :/ My favourite part was the last bit, where he was leaning against that girl and everything was all white and *~pure~* looking XD

I can’t wait for someone to give an explanation of this mv; IT’S TOO COMPLICATED D; But it’s very, very obvious that GD put a lot of thought/work into this mv and his entire solo album. Do support him by buying a copy of the album if you can, it’s only $12.99 :)

WTH is up with the apples


  1. TBH, I don’t really think there is a storyline for you to “understand” hahaha.

    His accessories are so interesting XD

    But omg his eyes are soooo scary in some parts. Contacts perhaps?

    And I think I’m going crazy. I keep thinking Draco Malfoy looooool.

    Happy Bday woman!

    • You know, I don’t see the Draco Malfoy O_O And of course there’s a storyline; HAVE YOU SEEN ALL THE SYMBOLIC THINGS

  2. I GET IT.

    Women are evil. And there are many women, all tempting him to bite their apple and he’s all NOMNOMNOM JUICY APPLE /goes back for more.

    And then, you know, they’re like, evil.


      I know you saw what I saw hehehe.

    • Wow that actually makes sense…minus the evil…and the NOMNOMNOM. Okay the apple=woman makes sense. GD sure has eaten*not this* tasted a lot of apples.0.o

      My mind hasn’t gotten so dirty that I see whatever you’re seeing though….XD

      • Why would he want to inject the apple with a syringe O_O

    • Huh.

  3. Well, he sure reminds me of how Gackt looked something like 5-10 years ago? lol But he looked scary in some moments – scary in the Lady Gaga way (he would make a really pretty girl *dies* )

    But the MV was really great and I liked the dance routine. And the song is really catchy.

    Did I mention how much I like his new look? <3

    • GACKT! THAT’S WHO I WAS REMINDED OF! Lol, I kept thinking I’d seen this image somewhere before and I couldn’t put my finger on it XD

      Gackt, of course~

  4. Yeah, personally blonde hair DOES suit him and the song is amazing too. ^_^

  5. My favs are all going blond .__.
    His feature is more sharp now, and is that dr.dre headphone I see? The main girl is the one in Haru2 mv I think.
    Omg one of his outfit is similar to Key’s in LLO days lol my bias XD
    GD is rly pro at acting all depressed just look at bb mvs. Cant wait for the next part :D/
    check out the “sagwa icon” lol that boy :3

    • I don’t pay attention to the girls in their mvs LOL

      GD’s style is so “unique”. I wonder where he gets his concept ideas from XD

  6. Considering all the weird things GD does to his hair, he’s surprisingly never gone blonde. It looks good on him.^^

    Well this is pretty much what I expected. Big Bang tripped out on something or other with just a hint of crack. XD Ah…GD is weird. But that’s okay b/c he’s also original and loads of fun to watch even though I don’t get the MV.

    Also, I can’t believe I’m saying this since GD always seemed like that hyper/lovable/slightly annoying “kid from across the street” to me, but he’s looking really sexy here. That “pure” scene had me thinkig impure thoughts. D=

    • I’ll always remember his hobo hair O_O

      I loved the “pure” scene at the end; he looked like a manga character *_*

  7. I kept seeing him as part Lady Gaga… and part Draco Malfoy.

    -has been reading too much Harry Potter-

    And idunno, usually I think of GD as funky… but now he's quite sexy ._.

    Minus the bizarre blue lipstick, of course.

    • See, I get Lady Gaga, but I’m not getting the Draco Malfoy vibe~

      The lipstick…hmmm :S

  8. i like GD but somehow he scares me a lil in this vid o_O
    heck yea, he reminds me of draco to when i saw him blonde lol but blonde looks better on GD tho XDD

    the song is a bit digitalized or maybe i need to listen to a better quality?
    can’t wait to hear the songs from the rest of the album. it sounds interesting (of coz, we’re talking abt GD here hehe)


    • There is a LOT of synth in this song :S Actually, there’s synth in all the songs on the album XD;;;

  9. :D You’ve probably gotten my basic impression of the MV off twitter, but for the first time in a long time, I actually buy GD’s fierce thing. Plus, the MV made me like his blonde ._. Before I watched it, I wasn’t crazy about it. And I think the way they showed the girl was really cool (:

    Has anyone watched/read Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles here? D: Cause I’ve wanted to say this: the part in that white tube reminds me of that series. (2:49-3:15) and it won’t stop bugging me.

    One more thing: I realize that I did mean what I said about getting into those bedsheets ;D

    • I feel claustrophobic whenever I see that scene with the white tube HAHA XD

      Candychu has tainted you DDDD;

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