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SM’s New Girl Group – f(x) Photos

Aff(x)tion Forums – I created an account :DDD. It’s amberdextrous, but no one I’ve talked to seems to think it’s clever or anything ;_;. SOMEONE APPRECIATES IT, RIGHT? I know pr(x)tion does ;D.

f(x)’s Soompi Thread

Originally I just had “f(x) Photos” but that looked really strange lmao. I think they’re revealing a member every day, so I’ll be editing this post as stuff gets released~ And I read they have their showcase coming up and SNSD and SHINee will be there as well. YAY SHINee STUFF 8DDD.

(Edited with a HQ pic – click to enlarge; I know everyone is dying to see what Amber looks like, lmao.)

Profiles are taken from their soompi thread which I’ve linked at the start of the post. PLS DO NOT HOTLINK any of these pictures. I uploaded them onto both photobucket and imageshack so if I get ugly frogs, I’ll be very … upset.

First up is Sulli! She should be the group’s magnae – she looks it anyway.

And a bit of interesting trivia, she’s the little girl from Vacation who played Mini-Yoochun’s love interest! (Do y’all remember that story? Mini-Yoochun was so cute, omg.) I knew she looked familiar but couldn’t figure from where I’d seen her from, until I read a comment on lj. Now I feel so relieved lmao.

Choi Sulli (최설리) – March 29th, 1994
Maru Kids Model
SeoDongYo Sunhwa Princess (drama)
Love Needs No Miracle (drama)
Pepero CF
Punch Lady (movie)
Babo As Child HaJiwon (movie)

Amber is one of the two Chinese members (the other being Victoria Song). She hails from California and is fluent in English and Chinese. I wonder if she’s canto though because Chinese artists under SM are always mando haha.

Anyway, not surprisingly (to me, anyway) she’s the rapper of the group (not sure if she’s the only one or not though). I actually think she’s quite pretty, just, in the second pic she looked like Lee Junki haha and it’s all dark and eerie. Everyone seems to be girl crushing her and turning lesbian for her lmao.

Amber (엠바) / September 18th, 1992

So, Krystal is the magnae of the group D: She’s only 14 yrs old, omg O____O. Sulli does not look any older than her.

Krystal’s second picture is the only photo I’ve seen of her where I’ve actually seen the resemblance between her and Jessica XD. She can speak Japanese along with Korean and I’ll assume English, so this group really is quite the multi-lingual group, eh? Like U-Kiss haha.

Krystal (크리스탈) / Jung Soo Jung (정수정)
October 24th, 1994 / Jessica (SNSD)’s little sister.
SHINee’s “Juliette” – Music Video
Professor Yoon English Class CF
Watch CF #1 | Watch CF #2
Yuhan Kimberly CF
SK, LG Telecom CF
OhDdooKi Curry CF
Lotte Chilsung Cider CF

I keep thinking of Sailor Moon every time I see the word ‘Luna’. Gosh I miss that show :(. It seems, all of these members have received training for only about 2~3 yrs. Apparently they’re all extremely talented in vocal and dance which makes me really curious to see them perform, but at the same time I’m not holding high expectations because you’ll only be disappointed that way, right?

I’m actually really interested in Luna. (She’s 16, btw – I feel so old ;_;) From the first released picture, I thought her side profile looked a little like Yoobin. Does anyone agree? I think it might be the eyes or something. She’s quite pretty, though the thing on her head is super weird; I kinda like her already haha!

Luna (루나) / Park Sun Young (박선영)
August 12th, 1993

So Victoria Song is the leader :D. There’s a bit of an age gap between her and the other members but I think it’s nice that there are two Chinese members to keep each other company ^^~

Victoria is gorgeous, ngl, but I’m not really a fan of her hair in these pictures :S. Their shoots have all been interesting though – I like that she’s got a teddy head on her head and stuffing in her hands. That’s something fierce lol.

Victoria Song (빅토리아 송)
February 2nd, 1987 / Chinese
SHINee’s “Noona Is So Pretty (Replay)” – Music Video
Super Junior-M’s “U” – Music Video
Kangta’s “In My Heart Someday” music video
Anycall ‘Anydream’ CF w/ Rain – Video
Spris Model w/ Lee Junki
Smart Model w/ SHINee
Vogue Girl December 2008 Photoshoot w/ SHINee
Samsung LCD Model


  1. omg omg omg sulli is the cutest thing eveeer (:

    And I love it when people that we’ve seen before pop out of nowhere ^^ Yaay, she was so adorable – and still is.

    Ahh, I’m so hyped for f(x) ^^;;;

    • She looks so young! Can’t believe Krystal is even younger :/

  2. amber is so hot (like..handsome hot) for a girl …omona >.<;;..i hope i wont start to have girlcrush on her

    • Haha everyone is so interested in Amber lol

  3. OMG. check the girl in the middle.

    is that Krystal Jung? lol. idk.

    but looks A WHOLE LOT like Yoona. DD:

    • She looks more like Yoona’s sister than Jessica’s lmao.

  4. f(x), seriously K-Pop artists names are getting more English and less interesting. I don’t like these “LACHATA” dolls except Amber, she seems to be the only different person because she is a “tomboy” or how SM has modeled her.

    Hopefully, they are the last K-Pop girl group to debut this year. After Super Junior, SNSD and SHINee and even though he is in a lawsuit with DBSK, he still manages to put out a new group. I think SM also put them out at this time so they can possibly win the Newcomer Award.

    • I think they should stop trying to be fancy. I mean, just an English word is good enough, but they have to use numbers and symbols T__T.

      Yes please, but I doubt that will happen. But then again, any group debuting later than now will be at a disadvantage, unless they REALLY blow fandom away.

  5. SM no more! Gawd. You have so many sucuessful group already. Anyways, yay SHINee will be back soon~ :D I think Amber is too….tomboyish for me what bleh, maybe she’s better.

    • I like that she’s not all girly but they seem to be putting too much emphasis on her tomboy nature :/

  6. The FIRST picture of Amber, she actually looks quite girly :) soo if she grew long hair in that picture, she would like really pretty! haha
    But imo, Amber looks nothing like Donghae, lol. Just maybe the jawline, rofl. And…possibly the lips?
    Girllcrush, gosh. It would be easier if she was just a boy :/

    • I know right, she has pretty eyes! Um, dw, I don’t think she looks anything like Donghae. Maybe the jawline and I guess she has a sort of Prince-ly feel, but yeah, other than that, there’s nothing really D:

  7. Amber looks like a man, w/c is actually good b/c she isnt like the usual sugary type that sm produces. Good for her.

    I still dont like them. :/ i prefer sm focus on liyin.

    Forgive any errors and shortcuts. Im replying with my phone and its hard to type D:

    • Yeah I like that she’s different, but as I was saying in an earlier comment, there’s so much emphasis on this image of hers that it sorta annoys me. But yeah, will have to wait til they debut to make a judgment :).

      And aww bb, it’s okay, I’d still understand even if you made mistakes <3.

  8. Amber looks amazing *_*
    *steals and runs off with*

    • Lmao I…don’t think you’d be able to get away with that.

  9. Amber is pretty! I like her style too :D

    • She is pretty! I hate that she looks good as a boy and a girl XD

  10. Amber looks a bit like Jonghyun from SHINee when I first saw her….O.O

    • I think it’s the jawline. Both Donghae & Jonghyun have the sexiest jawlines.

  11. I think I’m the only one who is not girl crushing her. I like my Jaebeom, Junsu and Taemin better.

    But I am starting to think that the teaser is growing on me.

    • its growing on me too.
      Lacha lacha TA TA TAAAA. (lmao)

    • I’d lie if I was to say I’m not the least bit attracted to Amber haha because her jawline is the exact same as Donghae’s and … I love Donghae’s jawline. BUT, atm, I’m most interested in Luna :)

  12. You forgot to unlink the last pic

    • you forgot to resize when you edited.

  13. Another girl group? Really? Doesn’t that seem a little tacky and uncouth of SM?

    But whatever. What can you do? All the girl groups seem to sound the same to me after a while. Except 2NE1; I like them cause CL’s badass. ^^

    Wait, how is Krystal the youngest when she was born in October and Sulli was born in March? Unless I just never learned my months correctly.

    Anyways, thanks for all the kpop updates! I check your blog everyday like a crazy person -_-

    • How is debuting a girl group tacky and uncouth? O_o
      I’m personally extremely hyped up for f(x)’s debut…
      SMTown needs a little morale booster atm seriously, with the entire DBSK saga getting so messy :/

      January February MARCH ………… September OCTOBER November December?
      Yeap, Krystal’s definitely the maknae. Even though Sulli looks the part more, lol!

      I can’t wait for September 2nd omg.
      There’s potential Jung Sisters Interaction to look forward to :D
      And the meeting of lookalikes Amber and Jonghyun.
      THAT gets me interested :DDDDDDDD

    • Um, Krystal and Sulli were born in the same year and March comes before October, so then Krystal is the magnae? XD.

      Lol I’m sorry I’ve just been spamming with f(x) considering you don’t seem to be a fan, but thank you for still reading anyway <3~

  14. amber looks like jonghyun to me. O_O
    and krystal looks more like yoona than jessica. O_O

    anyway, its prolly just me. :O

    • Nope bb it isn’t just you :3. And Krystal is so Yoona and Yuri’s lovechild lmao.

  15. ^ same here, I am also thinking Amber does look like Jonghyun.

    Sulli is so cute and Amber is cool

    • Cool is one way of describing her *_*

  16. I read on soompi somewhere about two witnesses that saw Amber. One said that they saw Amber and Krystal together walking around in that shopping district (Apujung?….if that;s not it then this is a FAIL.XD), and someone tried to take a picture of Amber and Krystal, but Amber grabbed Krystal, turned around, and walked the other way. Another one said that when Amber walked up to the store counter, she thought that Amber was cute and was one of those foreign asian boys. Then when Amber smiled at her, she almost fainted. (here’s the funny part) She said that she thought Amber was just a guy UNTIL……….. she looked at Amber’s chest and realized that he is a she. LOL Amber is making every girl go lesbo over her XDDDD!!!!

    • I READ ABOUT THAT LMAO. I so loled at the store counter story HAHA XD.

  17. I pick Luna :)


  18. HAHAHHA! Don’t worry candychu
    I think ‘amberdextrous’ is clever!! :P

    • THANK YOU <333

  19. OMO AMBER YOU ARE SO COOL!!! hehe^0^ I’m already fangirling>.> BWAHAHHA YAYA CAN’T WAIT ^-^

    • Lmao you should see me T___T.

  20. No offence guys, but I think Amber looks like a guy. O.O And that’s kinda strange ’cause the rest look so feminine haha :) Krystal is Jessica’s little sister? o.o They don’t really look alike… But (again, no offence to SNSD fans) Jessica had plastic surgery… (I saw the pictures [sigh SM you moron]) so it’s understandable…

    What’s the legal age for plastic surgery anyway? o.o

    These Kpop stars are debuting younger and younger gosh… Being exposed to the tough & harsh world of entertainment at such a young age… :x

    Anyway, I think Victoria and Luna are very pretty! :D Hope they’re all naturals though, because SM is such a ______. And yup, I agree with NyNy – I got a shock when I saw that f(x) only has one member with a Korean name. I think Korean names sound so much better :D

    SM should stop bombarding us with bands for now… It’s getting kinda hard to keep up. Hello, they already have bands like DBSK (okay, complications there, but still…), SUPER JUNIOR :D, Shinee, SNSD… He already has the most successful entertainment company in Korea yet… ._.

    Anyhow, hope they’ll be better than SNSD (sorry I don’t like them; I find them unnatural and mean :x). We shall see… :)

    OMG I wrote a freaking essay. O.o Sorry for talking so much LOL.

    • These Kpop stars are debuting younger and younger gosh… Being exposed to the tough & harsh world of entertainment at such a young age… :x

      And for this reason, I really do feel sorry for them :(((. But ah well, this is the Entertainment industry for you.

      I like f(x) more than SNSD already too because gosh, SNSD are just too cute and girly for me D: And Amber really is something special ^^

      No don’t apologise, it’s okay, I love hearing different readers’ opinions :).

  21. I was poking around every single f(x)-related website cos I thought I was living in September 1st already, which is when the full song is supposed to be released.

    My epic fail aside, check out the goodness I found: the MV teaser! A bit more of the song, and more of the girls <3


    Btw, candychu, I think amberdextrous is fab. :D


      And thank you, I’m rather proud of my username :P.

  22. “Everyone seems to be girl crushing her and turning lesbian for her lmao.”
    Hahah, I’m now lesbian for her. XDD LOL~! Aw, and thanks for the pics and informations! :D

    • No problem, thanks for the comment <3 !

  23. Wow.. I thought I was the only one turning lesbo to Amber.. xD

    thanks for the photos and info’s.. I’ve been to different sites and it’s really nice to see a different kind of “girl group”.

    some of the other girl groups are just soo girly (for me xD)

    Rock on AMBER!! xD
    Aja! xD

    f(x) forever!! xD

  24. hmmm,i love snsd and f(x) much!! I don’t care if they had plastic surgery,their songs is awesome and all of them are gorgeos!! Am i right? Amber is cool but im normal,not lesbo! Ok? Hahaha,but my point is im a big fan of snsd and f(x). Some of them are very young just like my age. Btw,saranghaeyo snsd and f(x)!!

  25. As for their names some of them are born with their name and others could have chose it themselves. So dont blame SM all the way. In any case I love Amber! I hope to see her in person so I can hug her and take a piccy with her! At first I thought it was one guy and the rest girls so I was really hyped for their debut, but then I found out I was wrong. I still love them though, if I was famous I always wanted my image to be tomboy like Amber. So wooh to her!
    And also at first in the chu~ video the one watvching tv, I thought she was Eun yoon hye at first. lol

  26. well im a huge fan of f(x)!!! for the past like 2 or 4 weeks ive been listening to their songs nonstop and my sister gets really annoyed! but i dont care! some of my favorite songs by them are “nu abo”, “chu”, and “danger”. i think they stand out from other k-pop (korean pop) girl groups, like 4minute and girls’ generation, because they’re edgier and have major personalities. i think the one who stands out the most is definitely amber because of her boyish looks and tomboyish style. im so possitive that theyll be winning lots of awards in the future and making some major money from major hits! i hope to see them getting better but idk cuz theyre already the best, according to me!

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