Posted by: lovediaries | September 2, 2009

090903 f(x) Showcase

:EDIT:: Added higher quality photos and solo photos! Either something is wrong with my internet or imageshack cause I don’t think all the thumbnails are showing :S (there should be 4 group pictures and 5 individual – one of each member). Um, I’ll fix them when I get home today if they’re still weird when I get back. I think I might actually try out fancams if they get uploaded. I listened to an audio cut of Amber’s rap but the quality was only so-so :(

I just read a fan account :D (it didn’t mention SHINee or SNSD though :/) Waiting for more photos and the release of their MV – apparently it’s just like a longer version of the teaser haha, but still, I can’t wait for it! I wanna know who sings what ~

PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK! Upload them onto your own server/account if you want to share photos :).

Amber’s wearing the pants that Donghae wore in their shoot on the boat in HK hehe. She has really nice legs *_*.

Performances for the night, taken from K bites!

The performances the group put up during the showcase:

* Sam Sparrow ‘Black and Gold’
* Britney Spears ‘Womanizer’
* Special preview to new song ‘Mr.Boogie’
* Debut song ‘LA chA tA’

Special solo stages

* Victoria – ‘Love Sex Magic’ dance performance
* Amber – ‘Believe Me’ rap performance
* Luna – ‘And I’m telling you I’m not going’

The special charisma and features of each member as mentioned during the showcase:

* Victoria – sexy, feminine charms
* Krystal – pure, girly charms
* Amber – sharp, boyish charms
* Sulli – cute and friendly charms
* Luna – feminine and matured charms

I’m excited to see the solo stages especially. I want this to be broadcasted ;__;. I’m like, imploding rn haha.

I’ll try watch Music Core LIVE (yes, which means I’ll be live blogging!) on Saturday because I want to watch their debut stage 8D.


  1. same here! high five! i wanna know who sings which parts..can’t wait for their live perf..i hope they dance really well.. :) thanks for this.. ^^

    • The choreography is pretty nice, I can’t wait for the live either 8D!

  2. Amber look really like a Boy in the pix it seem like he parody the dance like boy dancing a girl dance im not fan really :S
    SUJU <3

    • LMAO I think I’ve seen them so much in the past few days that I’m used to her being so different from the other members XD.

  3. i can’t wait to see & hear amber properly…she’s my favorite too & i like her voice too…& luna’s sooo frickin pretty!

    did u hear amber rap to fort minor’s song believe me? bad audio but she sounds good :)


    • I hope you’ve seen the full MV by now <333

      And yep, that was the rap I was talking about XD!

  4. luna is soo beautiful and she good in the MV she My favourite well She the only i like :S i don’t like lachata en f(x) but a like luna

    • Agree! Aw but the other members are cool too <3!

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