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G-Dragon – Heartbreaker Album Review

Beckery – (I did the review for the odd tracks) Mmm….overall, the album was only a tad higher than standard in my books *gets bricked*. I love GD and will admit in a heartbeat that he has a mountain full of talent, but this… just didn’t cut it for me. I listened to this and Brave Brothers’ recent mini album (Oh btw does anyone want me to do an album review for it?) at the same time and after a few listens to both, everything just turned out the same lol. And then I started getting a headache cuz of all the synth and rapping :/ However, this does not in anyway mean that the album is bad!! I’m just more of  a ballad and RnB lover, so I prefer albums to have at least a few of these hahaha.

PAS – (Even tracks) Lol Bec and I obviously have very different opinions XD I really like this album :D! It’s not as amazing as, say, “Haru Haru” but it’s still pretty awesome in its own right, yea? There are some songs which I’m not toooo crazy about, but mostly they’re pretty good. And hey, GD deserves some credit, he worked on all these songs himself!  But we all have different opinions, eg. I can’t listen to a full Epik High album without getting a headache (though I’d be the first to say that Tablo’s lyrics are amazing). So do give all the songs a go; I’m sure you’ll find something you like :) As for me, I’m going to pretend he gave me this for my birthday

*Heartbreaker rofl

01 소년이여 (A Boy) – I love the beat of this song!! I don’t even know what genre this is. Hip hop? Jazz? Hahaha XD I especially like the parts where he sings (say?) “Remember back in the days”, there is something unique and crazily addictive about his voice. Definitely one of my favourites from the album. Probably even my 2nd favourite after “Heartbreaker” <3 Third favourite is probably “Gossip Man”.

02 Heartbreaker – Favourite track!! It sounds nothing like Flo Rida’s song! I was a bit worried when I heard the teaser (cos the intro sounds similar) but the rest of the song give off a completely different feeling. It reminds me a little of “Strong Baby”; the chorus is very catchy and it makes you want to sing along. “I’m a HAAAAAAAART-BREAKERRRRRRR” :D

03 Breathe – Isn’t he also promoting this song with “Heartbreaker”? TBH it sounds pretty standard Big Bang/GD stuff. The synth, the hip hop, the techno, nothing very unique. It’s not that it’s bad, it just doesn’t stand out much and isn’t a very memorable song.

04 Butterfly (feat. Jin Jung) – When I first heard the preview, I thought it sounded really pretty. But um, now I’ve heard the whole song and I find it kinda….boring? Idk, it’s TOO peaceful :/ Something I’ll be adding to my “sleeping songs” list on my iPod XD;;;

05 Hello (feat. 2NE1 Dara) – Again, very typical GD stuff. The chorus with Dara and “hello’s” is pretty catchy though. That’s really the only part I remember from the track haha. Again, not one of the most memorable songs out there.

06 Gossip man (feat. Kim Gun Mo) – This is Bec’s third favourite track, but um, I’m not feeling it XD Idk, I think this song could do with a bit more singing :/ It seems that 90% of it is rap, and I can’t understand his rap…so yea :/ I love how it sorta relates to “Gossip Girl” though (FAVOURITE SHOW <3!) and I liked how GD went “shut it xo Gossip Man” XD.

07 Korean Dream (feat. Taeyang) – Lol I can’t wait for the lyrics and translations for this song. I’m heaps curious about it. Candychu and I both realised that he actually swore at 0.37. I don’t know why, but I find it hilarious that he didn’t censor it out XDDD The “ah oh ah oh” in the background throughout the song sorta gave me a headache after awhile though :/

08 The Leaders (feat. Teddy, CL) – I know it’s YG’s “thing” but I find the English swearing at the end kinda annoying. I know they’re going for the “hardcore” image, but’s just weird and unnecessary imo. The song is very catchy though, and I do like it a lot :) ESPECIALLY the “Gee dee gee dee baby baby baby” bit XD! And the “2ne1 Black Jack beat that; Big Bang blow up in your face” bit is very cool~

09 She’s Gone (feat. KUSH) – Very Hip Hop and Rock. Did I mention that I love it when GD raps?!!? He always has so much attitude and sounds so flippin’ confidence, you gotta swoon over him, even if you don’t like the songs :DD

10 1년 정거장 (Station 1 Year) – It’s very upbeat and..happy? Haha, I like it :)) Kinda reminded me of F.T.Island’s new album~


  1. lol I find myself agreeing with both opinions, if I had to choose one song though it would have to be “Gossip Man” Kim Gunmo’s voice is addicting in a weird way.

  2. A Boy is such a cool song! Def. my #2 behind The Leaders. I probably love anything with Teddy in it though. Heartbreaker isn’t really my favorite track tbh.=/ While I’m impressed at how musically talented GD is, this album is completely and undeniably him, and that’s a bit too much for me. I prefer the slightly more watered down GD sound in Big Bang. I’ll buy their comeback release.^^

  3. So I’m not the only one who sings along when it’s all “You’re my heart heart heart heart heart breakerrrr~” ?! :D

    That one’s my favorite, second would be The Leaders, and then Gossip Man^^

    Which one’s the song where he goes, “I’m captain G-Sparrow” or something like that? It cracked me uppp.

  4. I actually DO like this album a lot. The only two songs I’m not realy feeling are A Boy and Butterfly. LOVE Heartbreaker, and I’m torn about the Right Round thing, because if you listen closely to the instrumental it does sound a little like it ;__; I love the song so much though. I like Breathe: it’s my kind of song, but I agree it’s pretty forgettable. Hello is kind of an…… ish for me. I like it, but not enough. I reaaaally liked Gossip man and Korean Dream, but I didn’t hear the swearing part until it got pointed out D: The Leaders is a fierce song and I LOVE the beat, but it’s so typical YG it kind of throws me off. Ohhh man. She’s Gone: possibly one of my favorites. I love pretty much everything about it. The last track is different, but not my style (D: I’m starting to sound like a fob). I’m gonna have to wait before I vote on the poll, because honestly, 8/10 of the songs sound amazing. SOLID ALBUM, GD. I’M PROUD OF YOU.

  5. I really like ‘A Boy’, it has a wicked refrain XD and is very addicting.

    ‘Heartbreaker’ is definetly one of my favorites, despite the whole commotion about it because of Right Round – when listening to the whole thing, it doesn’t remind me of it at all! I can listen to it non-stop (did it for almost half a day yesterday, lol) and I sing along to it too XD And because I don’t know what he’s singing in Korean, but it sounds sooo cool, I love the ‘chike-chike-chike-ten’, ‘picke-picke-picke-ten’ XD XD XD that comes after the refrain (or maybe is still part of it?) LOL

    During ‘Breathe’ I really expected to hear some other voices than G-Dragon XD You’re right, it’s very Big-Bang’ish and I’m sure it would sound cool if they would sing it together. It’s not bad, but it’s my least favorite from the whole album. I’m quite surprised he’s promoting it along ‘Heartbreaker’.

    I love ‘Butterfly’ as well. It’s so different, but still so like him… It’s a good song to fell asleep on, but also to listen to it on a rainy day. Again, the refrain sounds the best. Jin Jung has a very nice, soothing voice.

    ‘Hello’ makes me a bit torn – It’s a really nice song, catchy and Dara’s singing is okay as well, but… When the song ended, I went to make myself a cup of tea and afterwards I couldn’t remember the melody >..<

    'Gossip Man' is one of the favorites as well. It has a nice upbeat sound and even though it's mostly rap, it sounds good. I can't say a bad word about it. <3

    Motherfucker in 'Korean Dream' made me lol. Like really loud. It's a wierd song, another catchy one, but I wouldn't say it's that amazing. and I hate the computer changed voice… But on the other hand… TAEYANG. .< Still, he did a really great job!


    so far “A Boy” and “Breathe” got me hooked, it’s rare for GD to actually sings. and I’m curious to know the trans, cause he said the lyrics are based on his life story *goes to search*

  7. For me it has got to be the leader’s i can’t wait to buy this album!

  8. that’s mean gd wrote all song by his own ??
    such a heartbreaker ?? WOAH ! pretty amazing !!
    i love korean dream !! i love when gd said ‘taeyang like a shiny star , gdragon raise the roof’ !! so cool !!
    all gd’s song are totally awesome to hear because i really do like rap !! :D

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