Posted by: lovediaries | August 19, 2009

ELLE August Issue feat. 2PM

::EDIT:: Okay I reuploaded the photos onto imageshack. That way, if hotlinkers attack again, my pb albums will be safe T_T.

LOOOL so their Wild Bunny shoot was actually a legit photoshoot and not just them being … strange? XD. I wonder if they still came up with their own concepts then :S.

{credit: onedayroom}

(Click to enlarge.) Chansung’s was my favourite because he can reeeeeeeally pull off guyliner, and imo, he’s the best looking member ♥♥.

There should be more photos to come because they had two shoots and not everyone here has two pictures. I REALLY WANT WOOYOUNG WRAPPED UP IN TISSUE, or even the Korean Hip Hop one lmao XDD.


  1. wow i didnt know that it was an official photoshoot too! haha but these pictures all turned out mighty fine… their concepts remained except for wooyoung? that toshio’s survival image LOL. but i loved this image of him too. like tall… and got that prince look ^o^

    and yes im agreeing with you how good looking the magnae is :D he has such nice features omo..

    • Haha yeah, sadly Wooyoung’s changed :(.

      MMHMM, even when Chansung had long hair, I always thought he was the best looking one, because his features are close to perfection *O*.

  2. darn those hotlinkers, why oh why, oh wait, luckily I saw these pictures before, but still, darn those hotlinkers

    • ;___; I know, it’s okay, I reuploaded the pictures but omg all my other photos T__T.

  3. hot hot hot hot hotness~!!!!!! can’t wait for other pics to be release~ ;p

    • I haven’t seen any more though D:

  4. aaskfldjklfdjslfjkldfa


  5. WAHHH! NICKHUN BIAS :D he’s such a prince!~ <3 i just wanna cuddels with him all day :) lolz i want a poster of this in my bedroom D:

    • I want Chansung’s picture blown up *_*

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