Posted by: beckery | August 21, 2009

W Magazine feat. 2PM

Credits as tagged; Naver

Please Do Not Hotlink!

The photoshoot is pretty Jay biased loool. Not like I blame them since Jay’s abs looks totally edible sexy XDDD I hope there’s more pictures of the rest though especially Junho. That boy doesn’t get enough attention ;___; Plus did anyone get excited about the Jun Brothers pic like I did?!?! <333333

But I just had to, had to use Khun’s picture here to lure you guys to click since I THINK KHUN LOOKS DELICIOUS!!! He has bed hair, his mouth is half opened in an inviting way, his adam apples just looks soooo good (fetish much? lol) and I just get this whole “smex me up” feel as well as a bit of Twilight-ish feel. He can be my vampire anyday *__* Actually, they all can mmmm haha


  1. JUNBROTHERRSSSS taekhun yes, I am happy 8D

    • So is the rest of us haha. Jun Brothers are awesome and now all we need is more of Junho. I’m sick of PD’s not giving him enough camera time ;___;

  2. Jay biased my back foot!

    But seriously he’s HOT! But now, I’m stuck between choosing Nichkhun, Junsu and Taecyeon as my favourite.

    2PM are my #1.

    • Mmm..I have the same problem. I can’t figure out which boy is my favourite so really I love them all <3

  3. omona,my jaebeommie oppa is so freaking hot~!!!!
    well, the others are hot too ;) the jun brothers pic definitely excites me as well >__<

    • Jay is definitely hot but Khun attracts me the most from this photoshoot :DD and YESS JUN BROTHERS <3333333333

  4. those oversized knitted sweaters look like they’re meant for two people to cuddle with, I want to cuddle with them, the sweaters not the boys…jokes. LMAO Junho looks possessive of Junsu, love it! And this photo shoot is making me wish it was winter so I can be all cold and “Woo/Su/Ho I’m cold warm me up with your sweaters”

    • LOOOOOOOOl. Jay and Chansung’s pose seems like they’re asking me to help them take their shirts off XPP You think I should help out? I mean, I’m so awfully nice, I should lend them a hand with their shirts shouldn’t I hahaha

  5. wow, that pic with Khun+Taec is extremely hot D: (btw, what’s that thing one Taec’s neck?) hehe i never get tired of seeing Jay’s abs X) and the Jun Brothers are adorable<3

    • A henna I think? Well I sure hope so lol. I’m actually…sorta getting tired with Jay’s abs hehehe. I mean, I love it, but he should make it more like mysterious? Instead of flashing it everywhere. XDDDDD

  6. jun bro,,
    i really want to see their photos together,,^^
    jay,, he’s silly,, but infront of camera he’ll change to a masculine guy,,
    woow i love taec’s tatoo,, 0.o
    and khun! you always make me fainted!! haha,,

    • Yea. Jay is always like that. So playful and dorkish off camera but when he’s on stage on in photoshoots, he’s so serious and smexxyyyy

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