Posted by: beckery | August 19, 2009

090815 Star Golden Bell – Idol Special Subbed

time2sub2 has finished subbing it so I’m going to change it to their links :D A big thanks to them! <3

Part 1:

The rest is up on their channel!

A recap might be coming along….haha ^_^


  1. YES!! It’s here, thanks a lot!

    • XDD We should be thanking the subber, must be hardwork doing it so fast :D

      • Right, that’s true.

  2. WOAHHHHHH subbers are fast!
    thanks for the link! :D
    so excited hhahaha.

    • Hahaha it’s ok. Enjoy XD

  3. some really funny replies!

  4. 4got 2 thank u 4 da links! thanks^^

    • XDD It’s ok!

  5. this is epiiiiicccccc! cant wait for the full show. oh ya candychu ..maybe u can watch this ? 2AM’s english

    • Aww you’re only telling Candychu to watch it? .___. Haha or didn’t you realise that the post was under my name? :D

      • ah ah *shame* sorry for the mistake juseyo ^^

  6. ^whoa Changmin’s english is not fail, Jay should take notes, kidding

    thanks for the sgb link! I’ll wait for the recap too!

    • Lol don’t count on it though. I’m sorta lazy atm. PAS’s present took up so much time hahaha XDDD

  7. Woot! waiting patiently had finally paid off :D i can’t wait for the rest of it subbed :)

    • Yea. Patience is the key :D

  8. This episode is SOOOO HILARIOUS!!!!

    *dies out of laughter*

    I think it’s till part 5 that’s subbed… but YEAH! so FUNNY!

    • Oh up to Part 5 already? I’ll edit it altogether when they’re all out :D

  9. Omgggg. Part 2 7:34, Taec, you beast omg. He makes me want to do very inappropriate things to him. T.T and lols at Wooyoung reaching and tapping Taec’s shoulder during the middle of his slow motion explanation… XD And Onew’s reaction when Chaeyoung said she liked 2PM, omg. XD ♥♥ ONEW’S IMITATION OF JONGHYUN OMG LULZ FOREVER. 8DDD!!!

    Wahhh, I watched 2 parts yesterday and then today I thought it was all subbed so I continued watching to find that 7 and 8 aren’t subbed yet. :[

    Ahahaaa, I also quite like Gyuri’s personality, even if she may seem stuck up. :]

    There’s like more Taec in there than all the other 2PM members combined. :[ (MY WOOYOUNG. /bias)

    Aaaand, I don’t think I’ve commented on one of yours (beckery’s) posts yet… so hi! :] I’m kind of a new commenter~~~ (It’s obvious why looking at the incoherent mess above; I fail at commenting. XD)

    • JK PART 7’S OUT NOW! :D:D:D:DDDD!!!!

      *off to watch*

      • Awww hi there :D No one fails at commenting and comments and posts are ALWAYS meant to be incoherent especially when hot Korean boys are involved. So don’t you worry, no one’s going to laugh at you XDD

        Well I’ve edited the posts with new links and they’ve finished subbing the whole episode. So you might want to check it out. I’m still busy so I haven’t had time to touch the vids yet, let alone do the recap haha. But judging by what you said. IT LOOKS SO AWESOME!! *___*

  10. cool ep. :)
    lol, wooyoung <3

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