Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 19, 2009

2AM+2PM Recording “Dirty Eyed Boys” [Abracadabra parody] Cut

Video: Mylove2pm @ Youtube

I’m capped and it took me about two hours to load this thing, but omg IT WAS SO WORTH IT. THIS THING IS HILARIOUS.

JoKwon wrote the lyrics – they’re about how the boys are dirty and need to cleanse themselves ROFLMAO. I can’t wait to watch this week’s Wild Bunny :D!!!

Is it odd that I find Taec really hot here (singing a girls’ song, rofl XD) Actually, they’re all really hot here (Chansung <3!) Except Jokwon…he’s FAB. Oh, and SeulOng really shouldn’t rap, like, ever XD



    no, it’s not odd that you find them hot singing this :) i thought taec and chansung looked the best. they were so chill about it haha. and jokwon…when is he not fab? he’s such a diva lol!

  2. “bring bring ahahah”

    lmao I love how they couldn’t hold it in. Wooyoung sounds like a sexy Kermit the frog. Taec was dressed so nicely in this episode.

    • Lmao, I bet Taec had someone pick the clothes that he’s wearing XD

  3. OMG the first chorus… XD ahahhaaaa.

    Taec, your voice. T.T It kills. T.T

    Kwonnie and Wooyoung look so short here. XD

    • LOL I know right! I had no idea Wooyoung was so short XDDDD

  4. jeez still cant see the whole thing
    guess we’ll have to wait till next week D;

  5. I think it took me a good hour loading while capped as well but I’m actually leaving the episode to load overnight now T__T

    • You dedication amazes me. But I’ve already seen the ep. and I can tell you that it’ definitely worth loading overnight to watch *O*

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