Posted by: lovediaries | August 21, 2009

Cosmopolitan September Issue feat. 2PM

I…I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO LOOK alkfalkdjfdjsflks. See, this is the type of skin showing I prefer ~ I find this wayyy sexier than Jay simply posing half naked XD.

{credit: onedayroom}

Taec’s stomach looks like a 12yo’s lmao. Um…not that I know what a 12yo’s stomach would look like O.o. I thought Junho’s first pic was reeally nice but then, his hip bone from the front is actually quite scary.


  1. I find these pics more cute than sexy because of thier poses XD

    LOL at chansung biting junho’s shirt XD

    Why is Jaebom not in this btw?

    I just noticed what you are talking about… that hop bone is really wierd o.O

    • Chansung bites at everything roflmao, and yeah agree, it’s their cute expressions :3

  2. omg Woo pulling at his buttons, that’s one step closer to showing his stomach, Jay, Chan, Junho, Khun and Taec have done it now all we need is Junsu and Woo too take off their shirt! I like the wrinkly lines in Taec neck, they make me want to blow on them.

    • Tugging at buttons is so sexy, seriously~

  3. lol that’s not the hip bone, it’s the muscle of abs

    I remember when I was younger, I saw those on Pink and thought it was weird but it actually looks hot when you see the whole abdomen. someone’s been working ouuut

    but I likey like these XDD

    • Oh really? Actually, strange, because I remember seeing Pink’s stomach once and going “what are those two things O__O”. Thanks for clearing it up for me :)!

  4. Mmm Junho *.* And Chansung! I am so glad
    that they’re all either older than me or my
    age, especially since they release such nosebleed-
    inducing photos! XD But yeah, here they’ve got
    cute expressions instead of their usual
    i’m-too-sexy-for-words look.

    • LOOL even if they were younger, you’re allowed to drool over them~ (I’m younger than all of 2PM kekeke)

  5. Wahhh, Khun Khun Khun<3 (my bias is starting to kick-in lolz) seriously, his stare is so hot! That's the only thing keeping me from looking @ his chest X)

    Aww, Junho is so adorable -huggles- hahhah i was expecting Taec to be the one with 2nd hottest abs D: what happened?? + sure, the last pic doesnt produce any dirty thoughts @ all … XD

    • HAHA I know eh! Taec is tall and has such a nice face, you’d expect him to have a stomach to match lmao, but nah, he’s fine the way he is. You just want to prod his tummy XDD.

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