Posted by: lovediaries | August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Pinkandsparkly ♥!

To our dearly beloved, PAS, sorry this took forever. We’re not even that late though, because it hasn’t been an hr past your birthday keke. Anyway, we truly did spend a heck of a long time on this mini-project, even if the results may not show it D: Um, we’re not pro at anything we do but know that we put in our heart, mind and soul as well as sweat, tears and blood.

Okay, that may be taking it a bit far, but the point is that we love you and we hope you enjoy our present.

We realised two thirds of the way that we’re not as funny as we thought, mainly because we specialise in the area of dirty puns and jailbait-related jokes and since none of those occur in here, this turned out pretty … lame D: Still, we hope you laugh at the lameness of it all and hopefully pick up on some subtle and not so subtle things :S.

And one last thing, may this present act as a love booster and perhaps soon, a real life Prince Charming will come sweep you off your feet.

Lots and lots of love,

~*Worldling*~ & Orange Princess ♥.

p.s We were supposed to have music – we cut out awesome Engrish lines – but something happened with the program and wouldn’t let us include an instrumental and then the whole thing sounded weird so we scrapped most of it. Sorry T^T. So um, just pretend you’re listening to awesome songs while watching :).





    See, you guys can do more than inappropriate puns and jailbait jokes ;)

    The pictures fit REALLY well; well done :D! And awwwww, all my boys got a mention <33333333

    But um…the p0rno prince scared me :/ And so did the techno music LOL

  2. Haaaaappy birthday pinkandsparkly!!! :))

    HAHAHA at the beginning (when the dwarfs started giving the presents), I just knew Jay’s dwarf name was going to be Fail Dwarf LOLOL!!
    And the video is funny, I’d be happy to get something like this for my birthday too hahah :DD

    ^btw that weird prince scared me too XD

    • Thank you :D!

      LOL yea, I had a feeling that he’d be called “Fail” dwarf too LOL Poor Jay XD

      That prince thingy was weird….I bet Candychu has like, a collection of them saved on her computer :/

  3. ^ I was waiting for fail to come up infront of dwarf too!

    Happy b-day PAS, lucky you have such nice friends, and so many prince charmings come after you.

    Job well done Chu and Beckery, I still remember last year’s prank and I’m sure this one will be memorable as well.

    • Thank you ~

      Awwww last year’s prank XD That was memorable, wasn’t it XDDD

      And we’re all so mean to 2PM Leadja :P

  4. Happy Birthday PAS
    Lucky you got many princes.

    I love all birthday posts <3

    • Thankssss~~

      Lol, we’ve given up on doing bday posts for the boys so now we’re just doing it for ourselves HAHA >=D

  5. omg this was so cute and hilarious XDDD.
    Pinksparkly is so lucky to have such a unique and cute birthday present haha.

    • See, those two can be good at things other than dirty jokes ;D

  6. aww this is so sweet + adorable ^ ^ Happy Buttday PAS ! :) Hope you have a good one<3

  7. Happy birthday Pinkandsparkly! I love the posts
    that you guys do, even though I don’t comment
    much :*

    Anyway, I hope you have a great birthday, and
    thanks you guys for all your hard work!

    PS. The video was hilarious :D

    • Thank you :3

      And that’s ok; just surface now and then and say hi :D!

  8. Happy happy birthday to you you you Pinkandsparkly! Enjoy your day.^^

    Sunbae prince was too PMSy? lol

    • Thanks :B

      Not sure why HJ got the “PMS” label…I would’ve given him “door knob-like personality” :P jokes jokes

      (that picture of his head was so perfectly attached)

  9. Happy Birthday PAS!! =DD

    love the vid guys~
    i cn see the hardwrk put into it :)

    • Thanks =DD

      And those two will be happy to hear that, they were majorly stressing over it



    LOL "jail-bait dwarf" and "faily dwarf" were my favorites. siwon was pretty up there too :)

    this was so cute and hilarious and awesome! you two are so dedicated!

  11. Happy Birthday~

    Hope you have your fun with all the princes =)
    Sure you have Prince Jaejoong but there’s nothing wrong with having all the other princes and dwarves along =P

  12. HI DARLING <3

    I'll have to send you an e-mail in a bit, but you are awesome and ILU lots and I hope you have a wonderful birthday + a fantastic year <3333

    Candice and Bec, great job with the video!!!! LOL that was rly cute ^__^

    • THANK YOU :D!

      You should let us know when your birthday is, then the three of us can make something EPIC for you :P

  13. Happy birthday PAS. ♥~

    I already wished you last night but there’s never enough love. ♥♥ :) Hope you had a great day and enjoy your ___th birthday. :D

    I WILL watch the video after all my assessments, I swear, because this deserves heaps of love. :)

    ANYWAY: happyb’day for what, like the 4th time. D;

    • Thankssss BB ^^

      And yes, definitely watch the video; it’s hilarious XD

  14. Happy birthday PAS! Wishing u all the best :D
    I have yet to watch the video, but it must be crackastic and lol-worthy XD

  15. Happy Birthday! Not only that, you’re born on the same day as G-Dragon. Cool!

    • I <3 your icon :)

    • I know, right XD B-DAY BUDDIES :D

  16. happy birthday! =)
    The vid was funny and yet it was touching.
    must be cause of the stand by u bg music haha.

    just wanna let you noe that I enjoy reading this wordpress very much and keep up the good work! =)

    all the best in everything (:

    • Thank you :DDD!

      And rofl, I didn’t even notice it was the Stand By U music XDD FAIL.

  17. this is ultimately late (but still, really early for your next bday) but hey, PAS, belated happy birthday~ i wish youy all the best! :)

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