Posted by: lovediaries | August 25, 2009

2AM & 2PM – Abracadabra MV Parody


{credit: Symbelmyns @ youtube}

Omg. Okay so I was recording my laugh while watching this parody for mooray because she’s a freak and was asking for it  and…I sound like I’m being murdered lmao. I was 1/3 disgusted, 1/3 disturbed and 1/3 DYINGGGGGGGGGGG.

Omg this was…I have no words, tbh. Jo Kwon scares the hell out of me omg (but in a good way, I guess D:). THE STUFF HE DOES ;____;. I can’t even pick out my favourite part because everything he did was so sexual lmfao. But I might go for Chansung eating the banana because…mmmm *_____*.


  1. I’m dying from laughter XD

    <3 Jo Kwon

    • Lool I was too~

  2. I’m so scared to watch this, btw will this be up on their youtube channel or gomtv, where is it that they’ll do the whole wait for 100,000 watches thingy?

    • I’m not sure, seeing as it was cut out from their Wild Bunny Ep, I think.

  3. this is so disturbing.

    the only non disturbing part was when chansung tried to strip [lol] during the “la la la la” xDDDd

    • That part was sexy hehe.

  4. For some reason, I didn’t find this funny at all. It’s probably because I hate when the boys are forced to be funny. I like them a lot more when they’re naturally goofy.

    I did like the part where they covered their armpit hair because it was so random. And the look on Chansung’s face when they were scrubbing him down. But mostly, I was just disturbed O__o

    • I have to agree with you. I didn’t really find it funny at all. It feels really forced…

      Except for the BEG cameo at the end. I found that funny, because I can bet what the girls were thinking, probably: WTF?

      Maybe if there were subs it would make more sense?


    • Lmao yeah, that’s okay, I do prefer them being goofy rather than pulling something like this off again XD. LOL the armpit hair part omg T__T.

  5. This is disturbingly funny! XDD So much hip swaying and the banana part was soooo random! Ahh. Can’t wait for subs!

    • I think someone’s subbed it actually … gonna wait til I get round to watching WB~

  6. :0 my face doesnt know how to react to this X) lol For most of the part, i either stare wide-eyed @ the screen or crack up. Haha JoKwon<3 :D Does Taec seems a bit stiff + awkward to you?

    • I was cringing and just omg-ing at everything XD.


  7. I found this disturbing XD 2AM especially…I mean
    if people who weren’t fans saw this they
    would probably think they were complete perverts! Jokwon treads a thin line between funny and scary….haha

    The 2pm members were alright though! I found
    Wooyoung’s antics hilarious, and Taec looked stiff
    and kind of like he didn’t want to be there :D
    Chansung!! He SO fits the GaIn part..he’s got that
    smouldering-eyes look down pat!

    • Jo kwon just makes everything girly he does seem so natural ;__;. Wooyoung was so cute with his little palm tree omg ;~; AND YES agree with Chansung fitting Ga In’s part. He looks so good with guyliner <33

  8. Jokwon and Wooyoung are just so funny!

    • Jo Kwon is so diva omg XD

  9. wen chansung took such a big bite from that banana it was right but wrong at the same time^^ all of it was a bit right but wrong?!

    p.s kwonnie’s face scared me wen he was throwing that basin of water around he looked like a psycho(X.x)

    • LMAOO Um, Jo Kwon always scares me unless he’s being serious when singing a ballad XD

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