Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 29, 2009

2AM & 2PM @ Mnet 20’s Choice

No SM artists cos SM and Mnet hate each other (which is, apparently, something only I didn’t know =.=). So just 2am and 2pm :))

Videos and the photos behind the cut ~

Khun wins “Mr Beauty” – WHO SAW THIS COMING XD Congrats to Khun~~~ he had some pretty tough competition (HYUNJOONG ♥♥♥). The little boy from “I Got An Uncle” presented the award to Khun, and they danced to Again & Again together IT WAS SO PRECTION, YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT ♥♥♥♥♥

2PM Special Stage – They performed Again & Again, I Hate You and a special dance break with a girl. Haha for the dance with the girl, the girl just stood their and they all tried to get her attention. All the boys were pulling out their best tricks trying to win her, and then Khun just prances in, hands her a rose, and she walks off with him XDDD

Their live performances have improved so much! I loved how they changed up the choreography for “Again & Again” to fit on that spinning round stage thing ^^ And “I Hate You” was awesome! The ending was SLIGHTLY random; spoiler: water comes out of nowhere and they rip off their shirts. Haha, now you’re running off to watch it, aren’t you :P

2PM wins Hot Performance and Hot Summer Choice – THEIR HAIR D;

2AM Special Stage with Wheesung – Beautiful voices ♥____♥ 2am’s live performances are always really awesome~ SeulOng’s high note in “Loving You” was so good 8Db It’s so hard to link them with their image on stage to their image in Dirty Eyed Girls XD. OneDay’s magnae Jinwoon is SOOO CUTE :3 And a late HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JoKwon ♥!!!

2PM’S SANDALS XDDD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA. But hey, does this mean they weren’t wearing shoe lifts??? WOOYOUNG, I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE SO SHORT XD.

Credit: as tagged

Chansung’s hair makes me cry ;_;


  1. (which is, apparently, something which only I didn’t know =.=). this sounds rly weird.

    also, i can’t believe you didn’t know!!

    • I removed the “which”, happy? ;P

      And of course I don’t know, I’m not interested in GOSSIP XP

      • Lol it’s not gossip. It’s NEWS XP

    • your not the only 1! why?

  2. aww~ hwang seok hyun. cutie pie ^^

    • Ohhhh, that’s what that little boy’s called 8D

      • yup ^^
        watch his movie also: Speedy Scandal. so funny :)

        • Thanks for letting me know~

          He’s soooo cute :3

    2pm are looking good, as are 2am. :D I was going to watch the perfs later~
    Um, who else had the reaction of: HEY 2PM, YOU’RE LOOKING GOOD THERE. 8)
    And then: …wtf is with your shoes. >[

    • LOL IKR XD

      I saw the pic, went “mmm~~~ *_*” then looked down and saw their shoes :/

  4. i hate it that the feud’s still not over. :(
    and, d’awww hwang seok hyun~ poor you, yoona noona’s not there, at least you got the hottest boys. O:

    • Do you know why they hate each other?

      He got to dance with Khun and got lifted up by Junsu. I think that’s a pretty good night :P

      • idk. D:

  5. I actually liked the sandals thing, cool their feet off maybe?!? for sure I did not appreciate Chansung’s hair, but Woo omg he looked like smex! I’m so happy for the boys, they’ve come so far, from the lack of cheers at mkmf during Jay’s pawnsome dance battle to the crowds cheering their name for every category they were nominated in for 20’s choice. Now I just hope this is the same for mkmf, gda etc.

    • Lol the boys were probably all really happy that they didn’t have to wear their usual Nike Dunks in the heat, and now we’re all bashing them for wearing sandals XD

      AWWW, I REMEMBER LAST YEAR’S 2PM ;___; And you’re right, THEY’VE COME SO FAR. I’M SO PROUD <3!

  6. yey! way to go 2pm! :)

    the sandals weren’t that bad..were they? haha! :))

    wait..i heard from before that sm was banned at mnet..but i thought that was just a it is really true then..but whyyyy??? :(

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