Posted by: lovediaries | August 19, 2009

Preview SHINee & F.T Island @ FBG

Thank you so much to kandie for the heads up! I saw a few photos floating around (OnKey were making coffee!) so I was waiting for the Preview :DD/.

{credit: dirah9302 @ youtube}

JAILBAIT GALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE! ♥♥. I am damn excited for this, you guys. Like, I want to watch it LIVE and risk killing my net just to see all those underage pretty boys ~~ /coos.


Sorry guys, I haven’t even gone and edited our last Inki post, but I’ll try get that done before the end of the week :((.


  1. AHHHH im excited for this also!
    and them doing the hip dance (or rather the butt dance xD ) was HAHAHAAH…

    • HAHA and how badly did Jonghyun fail at that part? XDD

    two blondes from each group, Key meets JaeJin :DDD finally!
    the hip swaying dance ahaha

    • Hips make me happy :)

  3. lol I’m not sure if it’s truly appealing or if the boys just make me go crazy but I drooled when Seunghyun and Minhwan did the gorilla thing, IDEK cause if any other boy were to do that, I’d turn around and walk away.

    • LMAO I know eh, anyone else, I’d be DDD:-facing XD.

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