Posted by: beckery | August 30, 2009

Intimate Note Preview feat Shinhwa

Credits: ShinhwaForever6 @ youtube


Even if it’s just MinJinDy (Minwoo, JunJin and Andy), I’ll take whatever they give me…..for now anyways ♥♥♥♥ Though Intimate Note is totally designed for Eric and Hyesung to be on. OIL AND WATER FTW, IMAGINE THE AWKWARDNESS LOL XDD

Episode will be aired 4th September and the preview looks fantastic already. They’ll be revealing heaps of secrets and I gotta say, 10 years of stories is going to be pretty awesome *____*. I’m so biased hahaha.

So ummm just curious, but do we have any Shinhwa fans left out there? Moonynim? Carmen? Bleaghh? Babiegel?  Or have you all left :( ? I feel like I’m the only loner who’s a Shinhwa fan anymore these days, but tis ok, I don’t mind waiting for them <3


  1. Don’t worry…when I read/heard about this, I got excited =D I can’t wait til the 4th and hopefully it will get subbed eventually by an awesome shinhwa fan. YAYAYAYA for Shinhwa!!! I miss them desperately together.

    • Omg I just realised that I haven’t talked to you since like forever. How are you? And I totally forgot you’re a Shinhwa fan too *throws cookies at you*

      I’m sure it’s going to get subbed really, really soon seeing as how all the Shinhwa fans are super excited about it and they have every right to be <33333

      • Haha I’ll forgive you but don’t let it happen again!!! =p J/k

        Anyhow, yes, I have not been around…Spending too much time trying to pass my classes and Disneyland has been occupying my time =D But the fun is about to end and classes start up again next week….ick!

        I want to hear Shinhwa stories now!! They never fail to entertain (can we think back to YSMM and Happy Together? Along with everything else members have been on????)

  2. I’m still here! … And already spazzing over this!! Can’t wait! I wish RicSung could be on this and Dongwan too (miss that boy’s crazy sense of humor!)

    But the two magnaes getting a chance to let out all their frustrations about Minwoo should be comedy gold anyways :D

    I feel the same way too these days. It seems most fans have gone into hiding or other fandoms.

    • I knew I could rely on you :DDD I’ve read all your MASSIVE Shinhwa pimp posts (I don’t think I’ve ever told you how much I love them and how awesome you are for doing them <333) so I knew you love the boys as much as I do ^__^

      *throws you one of the boys except Dongwan and Eric hahahah XD*

      Looool Minwoo is totally going to get ganged on by the two magnaes. I think in the preview Andy accidentally threw the inflatable hammer at Minwoo's private hahahahhaha.

      And hearing ANY Shinhwa story makes me happy cuz they're such a bunch of dorkfaces. Eric's story about hiding for hours to scare someone is one of my favourites haha XDDD

      There's so many new groups out that I guess some people get distracted by new shiny groups lol. Plus, it's hard for new fangirls to get into the Shinhwa fandom now cuz they're so young and the boys are on hiatus. They'll just have to rely on good ol' fans like us to keep the Shinhwa love going <333

      Sorry, I've been lacking Shinhwa love lately so just had to rant hahaha

  3. Shinhwa will be on Intimate Note!!!! Awesome :)
    This is the show that definitely shouldn’t miss. I got to watch this. I need Shinhwa love <3

    • We all need some Shinhwa love XDD

  4. I’m here with you all! I miss them so much!! I totally agree with you on Eric and Hyesung…. Intimate Note is really designed for them, lol! But I don’t mind seeing a lot of JunJin <333333

    I wish DongWan is also here though, totally miss this boy :D

    • Dongwan would make it so much more hilarious with his craziness. And Eric following Hyesung around just makes my day <333333 I miss them so much .__.

  5. I’m still here! ..from time to time, ‘cos school’s been a bitch :S.

    I can’t wait for this to be subbed! My eyes lighted up when I saw the title, lol ^^;;. It’s gonna be fun, for sure :D.

    • HIIIIIIIIII. I was wondering if you were still around XDDDDDDDD

      Half of it is subbed already. I’ll post it up when the full thing is subbed ;DD

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