Posted by: beckery | August 24, 2009

SM’s New Girl Group – f(x)

Credits: sment @ youtube

Oh will you look at that!? Another girl group to debut soon. I don’t know about you guys but I’m a tad sick of the high levels of estrogen in Kpop atm haha. Having said all that though, I’m definitely curious about this new group. Especially since it’s an SME group and supposedly dubbed as the “girl SHINee”.

Not much is known as of yet except that their group name is “f(x)”. I don’t even know how they want us to pronounce that. “Function of x”? “Eff of eks”? Ohh or it could be “Effects…?!?!”Lol XD IDK.  The members include Victoria Song (who doesn’t know this girl?), Krystal Jung (SNSD’s Jessica’s younger sister who actually looks more like Yoona haha), Sulli, Amber and Luna. Their title song is “Lachata”, I think. Well that’s the song in the teaser anyways. And um..did I mention that they’re aiming for the fierce/edgy/sexy look rather than the cutesy one?

So what do you guys think so far? Are they going to be a hit or miss? (I need to see more to judge) Or are you guys just plain sick of the crazy number of girl bands debuting/coming back this year?!


  1. lol f(x) MATH MUCH? I bet SM run out of number and character combination them came with this name XD
    It’s about the time SM debuting girl group I think. Like debuted TVXQ in 04, CSJH in 05, Suju in late 05, SNSD in 07, and SHINee in 08. So they give rotation in debuting girl-boy group.

    • I rather they send CSJH back to Korea than to have another girl group debut.

    • Oooohhh true that! I didn’t realise they debut a group every year haha. Fail. That’s pretty cool, I guess. But then it makes me wonder how many trainees they have hidden in their underground camp haha.

  2. Mm…I’m not a big fan of girlgroups myself, mainly because I have trouble telling the members apart :S fierce/edgy/sexy sounds like 2ne1.
    You’d think they’d come up with a more original
    concept…it’s either cute or it’s fierce. I’d like
    to see a punk concept – at least it’d be different!
    And kpop names are weird. This one just
    puts me in mind of maths, and that doesn’t interest me at all XD But we’ll see….early days yet.

    Okay. Rambling comment over :P

    • Me too!!! LOOOOOl. I have so much trouble learning girl groups, for some reason. Like I still fail at telling 4minute, Kara, After school apart :////

      I think they just stick to mainstream concepts which really only gives them the option of a) cute, lollipop, pink miniskirts and ponytails or b) fierce, leather, black and chains hahaha.

      • true true! i have problems remember girl names! …but i can learn guy names for a very short period of time :P

  3. i think i went numb with all these debuts that it’s causing me to have no reaction at all.

    the only thing that bothers me is that they have too skanky outfits for like what 93-95’ers. can’t imagine ajusshis going gaga over these girls.

    and WTH happened to CSJH? not a fan of theirs but i think SM seriously need to take care of their talents more. waste of great talent.

    • I know right. I don’t know what’s happening this year but we have about a million debuts popping up all over the place. Groups, duos, solo artists and the list goes on T_T

      I found it a tad weird too when I found our their age. :/ They’re too young to be strutting around showing cleavage and sexy dances *sighs*


  4. The teaser doesn’t impress me that much. I feel their style look like BrownEyeGirls’ ..

    Yeah how to call them Fff of xx? fox? :)

    • “fox?” HAHAHHAHAAH WHAT? Where’d fox come from XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Omg I SURELY HOPE NOT. “annyongsaeyo we are Fox” ROFL

      The teaser…looks like any other teaser really haha

  5. Or, just “function x”. But actually you’re right, I think they’re gonna be called “Effects” because the hangul reads “epeueksu” which = effects.

    I think Amber’s the one who looks like the man lmao. Srsly, she looks like a total guy and like in her profile I read a while ago she’s known to look like Donghae? And has a boyish style. I still remember one of them is apparently the girl version of Key or something? Idk, the song’s not that great from this teaser but the dancing is not bad.

    • Yea I think it’s going to be “effects” simply cuz everything else sounds so stupid. “we are function x” or “we are x of f” looooooooooool

      I know there’s a tomboy in the group but I can’t for my life remember what her name is. lol. Amber is it? Looks like Donghae huh? Haha I surely hope not cuz that’ll be sorta odd. Just like Krystal looking like Yoona haha. XDD

  6. I was waiting for debut of Victoria Song since the day when I saw her in SJ-M “U” video. I forgot about guys when I saw her face, I swear.

    Also, SM rarely does bad groups, so I don’t see reason for them be worse than some “After School” or, God forbid, T-ara. I will just stop watching videos of some other girl group and begin watching f(x) videos =)

    • I was waiting for Victoria Song to debut too..since…I don’t remember hahaha. I sorta wanted her to go solo but SM is so biased towards their groups (take ZLY for eg, she doesn’t get enough promotions I swear DDD; ) so I guess it’s all good that she debuted in a group.

      As much as I dislike SM, I really have to say they sure know how to bring up their groups. They know how to promote, how to target their audience and yea, I see successes everywhere with them. Which is why I’m curious as to how f(x) will turn out :D

      • SM is very commercial, they don’t even want to try and pretend they are interested in producing MUSIC, they are just making money. To be honest, other agencies do exactly the same, but SME is max honest in this area.
        (That is why I can’t bring myself to support DBSK protest about ‘their growth as artists’ – it’s like to say ‘I was going to be chief cook of the century and for that purpose I went to McDonalds but they don’t let me use my fantastic ideas, CAN YOU IMAGINE?!’)
        The Grace, TRAX and ZLY because of their style and type of music they perform can’t compete for first places with idol groups, so they will never be promoted as much as SHINee, SuJu, SNSD and DBSK. Why put much money in something that will not bring super sales?
        Still, as I’ve read, The Grace is planned to have comeback as three of them this Winter, we can see some minor promotions for TRAX members, and I’ve read, also, that new video of ZLY (with Donghae?) is almost ready. Some if not all of these “news” can be rumours, of course. SM is on the top of the world right now, they should use all their resourses to cover as many market segments as possible.

  7. But I want to call them function x :(
    Well I’m on the fence right now, I’m just glad that for their age they don’t sound extremely high pitched (granted, we’ve only seen a minute of them)

  8. i heard that the female version of SHINee is another group? this ones supposedly gonna concentrate on China. I dunno, Im awfully excited for them. Especially coz of Victoria Song, Krystal Jung and Amber( tomboy who apparently looks like Donghae).

    Anyway I love myself some sexy sexy girls especially since 2006-2008 has seen loads of boy groups debuting. Girl power! haha


    If I could write that in size 72 font, bolded and underlined, I would.

    But YAY Victoria Song :) And Yoona Jessica’s little sister ~

    (Lmao, I accidentally wrote “jennica” the first time XD”

  10. I have to see more to pass judgment but from what I see, I’m not really liking the idea of these kids doing THAT and wearing THAT. I’m not doubting their talent at all but, you know. It’s disturbing. SNSD, KARA, and After School already creep me out. :\

    SM should promote Liyin more and give her things to do before debuting another group. I think they have enough cashcows to milk to last them a few more years so why not focus more on that and make them grow and wait until all the SM boys are in the army before debuting a new one. :\

    And why is there a boy? XDDDD

  11. Okay so I’m skeptical, but then again, I’m sceptical of every new SM group(Shinee included?!) The ages bother me. While watching the vid I decided that the youngest was probably 17, maybe 16 b/c SM likes to push it but 14?!D8

    I didn’t even notice Amber at first, but after watching again, yeah I totally could have mistaken her for a boy. Considering the way fierce girl groups are usually sold, I’m surprised SM let her maintain that tomboy style instead of switching to sexy. idk

    The dancing looks pretty nice. Def. SM worthy. But the song…I guess I need a longer preview. Whatever, we all know that LSM craps gold so it’s only a matter of time before they top the charts and we all develop girlcrushes on them.XD

    I don't want to be doing my math homework this year and then look somewhere for k-pop news and go, "Oh look, function of x – I mean, fx.."

  13. oh my. this seriously reminds me of my calculus. so do we need to differentiate and integrate them? O.o

  14. why is sm focusing on another girl thing, bring back the grace or jang ri in or both! the teaser does not tease me but the girls look nice, esp the one with the short hair. I sure hope the best for these girls, but I do agree I need more testosterone, can’t wait for 2pm comeback and b2st debut.

    p.s. maybe I don’t know her by name but I don’t know who Victoria Song is :(

  15. :D
    um. Yay?


    OMO! theres Krystal Jung! :DD

    and a GUY..? WTH!

    god she looks like a guy. =.=”

    i thought this gonna be anew concept, since they have 1 guy . [harem. LOL]

  16. BTW, i cant really tell who’s who from the vid.

    so ums.

    whos the girl who did that awesome flip in the
    beginning?? DD:

  17. Looool the name…
    isn’t it f ed x?

    Lol at least we know not one value of x has more than one value of y…

    I WANT MORE BOY GROUPS!!! Bring SHINee back to korea please!!!

  18. Interesting. I think they look good. But they are so NOT girl version of SHINee. No way. So is this how SM is going to act when SHINee is in Japan? Well, I think it’s an interesting group with Victoria Song and Jessica’s sister and all. But Victoria is sooo much older than the other 4!

  19. Have you heard the explanation of their name? It’s LOL-worthy.

    f for flower. x for XX chromosome for female.

    • WTF. LMAO.


      X for XX chromosome. LOLLLLL

      but maybe amber’s an XXY. lololol.
      wait. XXY is a guy syndrome =.=”

      bah. nvm. xDDDDDDDD

  20. I read on soompi somewhere about two witnesses that saw Amber. One said that they saw Amber and Krystal together walking around in that shopping district (Apujung?….if that;s not it then this is a FAIL.XD), and someone tried to take a picture of Amber and Krystal, but Amber grabbed Krystal, turned around, and walked the other way. Another one said that when Amber walked up to the store counter, she thought that Amber was cute and was one of those foreign asian boys. Then when Amber smiled at her, she almost fainted. (here’s the funny part) She said that she thought Amber was just a guy UNTIL……….. she looked at Amber’s chest and realized that he is a she. LOL Amber is making every girl go lesbo over her XDDDD!!!!

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