Posted by: lovediaries | August 22, 2009

Listen to … Howl – 울지마요

{credit: 919urnobody919 @ youtube}

Another song from the “Swallow The Sun” OST :D. So, yeah, sorry guys, this is another ballad ^^;;. (It’s just hard to listen to loud happy music when I’m stressed over my studies haha.)

I love Howl’s voice, and I seem to love every one of his songs he’s sung for OSTs. He has a very clear and pretty voice, I really love listening to it~ This song starts off really soft but I love the build up toward the chorus, which is very sad-sounding. My favourite :)♥.

::EDIT:: Lmao, sorry, I realised I said “love” about 10 times in this post. I’m running out of ways to express my love (there I go again) for music XD. *sighs* /goes back to macroeconomics.


  1. This is so beautiful~ *__*
    His voice reminded me of Kyuhyun in the beginning :D;;

    Dammit, I can’t stop listening to this song xD;

    • I’m glad <33 It makes me happy when people like what I recommend :).

  2. never heard of howl but I’m glad I listened to this. When you said his name was Howl, I expected a husky voice, I dunno why, but it’s more like an angel cry. I was also happy when I understood the word uljimayo in the song, then I realized that was the title…fail.

    • Have you ever watched Princess Hours? He sung two songs in that! Perhaps Love and I think the other song was called “Parrot” :)).

  3. woah this is a nice song!
    i prefer ballads too :D :D :D
    oh you study macroeconomics?
    i studied that before too and it was :s
    haha. all the best in yout studying (:

    • You reckon? Yay :D. And yep, I study Commerce/Arts, currently doing the core subjects and macro is one of them T^T

  4. Howl’s voice really reminds me of someone but I can’t put my finger on it. At the start it was sort of like a higher version of Kyuhyun, then the chorus was like Young Saeng from SS501 and idk I’m babbling…
    This song didn’t quite do it for me BUT as I listened I was reminded of a song by Eru, who I love (and whose babies I must have when he gets back from service.) He does mostly ballads so see? I do like some ballads!\:D/

    Macro? Ew. I eeked out a B in that class and erased the awful memories in a binge of K-pop.

    • Really? Maybe cause I’ve heard it since forever, it’s sorta a voice on its own in my mind~

      Haha again, I’m still happy you try out these recs ~ AND LMAO is Eru the only guy’s babies you want?

  5. You know how I feel about ballads~

    To step back and not let my bias affect it, I’d say it’s a beautiful song. :D It’s nicely paced with both dramatic and slow bits, and this bby can sing. His voice is really beautiful – clear like you said and idk. (: He has a really nice voice.

    BUT. Letting my bias creep in GOD IT”S SO SLOOOOOOOW. T____T AND SO DRAMATIC. It’s like one of those songs while someone dies in the drama in the rain and everyone’s screaming and crying and OH NOES. HE JUST LOST THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE~
    Maybe I’d like it more if I watched the drama. P: And no, I won’t watch it. xD

    In other news: I WATCHED THE MV OF ONE LOVE. God that was a good MV, even if it didn’t really suit the lyrics and was just clips from their tour. I downloaded it and. @___@ Everyone looks so good~ except Kibum with his wanna-be beard. :D

    • LMFAO YOU ARE MORE SCHIZO THAN ME, OMG. But yeah, I like the slowness & dramatic-ness of this song, it comes together nicely, I think :).

      Haha you should read the post I did on the One Love MV. That was hardcore spazzing lmao.

      • Heyy, how am I schizo? D: I have a friend who’s taking vocal lessons and she always rants to me about technique and… maybe it’s rubbed off. ;____; It is nice but I’d probably get sick of it after a while. :/



  6. I really liked Howl’s songs in OST. My faves has got to be the ones for Goong.

    And I’m mugging macroecons now as well! I like it though. More than math and physics DX

    • Tbh, I love all his songs <3. His one in BOF OST was really nice too. Love you, love you, love you~ yongwonhi~ ^^

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