Posted by: lovediaries | August 27, 2009

Elanne Kong and F.T Island Collaboration

LMFAO my friend just told me about this on facebook.

Elanne Kong (I always thought it was Elaine, omg) is a cpop artist. She’s pretty … but I’m not a fan of her or her voice. She’s a decent singer, I think, but then…I wouldn’t really know lol.

Anyway she’s, as you can see in the article, singing a song with F.T Island in English.

{source: Mingpao ; translated by: aZnangel @}

Elanne Kong breaks into Korean Music Industry; To collaborate with Korea’s FT Island

Elanne Kong recently made an entrance into the Korean Music Industry, besides participating in the 3rd annual Korean Film Festival, she also discusses with popular Korean boyband FT Island for their upcoming group song. Having the opportunity to sing with 5 handsome young men and break into the Korean market, Elanne was extremely happy and excited. This time she will be singing a English song “Always Be Mine” with the group FT Island. In order to avoid embarrassment, in the past few days Elanne has been constantly practicing the song, even the Staff working with her got tired of her!

This is pretty exciting stuff, but WHY HER!? I’d love for Janice to be able to “break into the Korean market” (tbh, I don’t think Elanne will do that well XD) considering she has Korean blood in her and she’s damn awesome~!


  1. Im not liking the idea, i dont know why :(
    im chinese and I dont even know hu’s elanne wong lol. must be cause I abandoned CPOP a few years ago, lol.

    i anticipate a lot of engrish.
    but still, hope it goes on well for ft :D

    • She was in a TVB drama just recently and I think she actually debuted in a movie. Idk, I was never a fan :/.

  2. ^^^^ Hi5 lol, I have no idea who she is either XD

    Who is Elanne Wong???

    • You don’t know any HK artists T__T. Except Bosco :P Haha.

      And it’s Kong T__T.

  3. i’m usually a quiet reader but when i read this i was like WTF.

    no offense, but ELANNE?! omg. she’s really not that good at singing =/. i saw her live once when i was in hong kong. i definitely agree on the having “janice break into the korean industry with ft island” thing. that girl is amazing. so is ft island. they should combine!

    but dang. elanne’s sooooo lucky.

    • Aw no, you should speak out more, especially since you seem to think along the same lines as me~ ♥

      YES A JANICE FAN. You’re like, the second reader who likes her lmao.

  4. elanne kong was in the tvb movie e.u. ( emergency unit )

    • That’s the name of the drama! I had a mental blank XD.

  5. whoever she is, hope she gives justice to that song (always be mine). i’m a really big fan of FT ISLAND. and i may say, i know that song by heart. aigoo. another lucky b***h.

    • I wonder when the song’s coming out … :/

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