Posted by: lovediaries | August 29, 2009

4Minute – FOR MUZIK 1st Mini Album Review

I was contemplating whether to review this or not but many people seemed to like it, and after listening to the Intro (which I reeeeeeally liked) I decided to put my studies down for a moment HAHA. Not that I’ve done any all day, anyway.

01. FOR MUZIK – I don’t know what it is but I really like this track and I’ve replayed it about 10 times lmao. I like the voice of the rapper. If only it was longer :(.

02. MUZIK – People complained about the autotone in this and I’d have to agree. It’s slightly overused in general; and then here it’s pretty much the whole song. Everything is starting to give me a headache but this song actually isn’t too bad. It’s less catchy than Hot Issue but also less annoying.

03. Hot Issue – I still don’t mind this song, but I think all that negative stuff that sounded 4Minute (and their fans and trolls) affected me so I never really choose to listen to this song anymore D:

04. What a girl wants – This is a nice song :). I think it’s many people’s favourite, actually. You can actually hear them singing in this. I don’t know what the lyrics are but from “You don’t know what a girl wants” you know the song is about … insensitive and inconsiderate boy(friend)s haha.

05. 웃겨 (Funny) – The intro gets you into the song already. There was like a millisecond where I thought “Where have I heard this tune from…”. It’s got a sort of mysterious-detective type feel, different to their other songs. Like, it’s one of those songs where I think of dark corridors and laser beams HAHA. Idk, but I really like this one.

06 안줄래 (Won’t Give You) – Mid-tempo R&B-ish song, I like it just from the slow start 8D.

07 Hot Issue (Remix) – I haven’t finished listening to the whole track but um, lmao, it sounds exactly the same except the backing track is less loud? I actually prefer this to the original, it’s less RARARAR IN YOUR FACE. There’s this part near the end where it just goes quiet and you hear “4 minuteeeee 4 minuteeee” lmao XD.

Overall, this mini-album was not bad at all. If you’re set against disliking 4Minute then, well, I’m not sure what can change your mind, but if you either didn’t mind Hot Issue or didn’t like it, I recommend you trying out all the other songs. They’re all pretty decent tracks :).

This has been happening a lot lately, eh? The songs not promoted are always better than the promoted ones.


  1. who who ha ha he he ha, lmao that’s stuck in my head! I listened to hot issue once in my life, slightly for the same reason as you, and they still managed to get “hot i hot i hot issue” in my head, maybe cause of OneDay. Even though their music is not on my fav list something makes me want to stick by them and give them my support.

    • Lol aw you’re so such a sweet fangirl <333.

      Hot issue really didn't take much to get stuck in my head XD.

  2. For Muzik is one of the best intros I have heard for the start of the album. I’m glad about that. It’s too bad you didn’t like Muzik much and the original Hot Issue is just SO boring now.

    What A Girl Wants is probably my least favourite but it’s quite different, yeah. Funny is a great song and I love listening to it, it’s a big disappointment that I Won’t Give won’t be heard because of KBS. They love to ruin some things, don’t they? The remix to Hot Issue is SO much better, I agree.

    • YES! I love a good intro to an album, it really makes you look forward to hearing the rest of the tracks.

      Argh, stupid KBS, I really would love to see them perform “I won’t give”, it’s my favourite song :(.

  3. “funny” kinda sounds like britney’s womanizer in a way dontcha think?

    • Sorta…? Actually, that’s probably what I thought of when I said it reminded me of something :o

  4. Haha thanks for the review, I love your reviews and was waiting for this album.

    I really like this album! And thanks for noticing there’s the part “near the end where it just goes quiet and you hear “4 minuteeeee 4 minuteeee”” I didn’t know, and I always laugh and think of imop. :DDD

    • Lol aw thank you, my reviews are pretty dodgy lmao so I’m glad you look forward to them!

      HAHA idk if that’s a good thing that you think of us or not :PPP♥

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