Posted by: lovediaries | August 21, 2009

SHINee Nana’s B Endorsement Pictures

So, we now know their Summer Endorsement pics are actually Nana’s B related (don’t bother clicking on the post link – my pb exceeded its bandwidth so there’s nothing worth looking at right now – and I re-uploaded those photos into this post anyway).

I’ve uploaded these pictures onto imageshack so that if hotlinkers come again, my other photos are safe. But pleeeeeeease, DO NOT HOTLINK anyway because ugly frogs would replace the loveliness that is SHINee, and srsly, who wants that? Save and upload these either onto another server or your own account!!

Onew is so cute in that pink hat omg (and the cape, dyinggggg). I really like the colours of their clothes here (LOOK AT ALL THAT PURPLE). Well, their “normal” outfits anyway, and not really the beach ones. THEY ARE SO WEIRD. Lol @ their :O faces lmao, they are so fake XDD. But yeah, I like everything except for the boots D: (and maybe the poses…)


  1. They are so cute~ And yeah, the boots…got to go. And what the ef is with the summer apparel????o___O It’s so ugly but oh well as long as I get some SHINee~

    • HAHA INORITE!? The shoot is strange already, and then the summer stuff just came from nowhere XD

  2. lol I watched the making and it was awkward, hehe
    they sorta had to dance to the logo song and being captured
    i hope the ones where they posed with the product will be out soon :)

    • Lmao serious? Haha some of them have the product already~ Like the ones with the cape XD

  3. the pics are cute! + lol @ their so-fake expressions X) well.. the clothes are much better than the summer one :D

    • HAHA INORITE, such poor acting XD.

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