Posted by: lovediaries | September 4, 2009

090903 f(x) Showcase – Preview Mr. Boogie

{credit: XxtenerifexX @ youtube}


This is a fan recording from their showcase but the quality is very good :D. I’m not sure if it’s performed live or not but they sound great anyway. The song is sexier sounding than “Lachata”, but then I’m glad they’re debuting with “Lachata” instead because this probably wouldn’t stand out as much. Like, not saying “Lachata” is PWOARRR AMAZING or anything, but idk, listen and see if you get what I mean XD.

I read that this track won’t be released yet though and maybe on upcoming albums instead of their first one? :S


  1. LACHATA still would have still been a LOT MORE original with the first teaser and maybe I would have liked it more. They must have spent a while to make that first teaser and the dance moves made it look more professional and better.

    Somehow it grew on me but not that much actually. And girl-crushing on Amber, ew! She scares me, my favourite members have to be Victoria and Sulli.

    Mr Boogie sounds better but yeah, shouldn’t be their first single otherwise they will be compared to other songs – yet the group is compared anyways.

    • Really? Cause tbh, in the first teaser, it didn’t stand out to me at all. When the full song was released though, I liked it a lot.

      Lol why does Amber scare you? Because she has a lot of fans? XD.

      Like you said, either way, there will be comparisons made.

  2. I get what you mean about Mr Boogie not being their first single xD
    It has a strong beat and all which I like, but there are LOADS of great songs with strong beats out there already ._.
    Having said that, I do like it. Lots. <3 And looking forward to a great live perf of this in the near future :D

    BTW, according to their official schedule, their showcase was on the 2nd of September :) The MV came out one day later.

    Urgh I have to rush off now, but Chapter 2 of the gallery pictures have been released!

    • Yeah that’s what I mean. But yeah, I’d love to see them perform this. I wonder if they get to perform another song with their debut :D Haha but that doesn’t often happen. Maybe a bit into their promotions they can perform this ~

      I’ve done posts on both their showcase and the MV…have you not seen? D:

      And thanks for the heads up, I just posted Chapter 2 pictures!

      • LOL sorry :X

        I sawwww~~
        It’s the dates on the titles that are 090903 ._.

        • It’s okay ^^

  3. There’s a fancam of Amber rapping Believe Me on youtube! Sound quality’s pretty good too. I like her rap (:

    • YES I SAW THAT. And watched it about 50 times. I’m trying to dl the mp3 off aff(x)tion but the file is like corrupt or something and won’t play :((

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