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0908023 Heechul’s Cyworld Update

I know we don’t usually post about cyworld updates but THIS IS JUST SO FREAKIN’ PRECTION AKJFLKSJSLKJFSLSJSFLKS

KIBUMMMMMM <3333333 Lol forever at his expression and Siwon’s hair XDDD I’m so glad they look like they’re actually having fun and relaxing. Plus, just seeing that Kibum is actually with them makes me so happy ^____^

Heechul’s Cyworld Update

August XX..

Due to Youngchoon’s ability.. ㅋㅋ Went to Gangneung? SamCheok to play
Because of left over tasks, other members came later.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

This photo was taken right upon arrival at 6 in the morning? Around there..
The kids were a little noisy.. Individually parking their cars and then went into the resting area to chat ㅋㅋ
With these dressing and hairdo, hanging around at the resting area and thus, there were people with words over here and there..

“Isn’t that Super Junior?”

“Eh~ By no means will they be hanging around like these?”


The feeling of the photo is

Boastful . Delinquency . Impudent . Elementary school kids . Backyard camping

Roughly this standard.. ㅋㅋ

Not only did we played football, we even stripped and swam, as well as barbequing meat to eat ㅋㅋ
Even though there are many photos, I shall upload slowly
The one that is the most rated* will end up as my computer’s wallpaper (-┏)

* 60 people portion? Those who prepared meat that were more than this portion, thank you, Kyuhyun’s fans
Thanks to them, we only ate meat for the all 3 days ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Source: Heenim’s Cy.
Translated by: Cinderella @


  1. “we even stripped and swam”
    (hae posted a teaser, but it wasn’t enough :P)

    kibum looks like lost boy.
    he has this “wth am i doing here?” expression again.

    love how normal they look here. heechul LMAO.

    KYUUUU, where art thou?!

    • HAHAHAHA I’m so bad but when I read “stripped” I was thinking skinny dipping. DO YOU THINK THEY WOULD HAVE?!?!? :DDDDDDD Lol yea, I saw the EunSiHae teaser. What a meanie, I wanted the full photo haha. Hyuk looked so white! O_O

      I think Kibum was going for the “Delinquency” haha. Hyuk is boastful? Or was Teuk going for that? haha IDK XDD

      • skinny dipping was totally on my mind too.
        13 boys, FREEEAAAAKYY! but yeah, i’d die to see that.

        delinquency = kibum LMAO.
        elementary kid surely goes for wookie.
        backyard camping, sungmin? ’cause he’s holding barbeques? :))
        IMPUDENT = it’ll be perfect for kyu but where the heck is that kid!!!! hahaha

        looking again, i can help but to laugh at siwon’s jogging pants + green sweater + unstyled hair + slippers. he usually looks like a rich real estate mogul but there he looks like he’s gonna farm with 8 other kids from the town.

  2. Man Hyukkie is so pale. He’s so beautiful~~gah!
    I’m so happy to see this picture, it shows they have time for an outing! yay!

  3. lmao siwon just looks like a ajjushi who just came back from a road trip.

    Ki Bum’s all just, “…Yeah. Low blood pressure.” XD
    Hae just looks like he just got out of kindergarden lol.
    “Look people, I can peace 8D” <3

    • I know right. He looks so…normal hahahaha. I love it. I also laugh at it but hey, it’s out of love XD

      Hae is adorable :3333

  4. ^EunSiHae teaser is lol…I want to see more (lower part abit :P )

    So happy for them, Kibum went with the members :D
    Kibum’s look is like a kid who doesn’t satisfy
    Siwon looks young

    • Agreed. I hope Hae eventually posts up the whole picture :(((

      All we need now is a pic with EVERYONE PLEASE <333

  5. wen i saw kibum with donghae in birthday pic it made me happy. i love them when they’re 13 so seeing this made me feel even better. i don’t like the fact that he was gone so long. suju should always be 2getha^^~

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