Posted by: lovediaries | September 3, 2009

f(x) – Lachata Official MV

{credit: YoonaLoveable @ youtube}

At uni right now so I can’t watch it, but I know heaps people stayed up all night waiting for this, so I thought I’d post it up. Candychu will edit this later ^^

OMG ALAJSDLFJSDLKDJFLSJDFLKJDLKF!!! Pinkandsparkly messaged me when this came out and I was so tempted to run home in the rain just to see this – it would’ve been so worth it omg.

Okay, so I liked the MV a lot more than I imagined I would, just because I thought all the good stuff was already shown in the teaser. But I was pleasantly surprised. This isn’t as normal-SM-MV-type style as I thought; I loved that all their individual scenes linked to each other (which is what makes it different from SJM’s “U”, SHINee’s “Juliette”, etc.), especially Amber throwing her top hat and Victoria catching it. Sulli looking down and seeing Krystal then back up to see Luna was really cute too, omg. I did lol at Luna sitting on a moon though, it’s just so appropriate.

The choreography is nice, I especially loved the kick at the beginning and then at the end when they were in a line. NGL THOUGH, AMBER’S SCENES WERE MY FAVOURITE ♥♥♥♥♥♥. I saw the rings and smoke and I knew that would be Amber’s scene. MAGICIAN!AMBER OMG *_____* HAHA, with a cane and all lmao. I did think she wouldn’t get as many solo shots as the others simply because she has like, a rap and two lines, but I’m satisfied :D. Actually, I think I saw Victoria the least D:

There’s probably lots more I have to say but I’ve only watched it once so far and these are the things I could remember~ I’ll definitely be re-watching this MV over and over hehe ♥♥.

I really like that this group is so diverse. They’re cute, fun, sophisticated, sexy perhaps and most definitely hot *_*. Haha, well, that’s my opinion anyway. MUSIC CORE DEBUT, HURRY UP AND COME~~~


  1. *brb dying*

    Loved the MV. Period.
    Nothing much left for me to say because you said it all!
    <3 f(x)
    I can't wait for their mucore debut. It has to come, like, NAO.

    I think Amber's outfit in the group dance scene, the one with the LACHATA behind, looks a LOT like one of Key's Replay outfits xD

    Oh, and my suspicions were confirmed. Krystal sounds a hell lot like Jessica. JUNG SISTERS <3

    • I found this pic in an lj comment on the MV.

      The comment also says that Amber and Key were placed in the wrong groups XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

      • I apologise for spamming… I didn’t realise the images were separate ><

        Amber version!

      • i loved the MV too.. ^^

        haahaa!! this is funny!!

    • Lol hey yeah it’s similar! And don’t apologise for spamming, ilusm omg!

      I suspected Krystal’s voice was Krystal’s too haha. It’s slightly whiny for me right now, but we’ll see. Luna ♥♥♥.

  2. I really like them too :D I can’t wait for the live perf! The MV was awesome and their dancing was ace.
    My favorite is definitely Luna so far~

    • I hope they don’t disappoint, I’m so looking forward to it omg <3

  3. i think for a debut MV, it *is* good. better than SHINee’s debut MV but SHINee’s debut track is like, Top 3 in my K-Pop history so it offsets.

    maybe SM had only recently found or willing to pay for good director cos’ i thought SuJu’s “Neorago” is really good and so different from their previous MVs. and then immediately after “Neorago”, u get this.

    and my suspicion was true indeed, the cutesy-voice belongs to the magnae. i like Luna too! i guess the rest are mediocre singers but i love love love Luna’s tone. and it’s kinda cute that she’s noticeably shorter than the rest and not in the extremely skinny group. she looks normal, for a change.

    and oh, from certain angles, Luna reminds me of Kim So Eun.

    • Girl (you changed your username lol), I agree with everything you said in your comment <3 I suspected that cutesy voice was Krystal too haha. But yeah, Luna is so awesome, I srsly love that girl already. And I thought the exact same when watching her scenes. I like that her arm doesn't look like it's going to snap, so yeah she's skinny without looking like she doesn't get anything to eat D:

      Also, I know what you mean about the Kim So Eun. I think it's just this ~*aura*~ that she has.

  4. Now THAT was pretty awesome. I liked it XD and very Luna and Victoria biased atm hahaha. <3333

    Live performance bring it on!

    • WATCH IT LIVE WITH ME :D Unless you have work or something.

  5. THANKS FOR LUNA SITTING ON A MOON, I had difficulties to differentiate the 4 ladies :DDD

    I thought the MV will be boring, actually I really like it! And i love the song more and more :p

    • HOW LULZY IS THAT OMG. And Krystal in the room full of crystals XDD. Loling forever.


    Also the fact that Krystal was in a room of mirrors and crystals, while Luna was on the moon made me laugh really hard XD


  7. Victoria and Sulli are my favourite members.

    • For now, Luna & Amber are my top 2 – as if that isn’t obvious already XD.

        I honestly didn’t take much notice of Luna initially, other than the fact that she looked quite pretty.
        The MV blew me away D

        • DDD: Luna caught my attention from the first moment her “official” (except the ones being released NOW are the real official ones, lmfao) pics were released. She looked so beautiful <33

  8. I think it’s super cute how at 2:56, Amber opens the car door for Krystal and Luna.

    • YES OMG and her smile was so precious *_*

  9. The people on affxtion were talking about how Luna has biceps XD You can see it in the mv at 0:24. I like her best so far, along with victoria.

    • LMAO she so does! She has a really good body <3

  10. luna can dance & sing!! & AMBER!!! i loved the part when she was dancing in the center while she rapped! can’t wait to see them perform :)

    • Luna is amazing, she’s one of the better dances, I think~

  11. so I just watched the mv last night AND DOES LUNA HAS BICEPS? girl must’ve been working out XD
    Krystal is YoonAYuriSeungYEonSonDamBi’s sister. period.
    Sulli is so cute :3 perfect in room filled with teddy bear
    Victoria, her bangs and teeth resembles GaHee a lot (wth I’m noticing this kind of thing -_-“)

    and Luna can dance too? great cause I need my fav to be an all rounder coughKEYcough XD
    they need to start coming on variety shows like now, cause I want to know moreeeee about the girls :D

    • LMAO EVERYONE’S BEEN SAYING THAT. Luna has a good body, that’s all I can say. I like that she’s sorta tanned and not totally stick-thin :D.

      Yes yes, Luna dances really well (lmao I have a thing for all rounders too :D Like Key and Donghae) and she has the best voice from what I can tell so far~

  12. really good!
    worth the hype, and hopefully amber will get MORE lines to SING~ :)

    and btw, f(x) TOTALLY MESSED UP WHAT I WAS PRINTING. T_____________T i wasted more than 20 sheets. ;_____;


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