Posted by: lovediaries | August 29, 2009

Marie Claire September Issue feat. F.T Island


(These are thumbnails, so click to enlarge~)

suits + underage boys + no bowlcuts = death of noonas


This whole shoot does seem a little dark though. I like seeing boys in suits clearly hehe. Um, I think my favourite is Seunghyun and Minhwan on the sofa. Seunghyun, I need not explain, and Minhwan is just looking damn fiiiiiine.


  1. Worldling-ah~ Aren’t you younger than all the FTI boys apart from Minhwan??

    • I WISH. I’m only younger than Hongki & Jonghun. Which is fine with me ~

    • Wait, so I take it back, I don’t wish XD.

  2. Jae Jin went all super saiyan like in Dragon Ball Z lol.


  3. whoa Jaejin, 360 much? cute to smoldering hot, and I like the sofa picture too, it’s like they’re saying “pff that’s all you can do, I’m not pleased,”

    • You know he’s always had that in him though ;)

  4. My favourite pic is Seunghyun and Minhwan on the sofa, too! …I got into F.T Island recently and I think they’re my fav members… And since Seunghyun’s only like 10 days younger than me, it’s ok, right, right? :DD

    I’m not a fan on Jonghoon’s blonde hair, I wish he’d dye it back to some darker color… :( well he’s still looking good like the rest of them. ^^

    • HI5! Oh wow, aren’t you glad you got into them hehe~

      I’m actually used to his blonde hair now, idky D: MAYBE CAUSE IT CAN’T HIDE THE FACT THAT HE’S GORGEOUS *_*.

  5. Ugh, this is messing with my whole plan to just think of Minwhan and Seunghyun as adorable bbs until they both turn 18. They just look SO good here – I’m speechless….my favourite is the one of the two of them standing because Seunghyun looks kind of weird in the one on the couch, imho. I appreciate that the two of them are together. This is a really good photoshoot though – everybody looks good, Jonghun particularly – I’ve become accustomed to his blonde ‘do now.

    • HI YOU HAVEN’T COMMENTED IN A WHILE <33. LOL the only reason the standing one wasn't my favourite was because Minhwan looked strange with that hat XD.
      Like maybe the angle of his neck/chin!?

      But agree, I'm used to Jonghun's hair now *_*

      • I know – I just don’t come on WP as much as I used to, sorry. Hmm, I see what you mean about that – his neck looks really thick or something. He still looks good though.

        Yep, nothing can hide his beauty. :D

        • Aw it’s okay bb, at least you’re coming on twitter more often now ;_;

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