Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 23, 2009


Credit: Yi Mao @ Baidu TVXQ Bar for making this AWESOME video and luv4dbsk @ Youtube for uploading. And a little shout-out to Katsudono for linking me to this ^^


And don’t let the “fan-made” label throw you off. This was done so professionaly it puts the SM Town ’09 mv to shame.

The clips that was chosen, the music, the quotes. GAAAHHH. THE VIDEO MAKER IS SO AWESOME. I think she/he is officially my hero now *O*

I’m normally all “bleh” about fan-made videos and I thought this was awesome. It’s that good. It made me all teary at the end ;____;


  1. I actually cried ;__; When I saw all the clips of the boys exhausted and hurt … then it cut to the red ocean, I couldn’t help it. This was beautifully made. I really hope DBSK gets to see it! It would make them so proud!

    • I hope DBSK will get to see it too ;~~;

      Did you see the bit where they spelled out “TVXQ” with balloons? THAT LOOKED SO COOL :D

  2. i will keep the faith, always. ♥♥♥
    gaaaaah, ;_________;
    it’s so awesome, the love celebrities get from their amazzzzzing fans. <3

    • Imo, Cassiopeias are the most powerful fans out of all the kpop fanclubs *_*

  3. The vid is awesome. The best fan made vid
    Thanks for sharing
    Always keep the faith

  4. I cried at the end, seeing the Cassiopeia sea of red. Indeed we can’t do much to help them, except giving them our moral support. DBSK <3

    • I hope they’ll be able to resolve everything soon :/

  5. :)

    Indeed the most awesome fanmade vid ever.
    I’m not a huge, huge, huge fan of DBSK and this had my going all ;_____;
    And my friend who was and still is a huge DBSK was practically crying. ;____;

    I love who ever made this. ♥

    • It’s so professional! I wish I could make stuff like that :(

  6. I never thought to watch it until now. Whoever made this is a genius. They have gone through so much together.

    From their debut in 2003 to 2009.
    The time they debuted with Hug, success with Rising Sun and O – Jung.Ban.Hap in 2006 and then coming back last with Mirotic.

    They’ve won so many awards, gone through so many accidents, put a lot of hard work and gone through so much suffering and pain.

    I hope this lawsuit is won by DBSK yet, I still hope they will be together. Even if they used to be my favourites, I still want them to be continue on singing. ^_^

    • The bit with all the award announcements was so epic *_*

      I hope they’ll be able to stay together even if the other 3 change companies :3

  7. The bg music made me shivered a little, the clips are well chosen, the quotes, ahh weeeping ;___;

    it’s amazing to see how devoted fans are to their idols..

    • I wonder how long it took the video maker to make this…

  8. Such a beautiful vid. I love how the fan used words from DBSK and how she showed both sides…the glory and the backstage of what they really go through.

    I just really wish DBSK gets what they really want as a group. And that fans stick with them regardless of what happens.

    We have to keep the faith.

    • The quotes were so well chosen! Makes me wonder how many videos she’s watched XD

    this video definately had me teary eyed at the end..T_T dbsk fighting!!!

    I really hope well for them. I don’t like how SM abused them and made them so tired…They fought hard to get where they are so if they want. I know that this lawsuit will not break them or the fans…We must keep the faith :D

    • I had me teary too ;~~~;

      They’ve worked so hard for the last five years :( I really hope they’ll get a result that they’re happy with~

  10. AWESOME!

  11. GOSH. the person who made this = PRO!

    it’s so…touching? heart-warming?
    i was about to cry while watching it(:

    and i trust all cassiopeans will too! :D

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