Posted by: beckery | August 20, 2009

Big Bang – 1st Japanese Album Review

The album was released on the 19th August, which is also their 3rd Anniversary (Congrats boys ♥!). With Daesung’s accident and surgery (get better soon!!)  as well as GD’s album release and Bday the day before, I think all the fans felt sort of bittersweet about this album y/y?

The album includes old songs such as My Heaven, Emotion, Baby Baby, Always, Top of the World and Gara Gara Go as well as some new tracks. And I’m totally loving it!!! <3333 I ended up liking all 4 new songs.  I know, I didn’t really rave about GD’s album but I realise now that it’s because I really like hearing all the members together in a song. With GD, it’s mainly just rap but with Big Bang, there’s a nice balance between singing as well as rap. XDD

Only the new tracks :D

01 Intro – I end up liking most of Big Bang’s intro and this is no exception.

03 Bringing You Love – I love the verses in this song. Normally I get hooked on the chorus but the verses in this song is superrrrr nice. It like sorta goes up and down? “Baby baby baby….lady lady lady”. Ok, you know what? The chorus is dayam catchy too! Lol XD “Love does not belong to me…anymore”~

05 Stay – I’ve read comments everywhere and everyone seems to be LOVING THIS SONG SO HARD!!! And I must agree that is is fantastic. My favourite song from this album, for sure. The piano at the start is so pretty *__* And everyone sounds so sad. I want lyrics and I want it now! I hear english words like “promise ring” and “end of the story” and I just know that it’s super sad :(( Seriously, even if you want to skip the whole album, this is THE SONG that you must try!!

06 Top Of The World – This was released a while ago with Gara Gara Go but I never got round to writing about it so I thought I should include it here. I like the track. The beat is totally groovyyyy. Quite pop-py and techno-ish XD

07 Follow Me – “oh oh oh ah oh oh…follow me follow me follow me”. LOl, everytime I hear them sing “follow me”, it reminds me of people (namely fangirls) luring their pray (hot, pretty boys) into traps HAHA. I dont even know why but this song is pretty cool XD

09 Emotion – Again, this is an old track but I never got around to writing my thoughts on it. I like the chorus in this :D I actually hear alot of Daesung and Seungri throughout the song and I like that! “It’s already in motion oh oh”.

10 Love Club – I love the English in this hahaha. Especially Taeyang’s lines HAHA. It’s soooo corny “my beauty queen” XDD But then it fits with the track and adds flavour to it. There’s still a bit of engrish here and there, but their english has improved, me thinks ^__^


  1. i have to agree, STAY sounds soo good~

    i hv been telling my friends, BB Looove to have at least a sad song in their album and this song seems to be the one that proved me right (HAH!).
    anyway, thanks fr the review ^^

    • I loooveee Stay, as you can tell hahaha. It’s good that they have a variety of stuff in their albums :D and It’s ok, glad you liked it <3

  2. I actually did not like stay at all o_o Follow me was the best song I think <333

    • That’s ok, everyone has different preferences :D Follow me was pretty good too!

  3. STAYYYYYYYYYY and Top of the World are my favs <3. Daesung sounds gorgeousss in both of them *__*

    • I know bb, I know. You’ve told me. I love Stay too :DDDD

  4. STAY sounds so pretty…and it’s just so sexyy with Dae Sung’s voice XD.

    Well the song’s translation on the Jap. part is (done by me):

    STAY trans.

    It was too late, everything
    She went quiet all of the sudden at times
    That was a sign of sadness
    Now that I’m alone

    Being next to me
    I thought that was a given…really
    The sent mail
    User unknown

    In the side of the empty closet
    The dropped promise ring
    The two of us chose it for her birthday
    We chose it

    Before the door closes, baby please don’t go away
    I feel guilt for not being able to tell you, what you to say
    Regretting it now, I know it’s too late
    No one else can take the place of her
    I want you to stay, want you to stay

    The last words were
    It wasn’t good bye but, “Thank you.”
    It means the end
    Getting over me

    What she wanted
    I couldn’t give to her
    The key in the post
    End of the story

    Even the room that is filled only by me
    The night will come
    Her smiles on the photographs
    I won’t be able to see them anymore

    No way could I forget, baby please don’t fade away
    I won’t disappear ever so want you to stay
    Being this sad I know it’s late
    What I needed to protect was her existance
    I want you to stay want you to stay

    Pretty nice song<3 Hope you like the meaning.

    • THANK YOU BB <333333333 *showers you with icecream and lollies*

      I knew the lyrics would be beautifully sad ;____________________; It just makes me love the song so much more. Now I know what the promise ring part is about :D

  5. ^wah thanks for the trans :)

    lol the intro, they spelled out Japan’s cities?! XD

    but yeah their intro is always great, I particularly love the “Victory” one.

    • Yea I heard that in the intro too but I wasn’t sure so I didn’t say anything in case I shamed myself out hahaha XD

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