Posted by: lovediaries | September 5, 2009

090905 f(x) Debut Performance @ Music Core

{credit: dailykpopnews @ youtube}

This is the intro :D.

Just so you guys don’t think I’m schizo/a total retard, I watched their debut live and was typing frantically as I watched. This paragraph is the only one where I make even a little sense lmao. I didn’t even notice Victoria’s ending pose when I watched it before. She’s so cool :DD. I was a bit sad they didn’t include the flipping scene in the teaser in their actual MV (because 2PM added their acrobatic stuff at the end of “Again & Again” :/) but idc anymore since she just did it LIVE :D.

OMFGGGG THEY’RE ON THEY’RE ON. Okay they’re all in black and Victoria does her cartwheel and omfgggg they are damn fierce. AMBER AMBER I SEE YOU with your ripped up pants. She’s rapping omg ;__; She’s so cuteeeee YES I LIKE THAT ogmggg flail flail flail. I can’t believe this is happening HAHA. Yay Amber’s in the center kekeke :D. What are they dancing to? Idk, it’s all just music and YAAAY.


NOO it lagged so I missed the start but Sulli doesn’t have a ridic side palm tree. Ugh, Victoria went sorta off? Haha idk, look at Amber off to the side. LMAO, I keep staring at her T__T. Oh I realised why everything looks different – cause I’m seeing all the choreography now. Luna has a really nice voice *_*. Very strong sounding~ AMBER’S WEARING A GLOVE OMG. Oh, so is Luna. I think she’s wearing two. AHHH COME COME COME COME ON BABY~~ /SPAZZES. Okay, Sulli is sounding out of breath already XD. I love the chorus choreo, all the hip movement.

RAP RAP RAP LMAO AMBER GETS THE LOUDEST SCREAMS OMG HER HAIR IT’S ALL SHINY AND PWETTTTY. Wow, the fans have already organised a fan cheer. That is amazing.


Okay that’s all. I guess I’m glad they came out now instead of at the end of the show. I NEED THIS IN SHINY HQ. Be back to edit the post (God, it’s so messy rn) with the video :D.


  1. That. was so. effing. hot.

    I wasn’t paying much attention to the Intro, but I saw amber :D I liked her ripped jeans.

    Lachata was REALLY good <3 The only really visible problems were that Victoria went a little off and Sulli got out of breath really quickly, which can be excused for rookies. I love how Luna sounds live, her voice is even nicer than in the recording. I actually like Krystal more than Jessica, her voice doesn't sound as delicate (?). They all looked so cute though (: And Amber… oh Amber. Idek, there's so much to say ;__; She's so hot though, I swear she could set the world on fire.

    It's not the best debut I've ever seen, but I definitely think they have what it takes to make it, especially from the sound of those fans ;D

    • Lmao our comments are practically the same – Victoria going a little off and Sulli sounding out of breath. I wasn’t sure if only I heard it but since you did too, I guess it really happened. Luna is damn amazing, I was listening to her Showcase perf and she blew me away. I LOVE her voice omg.

      AND YES, AMBERRRRRRRR. I LOVE HER. She’s set my world on fire already ;).

      I thought the debut was great – nothing can top SHINee’s – but yeah, there’s definitely room for improvement :).

      Those fans lmao DID YOU HEAR THEM DURING AMBER’S RAP!?

      • Luna’s so great, I can’t even say. And Victoria and Sulli are holding their own, despite those mistakes <3

        SHINee's was almost perfect, no doubt, but I thought f(x) had more attitude :) Considering how the standards are going up for idols nowadays, I think they're definitely up to par though, so who am I to complain?

        Clearly, Amber has set many people's worlds on fire ;) Time to start sharing.

        • I’M STILL *___*ING LMAO. I WANT HQ DL NOW.

          I want more. I want tomorrow night to come quick. Should I watch tmr night live again as well? Oh fml, I have so much work to do T__T. dlajslfjsdfkjsdjfdslf. RARRRRRR.

          But yeah, they did have a lot of attitude – and stage presence! I thought Amber would be awkward because well, she IS a tad awkward, but she was so good ;__;. I’M A PROUD NOONIE.

          • I tried HQ DL from Affxtion just now, but I stopped cause internet was being a bitch ;__;

            Are you going to watch tonight? I want to, but I have art tomorrow at 9 AM and Inkigayo’s 12-1 AM here.

            :/ you never mentioned anything about thinking of Amber as “awkward”. You’re more of a “OMG AMBER SHOULD RULE THE WORLD” ;D

            • I dl half the file this morning but my dad pulled out the modem cause we were leaving for church, fml.

              Lol srs? I’ve mentioned her awkwardness so many times before! As if she isn’t awkward. BUT SHE CAN RULE THE WORLD WITH WHATEVER SHE’S LIKE~

              I’ll try watch it but not sure if my net can handle it. In how many more hrs is it?

              • I really could’ve just had it dl, but I couldn’t stand it ;___; The dl speed was getting slower and slower for no reason at all.

                Can you imagine Amber in like, a dress? or a miniskirt? THAT would be the most awkward thing ever. But I think most of her fangirls would die if that happened ;)

                It’s at 4PM KST. so…. *grabs world clock* 1 hr 40 minutes?

  2. *epic keyboard smash* I WANT HQ DL NOW TOO~

    I’m.. a chingu fan? IDK haha I’m Amber’s age whee~

    I died at the Intro because I wasn’t expecting Amber to rap! Her “f(x)” whisper thing at the start made me squeal already ._.

    I hope this Intro gets made into a full song. Like how the dance track at 2NE1’s debut stage became Pretty Boy in the end <3

    She keeps flipping her hair out of her eyes! How does she SEE out of those bangs LMAO. But her smile / smirk throughout her rap, I COMBUSTED.

    Damn this comment is so Amber-biased xP
    The other girls were awesome too <3
    (I don't think I saw enough Victoria and Luna *sadface*)

    I am so incoherent ._.

    f(x) <3

    • ALSDLFJ KEYBOARD SMASHES WITH YOU. I am patiently waiting for hq dl too.

      OMG I LOVE AMBER’S BANGS. I don’t want her to cut them because I love her hair flicks and yeah I didn’t expect her to rap in the intro either, so I was all OMG OMG OMG /DEAD *__*.

      I’m so biased too, idk, there’s just too much to love lmao.

  3. THAT WAS HOT :)
    PS. New reader, love your blog ^_^

    Anyway I loved their debut stage. The backdrop was amazing, SM is genius, all the threatre/broadway themes they could do for lachata are endless. AND YAY SM finally decided to spend some money and get a good looing stages again after they stopped with Sorry Sorry!~

    Personally I think that was the most solid debut performance this year. When taking into account 2NE1’s debut stage and 4minutes, this was way above that quality. And they can only improve from here, so f(x) JJANG~

    • OH HAI THERE. Hmm, how embarrassing for a new reader to stumble across this blog and see this post as my first T_T. But thank you, it’s rare that new readers comment because everyone’s always so shy~ Keke, anyway…

      I saw the f(x) and totally spazzed because I didn’t know their perf would be so early in the show!

      Oh, are the entertainment companies the one in charge of getting the stages? O__O I thought it was up to the music show.

      • hahahaha ^_^ no it’s okay, i totally know where you are coming from. I totally even tried for like 30 minutes so i could watch it live~ i was totally spazzing over them! f(x)! <3 Is it strange that I am totally in love with Amber's styling? That leather jacket those jeans _< Especially with Genie.. they could have totally gone crap with that! my wish was to see a lamp like the one in the MV in a live performance *sigh* that would have been so good ^_^

        • Lmao right after their performance was finished, I closed it HAHA then I went into a depression mode XD.

          I love everything Amber wears as well. She has a really slim body so she pulls everything off so well. I really loved her in the black and the ripped jeans omg :Q____

  4. !!!
    some of my response got cut out and therefore doesn’t make sense! i sound crazy! >_>
    “With the stages… I don’t know ^_^ I always thought it was the company and they just paid the tv people to do it for them. But either way, SNSD and shinee’s stages were totally below par. Especially with Genie.. they could have totally gone crap with that! my wish was to see a lamp like the one in the MV in a live performance *sigh* that would have been so good ^_^”

    • LOL I WAS THINKING! You went from Amber to Genie, that confused me a bit XDD.

      • hmm random but even though she’s not my favourite, i’m really interested in her now~ just thinking about her dancing, it’s really different than any other style currently making the rounds in k-pop. Of course we have the token poppers/gangster dancers: 2NE1’s minji, 4minute’s Hyunah.. then you have to sexy ones etc etc… But Victoria seems really elegant (from the ballet) and flexible and i don’t think her kind of dancing is anything seen in k-pop before. i really want to see her dance <3_<3

        • that’s so weird, but things are being cut out T_T I sound so… not sane. Anyway i meant Victoria ^_^

        • Agree, I think it’s her tall and slim body. She’s very graceful? If that’s the word you’re looking for ^^. I think, and not trying to sound racist here, but it’s probably her background in Chinese dancing and stuff? Sorta like Hankyung :).

  5. I’m getting scared of Amber <3 WHile she was rapping in the intro, she sounded way too much like Henry. I love her, I truly do.

    Victoria's pose at the end made me go all 'HOT! AJGDADFK'. Nothing coherent.

    Luna is my second favorite, if not first. Love her voice, lover looks and she has a special aura to her, that makes me look only on her.

    Sulli sounded out of breath but her smile made me squeal. She's so cute! Even if she would forget the lyrics, I would go all 'aww'.

    I love their dancing routine and I'm already moving my hips when listening to the refrain. The intro was epic, but the dancing to Lachata is simple enough to learn it quickly. And the girls are a mix between sexy and cute.

    Definetly my fav girl group that debuted this year. And I think I'll like them more than SNSD.

    • I, without a doubt, love them more than SNSD. They’re more to my taste, these girls~ Well, at least Amber, Luna and Victoria are anway.

      Ditto everything you said about Luna. She’s tiny but full of talent, I really really love that girl omg ♥. And yes, like I mentioned in an earlier post, this group is very diverse in terms of their style.

      I can’t wait to see more of what them <33

      Also, I AM DYING FOR A DANCE VERSION of their MV. I really want to learn the moves, omg.


    I really loved their debut performance and Amber’s rapping. That girl has so many fangirls already :D And and and Victoria’s flexibility homg @_@

    (please excuse me, I was redirected by Katsudono because I was spamming her on MSN about this and she’s totally not interested so I decided to comment here instead ;D)

    • WELCOME, WELCOME~ Omg, I know, Katsudono was bitching about f(x) lmfao, and I told her to stop resisting and she’s all “i’m capped blah blah blah”.

      DAMN STRAIGHT AMBER HAS LOTS OF FANS, I mean did you hear the fangirls during her rap!? They were deafening *_*.

      Lmao you should come here more often~ Are you the one who recently got into kpop? DO YOU LIKE BALLADS?


        I was into Kpop about a year before she was, and it’s really scary seeing her turn into more of a fangirl (over super junior and shinee) and know news faster than me. BUT SHE DID GET ME INTO FANFICTION LMAO. I never read fanfiction before she linked me stuff P:

        BALLADS HOMGSH <3 I really love slow songs :D. Ballad artists like 제이, 양파, 이승기, FTTS, 거미 etc etc blah blah are always on my list ;D I always tell her to listen but she always ignores me, that girl. And she has something against girlgroups too ;_;

        Amber is really cool but I'm sort of worried about Victoria, her Korean wasn't that great during the live interview, and I could hear an accent @_@;; But hey, being SM, they're bound to succeed D:

        • I am following this convo in morbid fascination.


          • No way man, Sophia was Rain P: but okay, you got me into Se7en. I can’t remember. :D :D You went on hiatus for so long LOL

            • LOLing at you guys.

          • BUT YOU DON’T LIKE GIRLBANDS. How does that work!?

            • I got into Se7en and Rain and 1TYM but then I stopped listening to Asian music for practically 2years before I went to Japan and then my friend got me into SHINee. D:

              Oh, and I listened to a tiny bit of Shinhwa, but they didn’t interest me. :D I never got into girlbands. :)

              • Picky picky.

                You just fail at being a feminist P:

        • LOLOL I’M SORRY! Cause she mentioned someone who just got into kpop and was already in love with “Lachata”~. She’s such a fangirl now cause I totally brainwashed her >:D. DOES SHE BITCH ABOUT SOMEONE CALLED CANDICE??? Well, if she does, you know everything she says is wrong.

          Oh, she’s really good to me though. She always listens to everything I recommend even if she turns to me and goes UGH THAT WAS STUPID AND SLOW, I know she’s a good girl *pats*.

          I was lurking around on lj…except not really since I was very vocal with my Amber love, but anyway, I read they’re actually gonna be “shipped off” to China D:

          • LMFAO no but she talks about you :D. And spazzes a lot too.

            대학에서 한국어 배우는? Yeah :D (and I was the one supposed to get Onew cakes for you or sth P:)

            f(x) in China is going to be interesting. There hasn’t really been the concept of Chinese girlbands so it’s either a hit or miss for them P: I’m quite happy that they’re expanding into China though, the Chinese music scene is really…@_@;;;

            • YOU GUYS MAKE ME SOUND SO MEAN AND BITCHY. ;___; I try to be nice, okay? Except, um, for the almost being on Candice’s doomed list thing.

            • Oh, I was only kidding lmao, what does she say then ~~?

              너 한국 사람이에요? (OH! Yes, I remember that, awww I didn’t know she actually asked ;__; I guess she can edge away from my D-List).

              • LOL! Hahaha xD

                She spams on MSN that ‘she can’t breathe’ because of some crazy ass convo going on in twitter that’s oh-so-inappropriate and fangirl related P: I attribute all her fangirlings now to twitter.

                한국 사람 아니에요 ㅠ_ㅠ 중국인이야 D:

                • STOP SPEAKING IN KOREAN. ):

                  • html fail, as usual.

                    • ): Yeah I know. I should stop using them altogether.

                • LMFAO, oh that would make perfect sense. But in rl is she as innocent as she says she is? Cause she always pretends to be disgusted with what I have to say but I know deep down, she loves it.

                  진짜? 한국어 아주 좋아요! 저도 중국/홍콩 사람이에요 :)

                  • Oh you bet she loves it ;D hahahaha no but I’m worse than her IRL P: LOL! 진짜요! 한국 정말 좋아~ I wish I could learn Korean properly D: all I have is the net ㅠ_ㅠ

                    • Lmao you sound like you could be my best friend or something.

                      Far out, people learn Korean off the net and they know it better than me learning from a Dr. T____T.

                      이름이 뭐예요? :)

                  • (I ran out of a reply button O_O)

                    Oh man, I only did like a few quick cram sessions on some Learn Korean site and learnt how to read/type/basic grammar structures. I suck at anything further than interpreting basic song lyrics and band names D:

                    ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 내 한국어 이름은 유진 입니다~~ 부를 수있는 죠 ^^

                    • Yeah, WP is stupid like that T_T.

                      I’m serious, your Korean is better than mine! I can’t even translate song lyrics. I hear like, one word I understand and I’m all ‘HOMG I KNOW WHAT THAT IS’ but it doesn’t even make sense T_T.

                      아, 유진씨 안녕 ^^, 제 이름이 캔더스예요. 처음뵙겠습니다 :D

                  • xD songs are really helpful when I’m trying to learn sentence structures P:

                    I listen to LACHATA and in some of the really stereotypical lines with like 반짝반짝 or something I’m like OH OH OH I KNOW WHAT THAT SENTENCE MEANS :D :D

                    (but then I fail the rest of the song.)

                    캔더스, 안늉 안늉ㅇㅇㅇㅇ~ ㅋㅋ

                    유진씨? 너무 형식적으로! ㅋㅋㅋ 얼마나 한국어 학습을 갔었어요?

                    • 소리 소리 ㅎ___ㅎ. 그럼 – 유진니? ㅋㅋㅋ

                      하나 반 학기밖에 안 공부했어요. 알겠나? :S 나 한국어 정말 나빠요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

                      Yes! Lmao I love being able to pick up words before I’ve read the lyrics 8DD

                  • 쏘리 쏘리 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅅ_ㅅ <3

                    유진니 오케이~ ㅋㅋ

                    하나 반 학기밖에 안 공부했어요 – (I got the 'only one and a half' part) 하지만 "학기" 은 몰라그래…미안!

                    네 한국어 나쁘지 않아! I've been trying to learn on and off for almost a year now! Dx

                    • LOL pardon me for being extra and butting in, but the Korean convo got my attention.

                      나도 한국어를 조금만 알았어요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

                      *runs away*

                    • 학기 = semester ^^. I only started learning it at uni :).

                    • Hey bb lmao it’s okay~ I’m just trying to practice my Krn haha. Oooh how long have you been learning Krn for? ^^

                  • Holy shiz you’re really good for only completing one and a half semesters! D:

                    I’ve been trying to self learn for…a year and a bit now T_____T;;; (I wish I could do it at school but they don’t offer it. 日本語ができますか? 私は火曜日に日本語試験がありますから、練習をしなければなりません orz)

                    But man, I was just on Youtube a moment ago listening to f(x) again…which subsequently reminds me that I should be studying for maths. Lmao D<

                    • Really? Lol thanks cause I think I:m still really crap D;


                      Actually, I really should because I keep having mind blanks and I sound like a total noob even though I already know a lot of grammar points D:. And it’s worth 15% omg alsjfalskdjf YEAH OK I NEED TO STUDY T_T.

                      Good luck with yours <33 (And if you're wondering – I'll save you from asking – I only took up Jap at start of the year, so same as Krn, I've been learning for 1.5 semesters :D)

  7. Amber, baby, talk to Henry Lau, he knows the pain of BANGS.

    This is the best debute performance of girl group this year. I’m not talking about the song, which you may like or not so much, but the QUALITY.

    Luna and Krystal were really good in singing, Victoria and Sulli were more than enough for back-up vocals. Victoria looks so good, I did not have enough of her face on my screen. Amber raps in NICE VOICE and for this I want to kiss her. Too many girls are rapping in such an unpleasant way, you know, to show that they are badass and have “attitude”. Amber’s rap sounds softer but that’s what I find appealing. Also, if she was more edgy it would be kind of too much of aggressiveness in her. It’s like, we all love some Heechul in skirt from time to time but it’s nice to see him all manly and cool. I guess, this works for Amber, too.

    Sorry for spells, to lazy for dictionary.

    • HOMG, I agree with your comment 100%. You made such excellent points ♥♥. I think you even pointed out the reason why I’m so in love with Amber and her rapping. The fact that she has a sort of soft voice and you can tell she isn’t putting on anything. I agree, some rappers put on this voice to sound badass, but Amber doesn’t. Her rapping sounds relatively “pure” in comparison, if you get what I mean :/. But yeah, your Heechul comment is so true too :).

  8. I’m TRYING to read all the comments, but I’ll post mine first– HI! I’m random to the site (trying to find a HQ download of debut…guhh~~…)

    Anyhow, I have to say I’m a huge fan of SNSD which is why I got interested in f(x) –besides the fact they’re SM and I’m a SM “product” fan (yeah…and yes I DO like DBSK even with the lawsuit thing going on…) And Krystal was there so ANYHOW

    Yeah, watched the trailer. Was a bit “hmm…CSJH? (where the heck are the SHINee comparisons FLYING from?!)” and then the song came out I was like: Mm…average.

    And then I listened to it a few more times before I became absolutely insanely attached with it. And then searched up a bit more of them–watched the MV and I FELL IN LOVE WITH LUNA.
    Like honestly, INSTANT GIRLCRUSH (despite the fact it seems like Amber gives that to most people). But like ;LAKDJF SHE’S SO CHARISMATIC?! MESMERIZING?

    I think Amber and Victoria are also very charismatic though. And Sulli is just CUTE~! And Krystal is…the mix between charismatic and cute, so she has both…but it’s un-formed/undecided yet, in a way? So it’ll be exciting to see which way she goes. Although the thing where people said her image was “pure/innocent”…I do get it. I get all of their supposed images actually. I feel it?

    Okay, but point being I was really hoping they’d succeed because I’ve became such a fan. And the cheers made ME HAPPEHH~~
    Can’t believe you saw this live. LUCKY. T_T

    ^I agree with the rapping without the badass attitude thing. She just sounds…fun? And..genuine? Or maybe it’s the entire song lyrics in general (I don’t know what YOU people are talking about. I can’t even read/understand Korean T_T)
    Also agree with the not enough Victoria face on screen. THAT GIRL LOOKS GORGEOUS.

    Anyhows, I don’t keep too much on the Kpop scene, but I DID think that this debut stage was awesome…and I’m glad there are some comments saying this one is one of the best (if not THE best) of the year for debut stages.

    Sorry for the long random post .___. I love f(x)~
    (another unnie fan~ aiyaa~~)

    • LOL I’m glad you stumbled your way here ^^. It’s okay, we’re here for people like you to spazz all you want~ Appreciating the f(x) love <33!

      I'm not a fan of SNSD (I do adore some members though) but I LOVE CSJH. And f(x) are sorta in between? I guess. I mean, they're talented, that's for sure, but they're not cute-sy/girly like SNSD and not yet sophisticated/mature/classy like CSJH (though Luna is getting there for sure).

      But idk, there was just something which attracted me to them from the start~

      I think it helps that Amber actually knows what she's rapping and that it actually MAKES SENSE. That's what's important.

      Thanks for sharing your views ^^!!

  9. YEAH!! >_____________________________<
    we finally get to see [s]amber[/s] them live!!
    i was totally not taking my eyes off [s]her[/s] them.. LOL!!

    waaaa….they're just plain awesome!!!
    we want more [s]amber[/s] F(x)!! ^^


  10. oh gosh. y’ll gonna love amber more, see this!
    vic is love! and amber? amber is IHRIUFHIDVSODIHV <3 <3 <3
    check it out:


      • *bows*
        love you too!
        inkigayo.. cant wait ^^

  11. ahhhhhhh i agree 2000000% with everything that everyone said!! sxhigosegoiejg AMBER!! loooove her rapping & agree about how her rapping is diff but v. v. good too! & LUNA!! was awwwweeeesoome! can’t wait for more from these girls :DDD

    • Haha lmao you read all these other spazzy comments too, kudos to you!

  12. Hey (first time at this site)
    So glad to see others are as obsessed with Amber as i am, her image is so cool, she’d be such an awesome friend to have! :D
    And Sulli is sooo cute!
    Is Victoria the really flexible one? Who did the backbend at the end of the intro?

    • Hey, welcome hehe ^^. Lmao yes, if you want other Amber/f(x) fans, HERE’S THE PLACE FOR YOU :D.

      Yep, Victoria’s the leader and other Chinese member. She’s the one doing the cartwheel at the start and the backbend at the end ^^

  13. lol its interesting how Amber lived around where I live. Man I wish I have seen her when she was still here T___T.

    I actually think they did pretty well for their first performance. I’m wanting more<333

    • DAW Imagine, you guys could’ve been friends :o!!

      Hehe, Inki perf is gonna be on soon~~~ /excited

  14. YOU’RE RIGHT. F(x) pwns.
    makes me wonder who’ll win best newcomer award?

    • You know before, I thought 2NE1 for sure, because they’ve won so many awards, but f(x) have gained a LOT of fans within the past couple of weeks…idk, it’ll be exciting!!

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