Posted by: beckery | August 22, 2009

Anycall Magic Call CF ft Lee Minho, Kim Hyun Joong & Uee

BOF mini reunion XDDDDDDDDDD

Hyun Joong + Minho – Cute CF – ROFL THIS IS SO WEIRD!! HJ’s expressions were absolutely priceless though and the ending was totally cute haha. All that exaggerated hugging lol, what dorkfaces :3 A commenter on youtube, raiseplus, translated the CF:

okay basically. hyunjoong/minho don’t know where they came from so hyunjoong asks ” minho what star/planet did you come from”minho says ” i dont know…” and then says something like ” all i remember is this ” and draws a hole. and then hyunjoong is like omg me too. and then they hug saying ” my BROTHER!!” kinda thing.
Hyun Joong + UEE – Coule CF – kajflkajlksjlajfsl Sunbae Leader HJ is looking absolutely gorgeous here *__* The clothes and hair suits him <33 UEE is really cute too. I would love to be in her position *jealous*
HJ + Minho + UEE – Agent M – Loool this is so random, I don’t even know what to say XDD Minho’s “Auto six- pack” is flippin’ hilarious ROFLMAO. HJ’s “Color Sniper” is equally as crazy especially when he points his gun up and it jumps out of his hand hahahhaah. FAIL so hard! But omg at the wink, bow tie and…heart shaped gun shooting? LMAO <333 UEE doing the whole “Ring” thing is scary O__O


  1. That Hyungjoong/Minho CF had me cracking up so bad! Those two are such goofballs and it makes me smile to see them so close and crack-tastic.

    • I know. I was laughing so hard without even understanding what was going on. They were so adorable and such dorkfaces. I’m glad the BOF casts ended up being close friends <3

  2. HAHAHAH the 1st had me cracking up for 3 min XD Leader’s wink made up for his Fail-ness ? :D Minho’s is cute ^ ^ but UEE’s … was scary :X i didnt even finish watching here part

    • Lol it’s ok, I love it when hot/sexy boys get all fail-y. It’s adorable with a capital A XDD Yea, UEE’s part was a bit weird, me thinks haha

  3. Lmao dorks XD
    I like the 1st cf more, mainly becos there’s no UEE in it XP idk maybe her expressionless face is just plain weird for me *shrugs*

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