Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 30, 2009

G-Dragon’s Solo Debut Stage @ Inkigayo

Video: kpopluv20 @ Youtube

I’ve been waiting for this :)

The apple at the start of Heartbreaker was SO cool! I still don’t know why there’s an apple, but hey.

Pretty good stage in general, though I liked Heartbreaker a lot more than Breathe. Idk, the choreography for Breathe seemed like it lacked structure :/ Or maybe I was just distracted by the polka-dotted pyjama pants…But yea, I thought that in Breathe, GD looked like a lost school boy running around the stage XD

I think he did really well considering how he had to rap AND sing AND dance all by himself *_* Normally in Big Bang songs, he and TOP just raps, so good on him for singing (he did quite well, yes?).

The whole concept for his debut stage was very, very creative. Very GD. Though I must admit that the brightness hurt my eyes XD;;; And was anyone else reminded of The Matrix during the Breathe performance? Idk, the people pressing against the white fabric in the background reminded me of the human-in-a-pod thing from The Matrix ^^;;;

I’m not sure I like GD with blonde hair anymore…I’m kinda missing his Last Farewell hair now :(


  1. OH MY GOD


    I loved it. It was well worth the wait. <3
    I'm surprised they let him preform Breathe, because of the 'dirty' content. 8D AAAH IT WAS ALL SO AMAZING. That man is so talented. Everything was well planned and I died when he threw his cap off in Breathe. I love his hair, to pieces. GD is giving SuJu some 'hardcore' (lolpun) competition.

    *runs off to watch again*

  2. Apple= temptation :-)

    Incredible, energetic performances. The sets were awesome, great costumes, fascinating Dragontude.

  3. i’m reminded on why i like BB a lot, their live perfs.
    jiyong has this certain charisma other idol groups lack.

    gotta love those jeans/pajamas. HAHAHA
    no one would dare wear those on a comeback stage other than gd. :))

  4. Boy did not dissappoint :’)
    and the sheepish grin at the end :3

    I think I’ll eventually get used to his hairstyle anyway, ahaha

  5. I love his hair more and more.

    And the performance was awesome. Sure, once his voice cracked and many parts were pre-recorded on tape and he didn’t sung as much as he rapped… But the concept (the apple was so cool!), the dancing routine (HOT) and the pajama pants (ASDADAJHLFK)… And he finished with such sheepish grin, it made me grin as well.

    I think I’m buying the CD afterall… Maybe I’ll wait for it’s repackaged version…?

  6. i love gd, this performance was epic! only bad thing was the lighting was jus a tad 2 bright. gd blended in 2 much when i really wanted 2 take a good look @ him properly>,<

  7. He looks like he’s having FUNN!!
    haha but gotta agree the set is soo bright in both perfs (*__*) but i like it!
    and yea, the apple is so cool..i thought it was like a box that has been shaped into apple but it was actually a cloth! AWESOME!!


  8. I should say it was fantastic performance
    Well accept the fact that he ALONE sing,dance,and rap all by himself and thts awesome
    I love heartbreaker most
    In breathe he looks enjoying himself but I don’t rally like the song
    Now I can laugh at all the haters who mumbling about plagarism and voice crack thing
    And he’s the real fashionista ever
    Who else could put on that kind of magic clothes on stge except GD?
    No one, underline the word no one!
    No one could compared to GD’s fashionista power
    Go gd
    Gd gd baby baby baby

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