Posted by: lovediaries | August 25, 2009

090813 ETN Ent News Station SHINee

{credit: sfinee @ youtube}

Part 2

This was a really nice interview, despite the MC being a total freak lmfao, which I guess made it even funnier. ♥. I miss them, come back soon~


  1. I loved watching this and seeing all 5 SHINee members again. Especially Taemin! ^_^

    • This was so cute <33

  2. I just watched this yesterday on Youtube. XDD I love the part when Jonghyun’s phone rings and at the end where he says, “What is this?” He’s so cute. But what the eff is up with the MC and poor Minho, he got a bad seat.

    • LMFAO yeah “oh sorry I”m getting a call”, what a cutie, srsly. AND LMFAO POOR MINHO had to sit so close to him XD.

  3. Aw poor Minho looked terrified the whole interview, but never more than when the MC started touching his face.^^ Did one of the members say “He’s such a pretty girl”?!XDD
    Also, I got my daily dose of OnTae. I was positively squealing by the time Onew said he loves Taemin.=)

    • Onew is a sweet leader and Taemin is such a sweet magnae <3 OMG I LOVE THEM SO MUCH :3

  4. omg me too! I’m out of town atm and no proper internet here ;~;

    I watched this before it get subbed a few days back so I cant say much except ONEWWWW :3 *squish*
    must catch up with fandoms later XD (and why I’ve missing the boys already ;__;)

    • D: Just watch it when you do get back hehe ! It was really good ^^

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