Posted by: lovediaries | August 31, 2009

f(x) – Lachata MV Teaser & Audio Preview

(Sorry I’ve been ignoring your comments, guys, currently still drowning in uni work T_T. I will get round to comment-replying … soon )


{credit: sment @ youtube}

ALFJDLFKJD AMBER ♥♥. I don’t even know why I’m so excited / OBSESSED WITH AMBER. Someone tell me~

I like the look of the MV so far~ They’re wearing colourful clothes but filming in a mainly dark set balances it out and makes everything easy on the eyes *_*. The girls all look really pretty – Luna is gorgeous! She looked young and pure in her teaser photos, but here she looks really classy, idk how to explain, but I’m really looking forward to seeing more of her. I love Victoria with her fringe down, she looks sooo much better than with it pinned up and the ends curly D: Sulli looks so young, I refuse to believe she isn’t the magnae! Krystal looks like a mixture of Yoona and Yuri in this MV haha, must be her facial expressions. And Amber … /SQUEALS LIKE A CRAZY FANGIRL.

And, full preview of the song HERE. Um, I think it’s been leaked? O__O. Lemme know if I have to take it down or wahtever!! No one seems to like it but I think I’m on a high from the teaser and … just on a high in general because I LIKE THE SONG :D. Idk, I need to learn voices soon because I want to know what Amber sounds like. Oh this is so exciting, why am I so biased already lmao?


  1. WOW~~~ I am excited about this now! I was a bit skeptical at first but they awesome! :D I like Victoria and Luna. :] They are all really pretty.

    • They are all gorgeous, I’m so excited, really!

  2. I just saw the HQ caps of Luna in Affxtion and I just stared. She’s stunning! I think it’s her eyes (:

    Meanwhile, Amber can have her own category in Kpop. Handsome girls, in addtion to the existing pretty/flower boys. She’s the only true androgynous idol in Kpop so far. Her stare is killer. Many noonies probably went crazy.

    I’m totally excited for their showcase!

    • She is stunning indeed omg.

      She’s the only true androgynous idol in Kpop so far.
      Yep I totally agree with you! I don’t think this many people have ever questioned their sexuality before haha especially over someone who hasn’t officially debuted yet, how exciting!!

  3. OMGOSH.
    I don’t know if I’m just a sucker for SM artists or if this is really good xP
    But the girls look gorgeous, they sound great, and I’m just waiting for a live perf to be completely sold.

    Woo~ Thanks for the full preview of the song!

    • WE ARE THE SAME LMAO. The fact that they are SM artists gives them an advantage, to me, because I am SM biased, in case you haven’t noticed XD.

      And you are welcome <333!

  4. I totally like it. And what’s more important – I like their voices and harmonies (songs change but bad vocals are, you know, BAD).
    Of course we need to see how they work live first, but as for now I’m satisfied. Also they are prettier than even SNSD so I’m ready to watch them because of that fact only.
    And Victoria is ADFAHSJSHAJAKAJK!!!!!!!

    • Atm, there’s only really one voice (Krystal’s XD) which is a bit too high for my liking, but damn Luna and Amber totally make it worthwhile <33.

  5. Amber… *_*


  6. I like the teaser…but the song is so-so. I dunno why, I don’t feel very hyped for their debut. I’ll definately keep an eye on them though.

    • Aww, I hope you change your mind soon :(

  7. I love the dance moves, lol.

    And OMG I just died from those close-ups of Amber.

    & gawsh, they’re all just so gorgeous. Sulli & Krystal emanate cuteness (:


  8. I’m not fan of the song yet, but the MV PREVIEW REMINDS ME A LOT OF SHINee’s PREVIEW, with those close ups on each member xDDD

    so similar to shinee old weird faces :D

    and they are so pretty. ♥
    I’ll love the song a little more when their debut perf i think!

    • AGREE there always seems to be a pattern SM MV’s follow, but after watching the whole thing, you’ll see there are differences :DD.

  9. I really like the song, it’s addicting, and I can’t wait for the full mv to come out. Though the song sounded so diff. in the teaser. XD It’s all right though, I guess.

    They’re all so pretty! If I had to pick a fave NOW it might be Sulli or Luna. :)

    • The full MV is out now :D! I’m definitely tossing up between Luna and Amber *_*.

  10. y do i feel like i’m gonna get a girl crush on amber? when i heard this song 1st thing dat came 2 mind was i know theyr singing korean bt y does it sound as if theyr singing in mandarin? now i keeps on listening more lol

    • YOU WILL, YOU SO WILL. And you can take my word for it :D.

  11. tbh, for a debut song this doesnt really stands out. but I bet SM must have something more in store to offer ;)

    anyway into the song. Luna’s opening line is offically my fav part now ^^d, Sulli and Victoria still sound the same, and i cant hear the rap clealry ._.

    • That is true but did you hear Mr Boogie? This one would actually be the better song to debut with :).

      • yup but only once so far XD;;
        I need the studio version

        • Me too, I wonder when there will be news of the release of their first single/mini-album :D

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